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    How To Properly Take Care of Your Hair During Pregnancy

    The moment you learn that you are pregnant awakens a mix of all emotions and concerns. You are quite excited and thought about all the things you would have to do for healthy first pregnancy. Your imagination is pretty active and sees how your body will respond as the fetus inside your womb grows as each day passes by. You are quite certain that there will be several changes that you will have to cope with. This raises your concern thinking of all the possibilities that will happen if your body and your mind won’t be able to cope with all the developments.

    Hair During Pregnancy

    You are quite aware, as you have heard stories from other pregnant moms and significant others who have provided care to a previously expecting mother, of the risks that come with pregnancy. It is not just the drastic physical changes that may alter your behavior and response to momentary stimuli, but emotional challenges as well. As hormones rush beyond the normal level during this phase of your life, you will experience notable physical developments that may either drag you down or turn your life upside down in a positive way.

    This is the moment when you would like to see (if possible) every moment how the tiny life in your belly is doing. You relate the changes in your skin, hair, and nails with how that unborn child is making its way to becoming a fully developed baby. You are constantly reminded of the things that you should and should not do to make sure that both you and your baby are experiencing healthy moments together each day.

    Hair During Pregnancy1

    The challenges that you may need to face may be mentally exhausting as well as physically draining at times. That does not mean that you cannot look awesome even in such condition. Starting with your hair, you can do a few experiments and experience more fabulous you while on your journey to motherhood. To do that, you need patience and a lot of common sense.

    Many pregnant women mothers feel and think that they have to sacrifice their usual fashion requirement for the rest of their pregnancy days. What they don’t actually realize is that they can still be fabulous and fashion forward. One does not have to be an expert to do that. It may look daunting at first, but once you learned the basics, it will be a breeze the next time around.

    One of the major and common concerns of pregnant mothers is how they will care for their tresses. The key to staying beautiful and rocking fabulous hair throughout your pregnancy is to know what you can expect with your condition.

    Changes That Your Hair May Go Through During Pregnancy

    As the baby inside your womb develops, your body responds and changes as well. These developments affect your hair also. Fortunately, the changes that you will experience may not at all be totally discouraging. In fact, many have found the changes to be mentally and physically rewarding. Many even find their hair to be at its best during this phase of their lives.

    Not everyone may experience these positive changes, however. You need to remember that these changes will come and go with your pregnancy. If you do what your doctor advises and follow through with the things that you read from reliable sources, you will find that you can still enjoy a beautiful lock even with a baby on the way.

    Here are some changes that you may expect with your pregnancy:

    • Slower growth rate.

    Hormonal imbalance may trigger a higher level of estrogen requiring your hair to go through a longer growth phase. This will also result in a slower rate of shedding.

    • Thicker mane.

    As your hair shed in an unusually slower rate, you may tend to feel that you have fuller and thicker hair. An average woman sheds around 100 hairs per day. During pregnancy, around 85% to 95% of your hair grows and the rest remains in the resting phase. Once the resting phase is over, the hair falls out and is replaced by new hair growth.

    • Shinier lock.

    You may also see your hair to be shinier while you are pregnant. This is also due to the hormonal changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy.

    After pregnancy, your hormones will start going back to its normal levels. This will result in your hair returning to its usual growth rate. This will make you feel that you will be shedding more hair than usual. In reality, the growth rate and the shedding rate of your hair had just actually returned to their normal rates.

    Again, these occurrences will not be the same for every pregnant woman. Some might not even see any difference in the condition of their hair throughout the pregnancy phase. If you one of the fortunate women, this will make your pregnancy a lot better. If that is not the case, you just have to remember that your hair will return to normal once the pregnancy is over. You can also try to follow some of the tips that we will be providing below to manage your hair during this period of your life.

    Tips for  Properly Take Care of Your Hair During Pregnancy


    Note that any chemical that may touch your hair may affect the growth and health of your baby. Invest time to be able to provide the proper care for your hair.

    • Find a manageable hairstyle.

    Choose a style that will compliment your personality and one that can make you look effortlessly beautiful.

    • Set and follow a suitable schedule for hair care.

    It will be easier for you to get used to caring for your hair if you have set a schedule to follow. Your mane will also get used to the routine. Just make sure that all the products that you use will support a healthy hair growth.

    • Take some prenatal vitamins that will compliment a healthy diet.

    All the nourishment that your hair needs will come from the food as well as the supplements that you take. Make it a habit to include only those that will benefit you and your baby.

    It takes a conscious effort to keep a beautiful lock even if you are having a baby. If you do it properly even at the earlier stage of your pregnancy, your hair will benefit from it. Even your baby will love it.

    Do you have any other tips to share? Perhaps you have a different experience that you would like others to learn from. Reach out to us through the comments’ section below.

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    Should You Paint Your Nails With Nail Polish During Pregnancy

     Pregnant women need a lot of pampering to compensate for all the physical and emotional changes that they experience during pregnancy. And a perfectly polished nail is one thing that seems to flatter us. However, as there is a lot of clamor regarding the health effects of some of the ingredients included in the nail polish colors, many expecting moms are having second thoughts.


    Many have noted that nail polish and nail polish removers may contain chemicals that may be hazardous to the development of the fetus. As such, you should always be careful when choosing safe nails polish for pregnancy on your nails. Some of the compounds that may be present in the formulation include methyl methacrylate and acetonitrile (a chemical that is converted into cyanide when ingested).

    Another common ingredient is called dibutyl phthalate (DBP). DBP is used in a number of skin care products for pregnancy, including many nail polish formulas. It is added to the formulation as it lessens the probability of the polish to chip or break. Phthalates are considered endocrine disruptors and are known to impair the hormonal development of male babies.

    Toluene, a nail polish ingredient that gives the formula a smooth finish, is also a toxic substance that many nail polish manufacturers add to their formulas. This substance is linked to reproductive issues, blood cancers, and toxicity of the immune system.

    Formaldehyde is yet another substance added to some nail polish products. It acts as a preservative and strengthens the formula making it possible to wear it longer. Studies have shown that repeated exposure to this chemical may cause certain cancers. It has also been linked to abnormal fetal development in some women.

    Then, there is also camphor. This ingredient is added to some nail polish formulas to give them a shiny glow. Though the effect of using camphor is minimal, there have been instances when this has caused severe skin irritation. Reports also indicate that camphor may cause dizziness, a headache, and nausea.

    With the recent developments in nail polish formulation, however, you may find that there are several nail polish products available in the market that are free of some of the chemicals mentioned that are suspected to cause birth defects.

    In addition to that, the fact that the study linking nail polish to any dangerous health condition is quite limited. Moreover, there are health experts who claim that it is actually safe to have a manicure. It is suggested that you do this only after the 7th week of pregnancy. At this stage of the pregnancy, the baby is not yet fully developed, so special care is still needed.

    The extent of the exposure to any of these volatile chemicals may vary depending on several factors, including the area where the manicure or pedicure was done, maintenance of the polished nails, as well as the other nail care products used in the process.

    If you decide to have your nails done, make sure to consider the following:

    • Have your nails done in a well-ventilated room. The bigger the space and the better chance that the air can pass through the lesser the possibility of exposing yourself and your baby to any chemicals in the polish.
    • If you can bring your own polish, look for the safer options. There are nail polish formulas that are 3-Free or 5-Free. They can also be made to be vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and fair trade. Applying these nail polish alternatives will not only be safe to your nails, but it will also make your nails to grow stronger and healthier.
    • Find a polish that is long-wearing. If you can find a shade from the gel-type or the dip powder alternative, then find one of this type as they last longer on the nails (up to three weeks or more). Long-wearing nail polish colors mean less frequent salon visits or DIY manicures or pedicures. This also lessens the probability of exposure to any harmful elements.
    • Always read the label. Know what is hiding on your nail care products. If you are not sure, consult a nail expert.
    • Moisturize your nails before applying the nail polish. This will prevent the nails from drying out or cracking.
    • Avoid nail polish remover with acetone. This product dries out nails and constant application of this product may, eventually, make the nails brittle and may cause it to split, break or peel off. A better option is to use a non-acetone polish remover.
  • Pregnancy Skin Problems

    Pregnancy Skin Problems

    Pregnancy can make an expecting mom feel ecstatic as it brings the natural glow in some women. It can also make others feel depressed at times, especially when the unexpected changes start to become more visible. During this period, the body’s hormones are turning up to be a bit crazy causing your skin, nails, and hair to react in ways that you least expect them to.

    Pregnancy Skin Problems

    You may experience several skin problems, including the following:

    Varicose and spider veins

    Varicose and spider veins

    Varicose veins may be painless and harmless, but they can be totally distracting especially for a woman who sees a bulging on her tummy that grows by the day. You may see them anywhere on the lower half of your body. These purplish, large, swollen blood vessels usually appear in the legs.

    Spider veins (visible veins), on the other hand, are smaller, reddish, or bluish, but are not bulgy. However, they are also unpleasant to the eyes. The increase in the volume of the blood that passes through these veins causes the veins to swell.

    Stretch marks

    Stretch marks

    Here is another common pregnancy-related condition. Most women notice stretch marks or indented streaks appearing on their bellies, buttocks, hips, abdomen, and thighs. They also appear with a sudden change in one’s weight as the skin stretches to accommodate the added pound. Stretch marks look purplish, sometimes bright pink, and turns silvery gray when they are about to fade. Studies show that genetics may also cause stretch marks. They may feel sore or itchy at times.


    Acne during pregnancy

    Expecting moms may also get acne while pregnant even if they have not experienced having them before. The higher level of hormones produced during pregnancy causes the skin to produce more natural oils. This overproduction may block the pores of the skin resulting in the formation of skin problems like acne.



    This skin condition manifests in many ways in the pregnant mother’s body. One is known as melasma or “the mask of pregnancy.” Like other skin issues that appear during the pregnancy period, hyperpigmentation is also caused by hormonal imbalance. Dark spots may appear on your face and other parts of the body that will go away with your pregnancy. It is also responsible for the dark line, known as the linea nigra, that appears on the belly.

    Hair and nail changes

    The changes in these areas of the body may not be the same for all pregnant women. Some might find that their condition has caused them to look glowing, their tresses fuller and shinier, and their nails stronger. There those who even find hair growing on parts that do not usually grow any, such as on the chest, the face, and the belly.

    There are some unfortunate soon-to-be-moms who would experience the exact opposite of what others are experiencing: thinning hair, dry and scaly skin and scalp, breaking nails, and so on.

    Itchy skin and rashes

    Itchy skin and rashes

    Other pregnant women have reported that they feel itchy at times. They also see rashes developing on different parts of their bodies. These rashes can be small red bumps that are called the plaques of pregnancy. They can also form large patches. Others may see tiny bumps, called prurigo of pregnancy, that are similar to insect bites.

    These skin issues can be annoying and may cause any pregnant woman to feel down and troubled. When that happens, the baby inside the womb also suffers. Remember that these pregnancy-related skin problems may go away with your pregnancy. Proper attention and care should be provided to make sure that these skin conditions will be treated, if not managed well.


    The best way to treat these skin problems is to follow the doctor’s advise. That will include taking all healthy means to keep yourself and your baby safe and in perfect condition. Making sure that you eat healthy, engage in regular activities that will constantly wash off the toxins in your body, always replenish loss body fluids, and keep out from things that will affect the condition of your skin will help you keep your skin, hair, and nails at their best even while you are still heavy with your baby.

  • How To Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

    How To Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

    Some days you don’t want to do anything with your hair. You think that you just love the way it looks. There are times, however, that you would like to have a different shade on your tresses. You have been to the salon for a hair dye several times already and you are wondering if it is possible to do it wherever and whenever you want it. Well, with the help of an expert guide you can. This post will show you just how you can rock your new lock whether it be with a new full color or with just streaks of a different shade or a blend of shades.

    Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

    However you would like the new shade of your hair to be, there is always one thing that will make or break how your DIY hair dying will turn out. If you follow the instructions to a T as indicated on the label of the product that you used, we are pretty sure that you can dye your hair like a pro. You can also go through our tips, and you will be looking like you have just stepped out of the salon with your DIY colored hair every time.

    Always have the end in mind

    Before you go to the hair dye section of the supermarket or store where you would like to buy the dye, make sure you know your commitment level. How strong would you like the formula to be on your hair? Do you want a single hair color or would like to have a complicated ombre look on your mane? Will you rather have a permanent or a semi-permanent shade? Semi-permanent shades stays for about 10 washes. For a more serious change of shade, look for permanent hair dye formulas.

    Find the right shade

    To achieve a more natural look, find a hue that is just about three shades lighter. If you are in doubt, always opt for the lighter shade. You should also consider your hair tone. Like your skin, your hair may also have one of these tones: warm, cool, and neutral. Hair color is a complicated blend of depth and temperature. For colors that have ash or platinum words in them, those are cool-toned colors. Colors that have the words golden or mahogany in them are warm-toned colors.

    Always buy in two

    Having more than enough of the color that you need to color your hair is better than run out of color when you are still halfway or almost done coloring your hair.

    Give your tresses a dose of intense hydration

    Damaged hair will not allow pigments to take a good hold on them. Make sure that you let your hair be pampered with a deep-conditioning treatment at least a week before you color it. Doing so will also lessen the possibility of any harsh chemicals damaging your strands. You can also let your hair rest from having washed with shampoo for a day or two before you have it dyed.

    Do a strand test

    Apply color to a small section of your hair to see how your hair will look with the new color. It will also help determine if there are no harsh ingredients in the bottle.

    Color your hair, not your scalp

    Color your hair, not your scalp

    Applying a lip balm along your hairline may prevent you from actually covering portions of your hair that are not supposed to be covered with color.

    Section your hair in quadrants

    Then, apply the color to each of the sections at a time starting at the front sections.

    Color like a pro and use a mixing bowl

    This will allow you to see if you have blended the colors well and will save you more time as well.

    Be unconventional with highlights

    You can use a mascara wand o toothbrush to apply highlights to portions of your hair.

    Let the color sit for about 20 to 30 minutes

    To make sure you won’t go beyond the required time, check how the color looks after ever 5 minutes.

    Wash your lock properly

    Wash your hair with water only at first. Then use conditioner to remove any residue of the color in the hair and scalp that may cause irritation.

    Hold off shampooing for at least three days

    Some hair experts would suggest to holding it off for even about to seven days. This gives the hair cuticles to close and seal the color molecules. This will make the color to cling better to your strands.

    Once you are familiar with everything in the process, you can ditch the salon and just DIY.

  • How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

    How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Color For Your Nail

    A dash of color on your nails can do so much to improve your look. It can even make you feel better about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you will be more positive about the things that happen around you and yourself throughout the day. Choosing the right color for your nail can sometimes be daunting, however. As there are thousands of shades to choose from, it will take you hours to do just that. That is especially true if you have not done your nails before or for a while.

    How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

    Fortunately for you, there is an easy way to find the right shade that will look good on your nails. Any color will suit you as long as you find the right hue. Once you have found the right color for your nails, you will find other choices and the process of choosing the right shade will a lot easier the next time.

    In general, each color scheme creates a different benefit for your nails. For instance, light colors can hide the tiny imperfections on your nails. Bright colors make your tan more visible. Dark colors, on the other hand, will make it easier to emphasize the shape of your nails. This is best for those who have perfect-looking nails. Transparent nail polish makes your nails looking elegant.

    How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

    Complement your skin tone

    The best thing to do that is to consider the tone of your skin. It does not matter if you would want a nude color or dark shade on your nails. Just make sure it will blend well with your skin tone. For instance, if you have a yellow undertone, beigy nudes, orange-based brights, and dark shades will suit you. Those with blue undertones have to go with pinkish nudes, as well as blue-tone brights and darks such as deep violet.

    Find a shade fit for the occasion

    It is not enough that you find one a great-looking nail polish color. You also need to consider the occasion or the event where you may be headed when looking for the right shade for your nails. You would not want to go bright when you are headed for a business meeting, would you?

    Check your accessories

    Blending your nail polish color with your pieces of jewelry is the way to go. If you are fond of silver accessories, opt for shades that will complement them (frosted shades will be perfect for that).


    Match your outfit

    What kind of clothes do you wear? Does bright-colored attires suit you well? Perhaps you prefer neutral colored outfits. Whichever looks best on you should also have matching shades of nail polish in your nail kit. Bright colored dresses will look best

    Go with what works best for the season

    Consider what’s the trend in the season. Lighter shades will blend well with the warm months. Springtime, on the other hand, calls for pastel colors. Further into the season will call for darker shades of polish. Those with richer and deeper shades will look best during the fall season. Deep reds, grays, and oranges are usually trending during these months. For the winter season, a touch of glitters and shimmers will make you sparkle like how everything around you looks!

    Whatever the shade of nail polish that you choose one that will match your personality. As mentioned earlier every nail polish color has every shade that will fit your needs. Think about the guidelines mentioned above and decide which shade will work best for you. You don’t need an expert nail technician to do your nails, you can DIY even in the comfort of your own home.

    With the right nail polish to give you glamorous looking nails, you will feel more confident about yourself and will be more contented to see that you have done it yourself. There is a wide variety of nail polish that you can choose from. If you are to buy a few bottles to add to your kit, make sure to look for shades that will last longer than regular nail polish. Gel types and dipping colors work well with any nail shape and type. They will also last longer and will not chip like regular nail colors. You will enjoy weeks of wear with your nails not getting chipped or breaking.

    Try one of your chosen colors and share with us how they look. It will be a fun and exciting discovery.

  • Best Beauty Tips For Summer

    Best Beauty Tips For Summer

    It’s summer once again. Think about the sun, the sky, and the sand. Well, the season has more than that to offer. There will be so many ways to enjoy more of the sunshine that this time of the year brings. With the good things that may welcome you, there are also elements that may bring unexpected effects. Thus, you should constantly be ready to maintain that jolly mood throughout the season.

    With summertime comes the glaring light and heat of the sun. That is not all good for your skin. It can make not only the roads but also the bodies of water everywhere hotter than they usually are. Later you will see them becoming parched, wrinkly, and dry. Just imagine your skin, especially your face, seeping all the UV rays that reach the pores of your skin? It will look and feel that you have just had a nightmare! This can also lead to dark spots, pigmentation, and all other sorts of skin problems developing on your skin. What a way to go through the season.

    You are fortunate enough to have landed on this page as you will find the best beauty tips for summer below. With this guide, you can stop thinking of what will happen if you spend more time under the sun, and start contemplating of how much fun you will be missing if you won’t try everything possible to do under the sun during the summer season.

    Best Beauty Tips For Summer

    Moisturize your skin

    Choose a water-based moisturizer the will be easy on your skin but will still be tough on dirt, bacteria, and the harmful UVB and UVA rays.

    Exfoliate dry skin

    Exfoliating at regular intervals will make it easier for other skin care treatment to be absorbed through the pores of the skin. When you do this, make sure that you will go gentle on your skin. Choose the healthier exfoliator and follow the instructions in the label of the formula. Do it 2-3 times a week to make sure that you are removing only those that should be exfoliated on your face.


    Your body will release more body water with the summer heat. It is essential to drink up and maintain the adequate moisture level in your body. Doing so will not only make you feel energized, this can also help flush out more toxins from your body. Your skin will glow more and feel supple as well.

    Apply sunscreen

    Don’t go out to stay under the sun without any protection on your skin. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF (SPF 30 or higher) and one that offers full protection (for both UVA and UVB).

    Rescue the skin with the healing aloe

    Your skin will feel refreshed and revitalize any time you apply the gel from aloe vera leaves. Aloe vera leaves also contain anti-oxidants that can form a protective barrier for the skin and keep it from being damaged.

    Nourish the body, nourish the skin

    Eat healthy and you will feel healthy. Allow your body to be filled with balanced and health-giving nutritious foods and you will see your skin glowing with delight. Your immune system will also get all the essential nutrients that it needs to keep your body feeling strong and healthy from the inside out.

    A clarifying shampoo is best for summer escapades

    You sweat more and your pores will collect more dirt during the summer season. Your skin and hair are prone to breakage as it gets more exposure to both natural and man-made elements. A clarifying shampoo will help clear out the harsh chemicals that your hair may collect in the process.

    Use a deep conditioner

    The summer heat can be intense and may damage your hair if you won’t shield it from the sun. Deep conditioning will provide the hair the moisture that it needs and will form a protective barrier from the sun.

    Spray cooling water on your hair and scalp

    Let your hair and scalp cool down a bit from time to time by spraying cool water on them every now and then.

    Brighten up your face with light shades

    Enhance your skin with light color hues. Go natural and feel naturally beautiful throughout the day.

    Use cream shadows for a puff of colors on your eyes

    Cream eyeshadows stick better and longer. They are also water-resistant. The beauty of your eyes will surely puff with this eyeshadow alternative.

    Don’t forget the primer

    Keep your make up longer without getting blotchy with a primer. This will hold the foundation better and create a protective shield from your natural skin’s oils so you can stay more beautiful longer.

    Opt for a waterproof makeup

    The intense heat of the sun during summer season is enough to ruin your makeup. You don’t want to be going around with your mascara scattering on the sides of your eyes or in between your lashes. Choose a waterproof makeup instead.

    Keep those lips kissable

    The hot sun can dry up the sensitive skin on your lips. Slather a generous amount of a lip balm with SPF to keep it from scaling or drying.

    Use non-comedogenic or non-occlusive beauty products

    These products won’t clog the pores of your skin and cause pimples, whiteheads, or blackheads.


    There are more ways to enjoy the summer sun. Before you head on to do what’s your bucket list, do not forget to consider these tips. Doing these will help you get the best from what summer has to offer. Are you ready?

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    Do’s and Don’ts For A Naturally Beautiful Skin

    Having a fresh, flawless, and young looking skin is not impossible these days. It won’t cause you an arm and a leg either. Nor will it take years to achieve the remarkable look that you desire. With the endless number of products available in the market, one thing that you have to do is to find one that will suit your need.

    However, it is more than just the products that you apply to your skin that will revitalize your skin, enhance your looks, as well as keep your skin from harsh elements. It requires following a beauty routine that will ensure that you will be looking beautiful any time soon. Sticking to the beauty rules set will also ensure that you will get to retain that youthful look longer.

    To help you with this task, we have rounded up those guidelines that many have found to be effective in achieving a naturally flawless skin. If you follow these do’s and don’ts for a naturally beautiful skin regularly, it will be easy for you to keep your skin looking young, healthy, and perfectly beautiful.

    Some Advise for a Naturally Beautiful Skin

    Let your skin breathe

    Let your skin breathe

    The make up that you wear the whole day may clog your pores. If they are not removed when they should be, they may end up creating problem areas on your skin, especially on your face. It’s not only less sleep or food that you eat that may cause pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin blemishes. Sleeping with your make up still clinging to your skin will soon cause these unsightly skin problems. Make sure to remove your make up and clean your face before lying in bed.

    Guard your skin

    Guard your skin

    The harmful rays of the sun can damage your skin and can make look dry, wrinkly, and old. It can also cause skin pigmentation to form in some areas of your skin and your face. Make sure that you wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Choose one sunscreen product that offers full protection (a shield for both UVB and UVA). You also have to make sure that you pick one that says that is noncomedogenic. This means the product is formulated with ingredients that won’t make it clog the pores of the skin.

    Keep a skin-friendly diet

    Keep a skin-friendly diet

    Take note of what you put on the plate. If you want to have and maintain a youthful glow, you would not want to fill your system with spicy and oily foods. Eat more fruits, greens, foods with sufficient protein and vitamins instead.

    Flush the toxins out with regular exercise

    regular exercise

    Accelerate the detoxification process of your skin through regularly exercising. Jog, run, do yoga and other activities that will allow you to sweat and release the toxins from your system. Make sure that you won’t skip proper skin care before and after a workout. Don’t forget your sunscreen before going out to jog or do some brisk walking.

    Give your skin enough time to rest

    Give your skin enough time to rest

    You don’t want to wake up with bags in your eyes, do you? You would not want to look tired all the time as well, right? Then give your body the rest that it needs. Allow yourself to have at least eight hours of beauty rest and your skin will love it. You can also get some help from natural sources to keep your skin looking young and feeling fresh. Apply some honey once or twice in a week on your face to give it a natural glow and help it to heal any skin problems that may have been lurking in there for some time.

    Listen to your body – hydrate it

    hydrate it

    Your body needs water for proper blood circulation. As a result, your body will be removing toxins faster and your skin will acquire a beautiful glow. Drink as much as 8-10 glasses of water each day. Eating fruits and vegetables that have high water content also provides the same benefits.

    Have a daily beauty regimen

    Have a daily beauty regimen

    You can use a warm cloth to open up the pores of your facial skin. Exfoliate, tone, then moisturize. You can also turn to natural beauty alternatives for a daily facial spa that will keep that glow on your skin. Try a soothing home-made cucumber mask. Half a cup of cucumber and a tablespoon of yogurt mixed together are all it takes for a rejuvenating mask you can apply on your face. Massage it on your face leave for about 15 minutes then rinse. Pat to dry and you’re done.

    Opt for healthier habits

    Don’t let stress get the best out of you. Being stressed all the time can not only make you feel down and exhausted, it can also make you look older. Learn how to manage stress with breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, and other exercises. Overcome stress and you’ll feel refreshed.

    Doing simple facial exercises will also allow your mind to focus on other things than what causes your stress. Perform facial exercises a few minutes every day as this will make your skin firmer and make you look younger.

    Wear a smile

    Wear a smile

    Smiling uses 17 muscles, frowning uses 43. Take the easier and healthier option–SMILE. Keeping a smile on your face will also radiate your beauty and will make you look younger than your real age.


    It’s easy to be beautiful. Take it easy on yourself and remember to do these tips we have provided for you. Lastly, to be beautiful, you need to feel beautiful. Your inner beauty will shine and will cover anything that may not be concealed by any beauty product.