8 Important Things to Remember When Buying Tattoo Lotion

Tattoo lotion is a product that you should never skimp on. What’s the point of getting a tattoo if it ends up being blurry because you didn’t buy quality lotion? With all of the different options available, picking the right one can be difficult.

There are so many products out there claiming to be the best tattoo lotions and aftercare products. But how do you know which ones will actually help your skin heal faster and look better? And which ones aren’t worth your time or money?

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8 things to consider before buying a tattoo lotion –


1. Always read the ingredients before purchasing

The first thing you should do before purchasing any tattoo lotion is to read the ingredients. What you want to look for are lotions that don‘t have too many additives like fragrances, alcohol, dyes, and preservatives. What’s important about these ingredients is that they can cause inflammation around your tattoo or scar them prematurely. The ingredients should be focused on natural oils and ointments.

Ointment-based lotions are generally considered the best choice for aftercare, especially when used in conjunction with a tattoo bandage or plastic wrap (more on that later). Ointments like Aquaphor can help your skin heal faster by preventing excess moisture from getting into new skin while it’s still fragile. This speeds up the natural healing process and helps prevent scabbing or scarring of your tattoo.


2. Avoid products that contain fragrance and alcohol

Fragrances and alcohol are two ingredients that you should avoid when picking a quality tattoo lotion. What’s the point of having a gorgeous tattoo that will heal beautifully if it turns blurry because you didn’t buy quality lotion? What you want to do is find lotions that are free from both fragrance and alcohol. What’s important about these ingredients is that they can cause inflammation around your tattoo or scar them prematurely. What you want to look for in an appropriate lotion is one with natural oils.


3. Use an unscented tattoo lotion for sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin and don’t want the tattoo lotion to produce any irritation? Use an unscented lotion that is made for sensitive skin. This will decrease your risk of having any reactions to the product like itching or dryness. What doesn’t harming your skin is really going to do! The more you use unscented products, the less likely your skin is to be irritated by anything.

Another option for sensitive skin is a hypoallergenic tattoo lotion that has fewer chemicals in it than other kinds of products. There are brands on the market specifically created with people who have allergies or sensitivities to certain things in mind. What is important to keep in mind when it comes to allergic reactions to lotions, however, is that they can happen with any product. What matters most are the ingredients used and how long you have been using a specific kind of tattoo lotion for without having issues pop up!


4. Choose a product with SPF protection

SPF protection is important because tattoos need to be protected from harmful UV rays. This is why it’s best to find a tattoo lotion with SPF protection that will help protect your new tattoo.


5. Read reviews of the product before you buy

It is important to read reviews of the tattoo lotion before you buy it. What may work for one person could be bad for another. What works for your friend might not work for you. Reviews tell you what people think about the product and whether it works for them.

No two tattoos are exactly alike so no one lotion will work perfectly on every tattoo, but you can get an idea of how well the lotion works by reading reviews before you make your purchase. What did other users like or dislike? What kind of results have they seen? What are their tips for success? These types of questions can give you the insight to help you make a better decision.


6. Make sure that the tattoo lotion is specifically designed for tattoos

Tattoos are a permanent modification of the skin, so it’s important that your tattoo lotion is specially designed for this. What do we mean by this? What we mean is that make sure the tattoo lotion you put on your tattoos has ingredients that will keep your tattoo from fading or discoloring. The pigment in your tattoo should stay bright and bold for years to come!

Tattoo lotions that aren’t designed for tattoos can actually do more damage than good. What could happen if you use a non-tattoo lotion on your new tattoo? It’s possible that the ink will fade or even be removed from the skin altogether! A product like this may say it moisturizes but in reality, it can cause scabbing.


7. Check the expiration date and look out for any signs of spoilage

Always check the expiration date before purchasing the lotion. If there are any signs of spoilage such as a change in color, be sure to skip that particular one and pick out another. The same goes for any signs of leakage.


8. Choose a brand with a good reputation

Choosing a brand of tattoo lotion with a good reputation is very important. What this means is that the lotion should be free of harsh chemicals and also have a hypoallergenic formula. A good brand should be able to provide the consumer with evidence of its effectiveness and purity.



Choosing the right tattoo lotion is important. What should you be looking for? Quality, hypoallergenic formula, and a brand with a good reputation are all key factors to consider when making your purchase decisions. Make sure that you read this article so that you know what questions to ask before buying! What has been your experience purchasing tattoo lotion?

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