20 Best Beard Oils: Reviews & Guide

Best Beard Oils

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Men should spend some time enriching their beard’s natural growth by using oils. Oils can solve the most common issues you may encounter growing a strong, healthy beard. Whether your issue is due to generics or dry skin oils are a great, natural product that improves your beard. 

The best beard oils bring life and beauty to the skin and hair. Beard oils are a great option if you’re unable to grow facial hair. They will increase the strength, length, and vibrance of your beard without harsh chemicals.

It’s not easy for everyone to have a beautiful beard. Some people need to work hard to grow a great beard. A great beard oil like those in this helps anyone achieve a great, stylish beard in no time!

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Beard Oils

    #1. Blind Barber Beard & Face Replenishment Oil

    Our Pick

    This product is ideal if you have extremely dry skin under your beard. This best beard oil is a combination of avocado oil and jojoba oils that helps to nourish the skin deeply and prevent allergies and irritation.

    This product is lightweight and free of parabens. It will absorb quickly and keep your beard radiant for a long time after application. It has a light tonka bean scent that others will find alluring and exotic.

    #2. Majestic Pure Moroccan Beard Oil

    Argan Oil Based

    This oil uses the finest Moroccan argan oil you can lay your hands on to achieve its amazing results for you and your beard. You can also use this product for many purposes and not only beard growing. It is not recommended to be ingested, as it is only for external use.

    It is cold-pressed and has a lovely yellow color. Argan oil has basic properties that moisturize the skin and will aid in deep moisturizing of your hair follicles and the skin beneath your beard. This will condition your beard and moisturize the skin, eliminating dryness.

    The oil is not suitable for all skin types. Before you apply beard oil to your skin, it is important to perform an allergy test by dabbing a small amount of the skin of your hand.

    #3. The Manskape Co Beard Oil for Men

    Minimizes Wastage

    Manskape’s beard oil contains a special blend of natural ingredients, vitamins, and essential oils. This company believes in reducing waste. The conditioning beard oil is packaged in a simple, single-use pump bottle that provides the perfect portion of oil with zero spills or waste.

    This best beard oil thickens and maintains any beard. This oil penetrates deep into the skin to relieve itching and dryness.

    This product does not contain any colorants, chemicals, or preservatives. The oil will be extremely helpful in cleaning, conditioning, and maintaining your beard hair.

    #4. Pura D’OR Beard Essential Oil

    Great for Dry Skin

    These 100% pure essential oils include argan oil and jojoba oil. These oils are great for dry skin. It contains a high amount of vitamin E, which will help moisturize your skin for ultimate softness and comfort.

    The oil penetrates the facial hair follicles, promoting good hair growth. It clears away dead skin cells and unclogs pores. This manufacturer will give you a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the product. 

    #5. The Bearded Man Company Beard Oil

    Leather Scented

    This Bearded Man Company product smells exactly like leather. Making it the ultimate product if you are looking for a distinctly masculine signature scent.

    It contains 100% essential oils that will have your beard glowing in no time. It is non-greasy and fast-absorbing ensuring you don’t have to wait around for excellent results.

    This conditioning beard oil contains vitamins and nutrients that nourish facial hair and promote its growth. It also conditions and cleanses hair, as well as moisturizes the skin beneath the beard. This product will also reduce the flakiness and dryness of your beard hair and the skin underneath.

    You can style your beard in the way that suits you with this great product. This product comes in a 1-ounce glass bottle.

    #6. Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

    Woodsy Scent

    This amazing beard oil by Mountaineer Brand has a mild cedarwood and pine needle scent that we know you’ll love. It uses natural essential oils that are highly effective in maintaining a beard for a soft and shiny finish. You can also use this product as a conditioner for your beard.

    This product is also great if your skin tends to flake and itch. It is available in a 2-ounce capacity but in a glass container. You should be careful not to touch the oily bottle.

    #7. Lather and Wood Shaving Co Beard Oil

    Anti-Dandruff And Anti-Aging

    This premium product is made by Wood Shaving Co and Lather. It comes in spill-proof, 1-ounce packaging. It will last a long time because you only need to use a small amount each time.

    This best beard oil is slightly greasy and will be helpful for people with beard dandruff or irritable skin. This oil also fights the signs of aging under your beard.

    It contains a variety of natural oils, including argan coconut oil, castor, grape seed oil, and jojoba. You also get the benefit of vitamins including vitamin E, which help to replenish your skin for a radiant appearance. This is the perfect essential oil for your beard growth.

    #8. Tropical Holistic Beard Oil

    Great For Thin Hair

    The Tropical Holistic beard oil contains 100% natural ingredients that promote facial hair growth and beard health. The oil is 2 ounces in volume and comes in a glass jar with a dropper that allows you to rub the oil onto your hands.

    This best beard oil will thicken your facial hair in no time, making it great for those suffering from thin hair. This product has a wonderful combination of oils, including sweet almond oil, black caster, and peppermint. It will have your beard shining in no time!

    #9. Viking Revolution Beard Oil - Bay Rum Scent

    Great For Coarse Hair

    Vikings is a well-known brand that makes high-quality grooming products for men. It is another great product to eliminate beard dandruff.

    This beard oil contains argan oil and jojoba oil and comes in a bay rum fragrance. This oil will restore the skin’s softness and increase hydrations. It is a great product for coarse beard hair.

    It is available in a 1-ounce bottle in dark black glass.

    #10. Beard Farmer Growther XT Beard Oil

    100% Organic

    Beard Farmer’s amazing oil is the best for you if you need to quickly grow your beard. This product is 100% organic and contains essential oils that will help soften coarse facial hair.

    Its ability to produce faster results is what makes it the best essential oil beard growth. This beard oil is quite expensive but well worth the extra investment!

    The company will refund your money if the product doesn’t satisfy your needs.

    #11. Captain Thug Dark Age Beard Oil

    Prevents Gray And Dull Hair

    This amazing beard oil by Captain Thug will smoothen and strengthen your beard hair. This product contains all-natural ingredients and cold-pressed oils to preserve its properties.

    It also prevents premature graying and dull hair. It will also soothe itchy or dry skin. This beard oil is paraben and chemical-free for beard growth.

    #12. Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Oils

     Variety Of Scents Available

    With this product you can choose from four different scents, ensuring there is one to suit any personal preference. The product comes in mini 5ml packs to hydrate and renewed rejuvenate your skin.

    This product will condition and hydrate your beard in no time! The oil is made with essential oils such as grape seed oil, argan, jojoba, and coconut.

    This beard oil will deeply moisturize your skin, prevent the signs and symptoms of aging, and remove any age spots behind the beard.

    #13. Northern Fir Beard Oil and Balm Kit

    Potent Formula

    You can use a combination of Northern Fir’s beard oil and balm kits to hydrate the skin underneath the beard. This beard oil is rich in jojoba oil and argan oil, which nourish your skin. It will promote healthy beard growth in no time, leaving you looking and feeling your best.

    It is so potent that even a small amount of the oil will last a very long time. 

    #14. Hammer and Nails Beard Oil

    Repairs Skin Damage

    This premium grooming range by Hammer and Nails is our last recommendation. This beard oil is formulated with high-quality natural oils such as sweet almond oil, castor oil, and argan oil. It also contains rice bran extracts and olive oil.

    The highly moisturizing ingredients ensure this product is easy to spread as you only need a small amount for the same great results. This product will not only help maintain a healthy beard but also repair the skin underneath the beard. It is another great option for targeting dry, flaky skin.

    #15. Maxx Beard – #1 Facial Hair Solution

    Helps Your Hair Double In Lengths

    For men who want to grow a fuller, thicker beard in just 4 weeks, this volume is high-quality. Maxx Beards claims to give you 100% beard growth within 4 weeks or your money back. This product claims to increase the length of your patch beard and is great for those with coarse facial hair.

    This beard oil contains all-natural ingredients that will make your beard stronger, healthier, and better developed. Biotin and proprietary herbal provide excellent improvement in the length and quality of your beard hair. 

    This unique combination of nourishing ingredients makes growing your beard a pleasant experience and makes your beard soft. This natural product will help you grow your beard. If it does not meet your expectations, the manufacturer offers a refund.

    #16. Viking Revolution Beard Oil Conditioner - Unscented


    Low cost, adds shine and quality to your beard. It is infused with high-quality materials that will make your beard sleek and professional. It is also non-scented and doubles as a beard conditioner. 

    This beard oil will clean your beard and promote the growth of dormant hair cells. The unscented scent will make your beard grow twice faster without the use of harsh chemicals. This will give you the confidence to brave dangerous forests like a knight. 

    #17. Premium Beard Oil by Prophet and Tools

    Safe For Sensitive Skin

    Natural beard oil premium beard for men who want a thicker mustache, goatee, and sideburns. It is quite affordable and contains vitamin E, aloe vera, and no alcohol. It is also a great product for sensitive skin ensuring the product is suitable for all skin types. 

    This product might be right for you if you are looking for a special beard oil to grow oil for yourself. Aloe vera oil is a natural hair conditioner that can heal and improve the quality of your hair. 

    This high-quality beard oil reduces pain, treats split ends, and softens hair. This is the perfect product for men who need everything in their beard oil. You can also use this product as a pre-shave oil.

    #18. Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil

    Great Pre-Shave Beard Oil

    This American mad hydrating beard oil will make your beard as full and healthy as possible. It uses natural oils like organic virgin argan oil, hydrating oils, or golden jojoba oil to help you achieve a fuller beard and a stronger beard, which will allow you to shave faster. 

    This nourishing beard oil contains only natural ingredients that will give you a soft beard and relieve you from the beard itch. This pre-shave beard oil is safe for all skin types.

    This product will soften the skin underneath the beard while removing any harmful chemicals. This brand is one of the most trusted in the world for beard care so you can rest assured of your value for money.

    #19. Beard Flux XL

    Works In Weeks

    It is one of the best beard oil for long beards. It is fragrance-free and contains natural chemicals. It gives your beard fuel to grow thicker and faster for ultimate results in as little as a few weeks.

    Beard Flux will inject you with the highest quality chemicals to promote hair growth. You will see great results right away.

    #20. ArtNaturals Beard Oil and Conditioner


    This extremely affordable beard oil works great to encourage beard growth. The best material for growing facial hair is made from organic jojoba, Morroco argan oils, and vitamin E to remove flakes and itchy skin. 

    This easy-to-use product is perfect for anyone with a messy beard.  This beard conditioner doesn’t require you to wash your beard before using the product. You can use it as a pre-shave oil and rinse it out without issues. 

    This beard oil is great for those who are running late to work. This product also meets Art Naturals 100 ingredient standards. This product was created by Art Natural. 


    This completes our list of best beard oils, now let’s see buyer guide.

    Why Use The Best Beard Oil for Beard Growth?

    Most people don’t think it is necessary to moisturize under their long beards. They believe our bodies produce the oil needed for maintaining the skin’s hydration.

    The beard oil moisturizes and protects the skin against bacteria. The harsh environment can cause the skin to lose its natural moisture. This is why it is important to use the best essential oil for beard development. Bear oils strengthen and cleanse the skin, and prevent and treat skin damage.

    These beard oils can also help with irregular growth. This will result in a dense and regular growth of your beard.

    Your face needs to be oiled regularly, just like your scalp. This will ensure that your beard stays healthy and strong.

    Benefits of Using the Best Beard Oil

    Beard oils can treat any kind of facial defect and also maintain the hair well. They are the gateway to a healthier and cleaner look. These beard oils can also manage tangled, unruly hair for a sleek and maintained look with minimal effort in terms of styling. Regular application of oil and regular combing will help increase the thickness and improve the beard’s natural appearance.

    The Best Beard oils reduce acne, inflammation, and the development of ingrown hairs. These oils can also hydrate, soften and condition the skin. Your hair will feel nourished, soft, and revitalized almost instantly. These essential oils are a wonderful way to give your hair a healthy, smooth feeling.

    Many of the best beard oils contain different ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, etc.

    There are a variety of best smelling beard oils available in the market.

    These beard oils work on the unruly beard


    You have to admit that you desire a full beard. You want heads to turn your way when you walk by, and your peers to ask you what the secret to your amazing beard is! It is hard to maintain an effortlessly stylish, and consistently vibrant beard.

    Investing in a quality, natural beard oil will help you achieve the ultimate beard with no stress and minimal effort. They can help you address almost any issue that you may face growing your beard from thinness to dryness to dandruff and beyond! Beard oils are the secret to the best beards in town.

    Any of the beard oils on this list will give you amazing results in no time. You may want to test the products on your hand skin before applying them to your beard if they are not labeled as safe for sensitive skin, as some formulas can be potent enough to irritate.


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