The Top 13 Best Coil Tattoo Machines: Reviews & Guide

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Are you looking for the best coil tattoo machine? We’re here to help.

In 1891, the first coil tattoo machine was introduced. It has undergone radical changes over the years to show innovation.

Coil tattoo machines come in many sizes and shapes. These are made from different materials. The mechanism they operate is one thing that remains the same. The needles are controlled by an electromagnetic circuit.

We’re here to help you find the best coil tattoo machine for you.

These are our Top 3 Products –

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Coil Tattoo Machines

    Are you unsure of what product to purchase? Below are the top products you should consider.

    1. Solong Tattoo Complete Starter Kit

    This is not just a coil tattoo machine. This kit comes as a complete package and includes everything that beginners need.

    This kit includes two high-quality guns, a shader (and a liner). There are 10 coils in the guns.

    You will also find 14 tattoo inks. You will also find tattoo tips and tattoo grips in the package.

    The manufacturer offers a standard 1-year warranty on this kit.

    2. Dragon Hawk 2-piece Tattoo Machine Shader And Liner Package

    This product is a great choice because it allows you to have the best of both worlds. This package contains two tattoo coil machines, one shader, and one liner.

    The shader comes with ten coils. The liner is made with eight wrap coils.

    Users are impressed with the liner’s performance. It is quick and has a strong punch. This is great for making solid lines. Shaders, on the contrary, give the liner a soft finish.

    This set is ideal for intermediate and beginner artists. This set is easy to use, even for beginners.

    You can expect this to last a lifetime in terms of its construction. The CNC-cut billet brass frame can withstand wear.

    It can initially be heavy due to the materials used. It will become less heavy over time as you get used to it.

    The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. You can return the tattoo machine at no cost if you are not satisfied with it.

    3. RedScorpion Cast Iron Liner Coil Tattoo Machine Gun

    This is the best option if you’re looking for the best tattoo machine gun.

    Cast iron is used as the main material in this product. Although it is heavy, its durability is what makes it so special.

    Cast iron’s magnetic and electrical conductivity are also the added benefits.

    Many people have reported high accuracy when using the coil tattoo machine as liners. This machine is perfect for lining tattoos.

    This product also has the advantage of being able to work for extended periods without heating. This is important for your comfort.

    It also features Solenoid Valve Technology. This unique feature makes it more efficient as a liner.

    Finally, if you are not satisfied with the liner, you can return it back to the manufacturer within 30 days. You will be issued an unconditional refund.

    4. Thomas Coil Shader Tattoo Machine Gun

    This product is one of the best shader coil tattoo machines.

    Ten wrap coils are included with the shader. The frame is made of solid brass. It may seem heavy initially, but you will soon get used to it.

    According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the optimal voltage for the tattoo machine gun is between 6 and 8 volts.

    We love the smoothness of this product’s performance. This product is able to deliver constant cycles, which makes it ideal for complex work.

    It is also important to have a steady working speed. This guarantees the machine’s reliability.

    You’ve probably used a tattoo gun that quickly gets too hot. This product does not have that problem! It can run up to eight hours without getting too hot.

    5. One TattooWorld OTW-M702 8 Wrap Coils Liner Gun Tattoo Machine

    This coil tattoo machine is highly praised for its low price. This is the most affordable product on our list.

    It does not necessarily mean that there is a compromise with the quality. Its quality is excellent. This will be enough for most novices.

    Although it is lightweight, the coil tattoo machine gun’s metal construction is a great advantage. If you want durability, this material is a great choice.

    It is louder than expected but runs very smoothly. It’s easy to hold and does not generate vibrations as intensely as other models.

    Some tuning will be required before you can use this product. It won’t take too much work to get it ready for use.

    6. Mast Tattoo Machine Traditional Handmade Liner Coil Machine

    This is another top-rated choice for the best coil tattoo machine, and a great option if you’re looking for an all-around liner.

    This liner is amazing in its construction. The solid brass binding is one of the most striking features.

    The iron frame is also included. It is quite heavy but it is very durable.

    It is more expensive than most other options on the market. You can feel the difference between cheaper models and this one.

    You can test the machine risk-free. You can return the machine if you are not satisfied with its performance.

    7. Hawink M310 Shader Tattoo Coil Machine

    This product is a must-have if shading is your top priority.

    Don’t be discouraged by this product’s price. Though this product is expensive, but it is of decent quality. There are better and more expensive options available in the market.

    Pure brass is used for the front and rear binding posts. This speaks volumes about the product’s quality and endurance.

    This is a great choice for anyone who wants versatility. It has been designed to be compatible with all grips on the market.

    This product’s superior functionality can also be attributed to 12 wrap coils. The product also includes a 24-gauge enamel-coated magnet wire.

    This product also has an amazing front spring. This spring improves stroke, power, and speed.

    8. Dragon Hawk Starter Complete Tattoo Kit

    This complete set is yet another great addition to our list of best coil tattoo machines. This set includes almost everything you need to start tattooing.

    The 10 wrap coils are a highlight of this model. The composite material is also known for its superior quality. It has a high elastic spring that reduces fatigue.

    You will love the fact that this kit includes a foot pedal and a complete tattoo machine. A durable clip cord is included.

    The kit also includes an LED digital tattoo power supply to make it easier to use. It has a small display to make it easy for you to check the functions, including the voltage.

    Cast iron is used to make the gun. It is not lightweight but it can withstand years of usage.

    The kit also includes tattoo grips, tattoo needles, and disposable tubes.

    9. TAONE Professional Tattoo Coil Machine Gun

    This coil tattoo machine gun includes 12 coils. These coils are made from imported copper wire. This choice of material guarantees its best performance as a liner.

    Brass is used for the gun’s body. This is a durable material. According to the manufacturer’s technical information, it won’t heat up even when used for more than four hours. This is a shorter time compared to other products that don’t heat up even after eight hours of use.

    This tattoo gun is versatile and will be a great choice. It is compatible with all types of needles and grips.

    It is light at 240g. You won’t feel fatigued using it even for extended hours.

    10. York Coil Tattoo Machine

    Tattooing is an art form that requires years of training, and it’s expensive.

    York Coil Tattoo Machines are affordable and easy to use. They are ideal for beginners who want to get started in this exciting industry without spending too much money on their tools.

    You’ll save time because this machine allows you to switch between colors quickly and easily, which means less downtime during your work sessions. This will help you increase your output while reducing wait times for customers at the same time!

    It is made of iron and comes with 10 Coil wrap, it has low noise and is flexible.

    11. Cinara Coil Tattoo Machine Kit

    Tattoo machines can be expensive, and if you’re a beginner it’s hard to know which one is right for you.

    Low-quality tattoo machines can make your life difficult. If your machine doesn’t work properly or breaks, then you could end up hurting yourself or someone else.

    Cinara coil tattoo machine kit is one of the most popular in its class because it comes from a trusted brand and offers everything that experienced artists need at an affordable price point.

    The coils are made of copper instead of aluminum which makes them more durable than other brands on the market today. The 10 wrap coils offer great coverage without sacrificing the details in your artwork.

    12. Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Set [Alloy Frame]

    The tattoo machine is a very important part of the tattoo process. But if you don’t have the right one, then your work will not be good enough and it won’t look nice either.

    The coil tattoo machines are usually noisy, heat up easily, and do not last long. You can avoid these kinds of problems with this Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine Set. It has an alloy frame so it can handle a lot more than other machines would take on in their lifetime. It also lasts for years without needing much maintenance or repair. This machine is reliable!

    If you want to get a good quality coil tattoo machine that does its job well from the start until the end, then you can consider this product!

    This machine does not create noise or heat for up to 8 hours of continuous usage.

    13. Anself Pro Tattoo Machine

    A tattoo machine is not just a tool, but an investment. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the best one for your needs and budget.

    The Anself coil tattoo machine is the perfect choice for beginners and professionals alike. It is made of the highest quality low carbon steel. This high-quality coil machine will last through countless hours of work without breaking down or losing its power.

    If you want a great coil tattoo machine that won’t break the bank, then look no further than this amazing product from Anself!

    Coil vs Rotary Tattoo Machines: What You Need to Know

    There are two types of tattoo machines: rotary and coil. Let’s quickly discuss the differences between them.

    The noise they make is one of the main differences between them. The buzzing sound of coil tattoo machines makes them quieter than rotary tattoo machines.

    The coil machines are perfect for intricate and lining work. This is in contrast to rotary machines, which are designed for general tattooing.

    How to Choose the Best Coil Tattoo Machines

    There are so many choices, how do you decide which one to choose? We’ll be discussing the most important aspects.

    Type of Coil Tattoo Machine

    There are two types to choose from when it comes to coil tattoo machines: the shader and liner. The name suggests that a shader is used to shade and a liner is used to enclose the tattoo.


    The power of most coil tattoo machines will range from 7 to 12 V. The recommended voltage for lining is between 7.5 and 8.5 volts. Shaders would use 8-12 volts.


    Brass and iron are great choices for frame material because they have less vibration. Aluminum and zinc are lighter options.


    Depending on whether the spring is used for shading or lining, its length will vary. The springs for lining are typically shorter than those for shading.


    Have questions about coil tattoo machines. We have answered some of your questions below.

    What is a coil tattoo machine?

    When tattoo artists think about tattoos machines, the first thing that pops into their heads is a tattoo coil machine. The device operates with two coils that pass electromagnetic currents to move the needle and create engraving on the skin. However, not all models come equipped with two coils; there are some versions available with only one coil.

    How Does a Coil Tattoo Machine Work?

    An electromagnetic current is created when the switch or foot pedal is pressed. This exposes and retracts the needle.

    How Do You Clean a Coil Tattoo Machine?

    One of the best ways you can clean the gun is to spray it with disinfectant. To remove dirt and other debris, wipe it often. It should be stored properly when not in use to protect against dirt.

    How Do You Set-Up a Coil Tattoo Machine?

    Attach the needle to the barrel. Once everything is in place, you can choose the voltage you want and then start to use the coil tattoo machine.


    We hope you have learned some useful information about the best coil tattoo machines.

    The tattoo machines above are great for beginners and professionals.

    We also hope that this article has helped you decide which is the best coil tattoo machine for you.



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