The 12 Best Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair: Reviews & Guide 2021

It can be difficult to keep your hair clean, even with a hectic schedule. This is especially true for oily hair. Oily hair can cause more problems than good. We have a list of the top dry shampoos for oily hair that will help you if you’re tired of trying ineffective solutions.

Our Top Picks for the Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair

These are the top dry shampoos for oily hair. These products were carefully selected based on our criteria.

1. Verb Dry Shampoo

Verb dry shampoo is a gentle cleanser that also gives you light volume. This is one of the best oily shampoos that can remove hair oil and prevent damage. It also boosts your body’s style and washing abilities. Verb has a non-whitening formula which can absorb impurities quickly, giving your hair a beautiful, energized look. It only contains the finest ingredients that will improve your hair’s health.

Dry shampoo can be used on hair. It blends well with hair to remove oil, dirt, and any other unwanted elements. It also cleanses and refreshes your hair, making it easier to manage bad hair days. It adds volume, making your hair look fuller and more vibrant.

Glycerin and Super Fruit Antioxidant are some of the key ingredients. Tapioca starch absorbs oils and impurities, while super fruit antioxidant helps to retain hair’s natural moisture. Three different dry shampoos are also available for verb. These include gentle cleanse + light volumes, gentle cleanse+ style extender + medium volume (light), or gentle cleanse+ style extender+ light volume (dark).

2. The Dry Guy Dry Shampoo

The Well Groomed Guy is known for exceptional grooming products specifically designed for men. The Dry Guy dry shampoo is the result of years of research and experimentation. It has a sophisticated, smart look. This shampoo is a blend of natural ingredients that provides great benefits. These include rice powder, Kaolin clay, Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Hosetail Powder.

This dry shampoo’s innovative formula can solve your hair problems once and for all. It’s also easy to take anywhere with you thanks to its convenient travel-friendly bottle. It’s great to take with you on your next trip or for a romantic date. You can refresh your look anytime you like.

A handsome face does not make you a man. It is how you present yourself that defines you as a man. You can achieve a clean, neat, and fresh look with The Dry Guy dry shampoo. This best dry shampoo for oily hair will condition, style, and refresh your hair.

3. Tony Odisho Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo does not save water. It is actually to protect your hair from chemical damage. Tony Odisho Ostia Collection dry Shampoo is a great product that can refresh your hair without the need for water. Spray it on your hair to instantly get clean, fresh hair that lasts the day.

Dry shampoo saves time. You can grab the lightweight spray bottle and go. The talc-free formula also has great benefits. This product is able to absorb oil and moisture without caking or whitening.

Its excellent formula is the secret to this no-tear cleansing. The powder blends so well into your hair that it disappears. You will notice a difference in the hair’s lightness and freshness after application. Before applying, make sure you shake the bottle to hear a click sound.

4. Yes to Naturals Tea Tree & Sage Oil Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is not necessary if your hair is oily. However, oily hair and a dry scalp are strong reasons to use Yes To Naturals Tea Tree & Sage Oil dry Shampoo. Clinically proven to soothe and calm oily scalps in as little as 8 days, this dry shampoo is the best for oily hair. To get the best results, use it with Scalp Relief Conditioner.

Yes to Naturals is a dry shampoo. It contains kukui seed oil, sweet potato extract and other ingredients that provide extra moisture and softness. It is gentle on the scalp and has an intense cleansing effect, removing dirt and oil from the hair. Tea Tree Oil is one of the active ingredients in this dry shampoo. This oil will be very stimulating and energizing. You can also enjoy the many benefits of Sage oil, which is highly effective.

This product is 95% natural, paraben-free and silicon-free. Use this hair product to cleanse your hair. Apply a little bit to wet hair, then massage it well. Rinse it off with water and enjoy a fun, tingling sensation of relief over your hair.

5. Avenda Shampure Dry Shampoo

Avenda Shampure dry hair shampoo is a great choice because of its many appealing qualities. Avenda Shampure dry shampoo has a very soothing, herbal and earthy scent that is incredibly refreshing. Avenda’s signature, calming scent, Shampure, is infused with 25 different flower essences, including lavender, lemon verbena and many others. It is made up of 99.8% natural ingredients, which can give your hair an incredible boost.

Avenda Shampure is a dry shampoo that anyone who loves it can use. You can use it as a non-aerosol powder, so it is a bit more exciting. To get the powder out, turn it upside-down and squeeze. To blend it in, apply it to your hair.

It is easy to apply too much powder because of the size of the bottle. You should be cautious when you puff the powder out. Shampure dry shampoo, despite its oily nature, is a great dry shampoo for oily hair. It absorbs oil and dirt well. The shampoo also contains a great selection of ingredients, which provides many benefits to users.

6. Lulu Organics Rose Musk Dry Shampoo

Lulu Organics Rose Musk dry Shampoo is a classic blend of Bulgarian rose and sandalwood. It has a unique, earthy scent that I love. It is vintage-inspired packaging that is completely free of plastic and contains very few ingredients.

Lulu Organics Rose Musk uses a shaker to disperse powder, unlike other dry shampoos. Because the powder can be evenly distributed in your hair, it makes application easy. Because it is a non-talking formula, this product doesn’t leave hair with chalky residue. It is an advantage for those with dark hair.

It comes with a large powder brush. It makes it easy to apply and prevents powder from getting on your hands. If you are sensitive or allergic to baking soda, it is best to skip this ingredient. You can test it first with a small patch.

This product is available in large packaging that allows for up to 130 uses. This product is suitable for both dark and light hair, so it’s very flexible.

7. Klorane Dry Shampoo

It is not possible to compromise on the traditional way of washing your hair every day. It can not only damage your hair but it can also cause you to spend a lot of time and effort. Klorane is the best dry shampoo to treat oily hair. This product is straight from France and uses the power of oatmilk to soothe your hair.

Klorane dry shampoo is a natural way to balance your scalp. Oat Milk is organically grown, which makes it more healthy and gentle for hair. Klorane also sells dry shampoos with oat milk non-aerosol and dry shampoos with goat milk natural tint. These hair care products come in an eye-pleasing bottle.

Dry shampoos are a necessity in today’s world. This is why Klorane is so popular after a long day of work. It is a must-have item for anyone who is always on the move. It is lightweight and compact so you can carry it around with you wherever you go.

8. R+Co Skyline Dry Shampoo

Skyline dry shampoo powder is perfect for all hair types that require extra grip and elevation. This powder instantly revitalizes hair after a workout or second day, leaving it looking and feeling clean and renewed.

This R+Co product is a great choice if you are a fan of cruelty-free and vegan products. It contains natural key ingredients such as Diatomaceous Earth, which is a mineral compound that absorbs hair and scalp impurities. This compound adds light texture and grip to hair.

Skyline dry shampoo also contains Jojoba Oil. It moisturizes hair without weighing it down and gives hair a healthy shine and gloss. It balances sebum levels in the environment to improve scalp health. It also contains Burdock Root Extract, which is an antioxidant that removes dandruff flakes.

Skyline is Paraben-Free, Gluten Free and Vegetarian/Vegan Suitable. It also has no Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, or Cruelty-Free. Its subtle, pleasant scent makes it a great choice for both men and women.

9. Beauty by Earth Organic Dry Shampoo

You can achieve healthy, shiny hair in just a few minutes using Beauty by Earth Organic dry Shampoo Powder. This all-natural product is the best dry shampoo I have ever seen for oily hair. The active ingredients make dull hair look healthy and shiny again. One bottle contains 100% Certified Organic ingredients, without any filler or iffy chemicals, and it comes with no junk.

Organic dry shampoo is gentle and effective for drained, frizzy hair. This dry shampoo has natural ingredients that will restore the beauty and shine to your hair. It leaves hair feeling silky smooth, shiny, and vibrant. It absorbs oil, sweat, and odors, leaving you feeling confident throughout the day.

This is a must-have item to bring to the gym, especially if you use it as a hair product. It can be used after a workout to revive your hair after a hard day of training. Organic shampoos can remove odors and make your hair smell fresh and clean.

10. Handmade Heroes Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo

This interesting dry shampoo is great for brunettes, medium-dark, and dark hair types. Handmade Heroes Drop Dead Gorgeous dry hair shampoo contains only natural ingredients. This vegan product doesn’t contain talc, parabens or synthetic chemicals.

This all-natural dry shampoo will give your hair volume and freshness. It also holds excess oil so it won’t get greasy. It has a light floral scent that combines lavender and geranium. It not only soothes your scalp, but also calms your mind after a tiring workout.

Drop Dead Gorgeous dry shampoo is perfect for those with limp hair. Drop Dead Gorgeous dry shampoo adds volume and texture to your hair, making it look glamorous and ready for the red carpet. Hair can be damaged by constant washing. You should avoid using products that contain harmful chemicals, as they can strip hair and scalp of natural oils.

Dry shampoo can save you from hair loss. This shampoo can keep your hair smelling fresh and fragrant between hair washings.

11. Cake Beauty The Rush Brush Dry Shampoo

It’s hard to ignore a product that has such an eye-catching packaging. Cake Beauty’s The Rush Brush dry Shampoo is my favorite out of all the dry shampoos that we reviewed. Here’s why. The portable brush applicator helps to evenly apply powder to hair.

Hair care products often contain harmful chemicals and unnatural ingredients. The Rush Brush dry shampoo is made with only natural ingredients that will give you healthy looking hair. It does not contain common dry shampoo ingredients like talc, parabens and sulfates. It cleanses and revitalizes hair and scalp without stripping any natural moisture.

This dry shampoo is known for its captivating scent. This shampoo has a distinctive fragrance that will satisfy even the most intense desires of your soul. It adds volume and texture to your hair.

Are you a busy person? Cake Beauty’s The Rush Brush is here to help you. This product will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy for up to a week without you having to wash it with water. It’s just how it should be.

12. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof dry shampoo has something that is unique to it. The OFMPA molecule is a patent ingredient that absorbs sweat and oil so it can be easily washed out. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo is unlike other brands. Isn’t that impressive?

After a hard workout, some people use regular shampoos. Think about how often you use these products each week. Your hair could become dry and fragile. This best dry shampoo for oily hair will help you to avoid those damaging products.

The clean, floral scent is another reason you will love this product. It not only makes your hair look neat and shiny, but it also gives you the confidence to go about your daily routine without washing your hair. It is also compact and lightweight, which you might love. It can be easily slipped into your bag and carried with you wherever you go.

How to Choose the Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair?

Different hair types exist. Different hair types exist. Some people have dry hair, others have normal hair, while some have oily hair. For those with oily hair, you should be open to what you will see. Here are some points and tips to help you choose the right dry shampoo for you.

Gentle Ingredients

For a few days, you can go waterless with your hair. Make sure you use a dry shampoo that contains gentle ingredients. Most hair products contain harmful ingredients, including alcohols such as ethanol and isopropyl Alcohol. It is better to choose organic and natural products for your hair’s gentle and healthy treatment.


You can even set your own criteria for effectiveness. We use six criteria to evaluate dry shampoos’ effectiveness. These include touchable hair, clean scalp, no residue, soft and full hair.

How does it Work?

Dry shampoo can be purchased in powder or spray form. The powder absorbs dirt and oil, making hair look cleaner and more lustrous. Dry shampoo in spray often contains aerosol, which means that it has a drying action due to its alcohol content. It is much more convenient than non aerosol.

You only need to shake it and apply the oil on your hair. After a few minutes, you will have fresh, fragrant hair that lasts all day. The powder is safer, but it can be difficult to apply.

Different brands offer dry shampoos with a brush. The brush allows you to apply a generous amount of powder, so that you don’t use too much. A brush is more effective than a comb because it leaves no residue. To blend powder well, gently brush the brush across your hairlines.

Dry shampoo is best used at night before bedtime, as hair oil tends to be released during these times. Some brands leave a lot of white chalky residue while others leave less. In both cases, you can use a brush to get rid of the white residue. Dry shampoo is recommended before bed.

Should I Use a Shower Cap?

Dry shampoo allows you to skip the need to wash your hair with water or other hair care products that may strip your hair’s natural moisture. To keep your hair dry, however, you will still need to shower.

Dry shampoo should be applied to dry hair. Dry shampoo is designed to absorb oil, not water. It will cause hair problems if you apply it to wet hair. It’s impossible to imagine what you would look like in this state.

How Often Can I Use Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo should not be used more than is recommended. Experts recommend that dry shampoo not be used as a replacement for traditional shampoo because it doesn’t remove the polymers found in styling products. Dry shampoo should not be used on a daily basis as starch and clay can cause pore obstructions on the scalp.

What are the Side Effects of using Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo use can lead to hair loss. It is crucial to read and follow all instructions. These instructions are usually located on the label. Although regular use of traditional shampoo can lead to hair drying, excessive use of dry shampoo won’t make your hair any healthier.


Dry shampoo is a revolutionary hair product that has many benefits, especially for busy people. Dry shampoo is a time-saving and water-saving product that can also help maintain hair’s natural moisture. We found that the dry shampoos we reviewed were great for oily hair. Use a dry shampoo in conjunction with traditional hair washing if you decide to use it.

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