12 Best Essential Oils For Beard Growth With Surprising Health Benefits

essential oils for beard growth

Badly groomed or well-groomed, what if you can be perceived as one of them based on your beard? Weird no, but it can be true. As a beard shields over 50% of the face, there is no harm in thinking, it can give you either a chiselled look or the opposite. They can make or break your very FIRST IMPRESSION

Plus, the fact that growing a beard does not come easy for every guy. For some it’s natural for others, it requires additional care and attention.

Knowing it’s an entirely natural process, essential oils have a significant role to play here. Furthermore, maintaining health is also equally important, be it growth, texture, or hair loss. Yes, you’ve heard right, beards can also face hair loss.

Thanks to our cosmetic ranges and inventions that have everything under the sun to help us out.

You might have heard of beard oil but the chances are that you never felt the need to use it. It’s mainly because you are not familiar with it. It’s a miracle for some; another gateway and a completely new outlook of taking care of your beard. If it’s new to you, you probably have wondered what’s the use, what it’s composed of, how it helps and what are the best essential oils for the beard. Worry not.

Discover with us!


What are essential oils?

Food gives us nutrients to our body, similarly, essential oils work as food to your beard that it does require at some point in time. So, if you are wondering the reason behind your beard not paying off good results even after spending a lot. This can be due to its lack of nutrition and certain vitamins you can get through these best essential oils that we will be discussing.

Therefore, introducing essential oils in your skincare can work wonders for you. Essential oils are extracted from plants through a distillation process. Essential oils in their purest form are extremely condensed, thus, should be used in diluted form to avoid skin rashes or irritation.

Primary benefits like it give off a mild, subtle, and heavenly odor. Meaning it will not only have soothing effects in general but now on your beard too. To make most of its numerous benefits it’s time to meet the best essential oils most commonly used in beard oils.

Why are essential oils so beneficial?

Had enough tangled, frizzy or dull beard hair? What to do? Essential oils might help, no, not help, it would work miraculously well. Here’s how you can use the best essential oil for your beard…

  • A combination of different essential oils blended 
  • Diluted essential oil – any essential oil will do
  • Diluted carrier oil – use any carrier oil that suits your need 
  • Combined carrier or essential oils – as most beard oils are a result of carrier and essential oils blended 

Beard demands great care and attention, if ignored your beard can look a mess. And we bet nobody wants to appear messy, right? That’s why we have got your back.

Feeling fresh from the outside is guaranteed with beard oil. But feeling the same from within is utter bliss. Given that, essential oils are mostly natural oil; it soothes up your beard from inside out. Let’s walk through some additional benefits: 

Benefits of using beard oil:

  • Strengthens the beard hair 
  • It helps soften the hair
  • Makes interview mornings less messy 
  • Easy entanglement – for frizz-free beard
  • Aids inflammation 
  • Cures acne 
  • Removes beard dandruff
  • Rejuvenates skin 
  • Restores growth and health of your beard
  • Adds volume and shine

Anatomy of beard oil - what it consists of?

Essential oils can be found in the form of beard oil. Beard oil is usually made up of two kinds of oil-infused together, the first is a carrier oil and the second is essential oils. Let’s understand one by one.


Carrier oil

Since, essential oils alone are too strong, condensed, and potent to apply directly on your skin; carrier oils are used. Carrier oil acts as a base for essential oils to dilute for lessening or controlling the overpowering elements of essential oils. This kind of oil makes up most of the beard oil. Extracted from the plants, its benefits are never-ending.


Essential oils 

Other than its quality of emitting pleasing scents, essential oils are also popular for promoting growth and overall health for your beard. Extracted from the specific parts of the plants – roots, stems, and leaves, it can soothe your mind and will leave you with an energetic and refreshing feeling. Using it directly on the skin or beard can cause rashes, inflammation, allergies, and skin burns thus it is best avoided to use directly anywhere on your skin.

12 Best essential or carrier oils for your beard

1. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil occupies numerous skin benefits helping your beard and skin underneath to come out healthier, stronger than ever before. Moreover, it supports beard hair growth. Its liquid wax consistency makes it a must-have beard moisturizer you can carry around.

Even if you use it once a day, you are done for the day; that much amount of hydration power it holds. Just like tea tree oil combats acne, Jojoba oil also acts as a perfect remedy for acne under your beard. You can also use it for inflamed or irritated skin.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut means breezy and fresh, so is its aroma that one won’t be able to resist. Experience the freshest and breeziest smell all at once with coconut oil as an essential product for your beard. There’s no denying that coconut oil is pretty known for its several hair growth benefits. 


One thing we might not be is that it cuts off bacterias damaging and hindering your beard growth. Additionally, coconut oil can fill your dry beard with the ultimate hydration it asks for.

3. Grapeseed oil

Leave your acne problems to the grapeseed oil, and it won’t betray you. Grapeseed oil also comprises vitamins and minerals that help reduce inflammation. If your skin is prone to inflammation, rashes, or itchiness, use grapeseed oil-based beard oil or a diluted form of grapeseed oil as it has an Anti-inflammatory capability. Also, rejuvenate and restore the health of your beard.

4. Sweet almond oil

As winter is approaching one might be stressing over how to deal with all these dry, flakiness and itchiness. For that sweet almond oil is an ideal option to choose as it is proven beneficial for curbing dryness. Allow sweet almond oil to promote your beard growth without having to worry about the troubles

5. Orange oil

Sounds zesty or citrusy? Give your beard the care it deserves with a tangy and lemony scent. The scent it gives helps calm anxiety. The orange oil is packed with the goodness of antioxidants and antiseptic properties. say bye to inflammation, hair loss and dryness.

6. Lavender oil

You can say lavender oil is the master of all essential oils whether it is sleep, anxiety, stress or beard growth that’s giving you a hard time. Its properties make it a most common ingredient even in edibles like tea décor items like scented candles. The popularity of lavender-based products is wide-reaching.


Lavender oils help you indulge in a sound sleep and reduce stress levels. not just stress levels, to promote your hair growth lavender oil is the go-to product you can keep on the go. Its antimicrobial property adds to its charm as it keeps fungal infections and bacteria at bay.

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is renowned for its exceptional qualities. Other than beard oil it is extensively used in skincare it is extensively used in all types of skincare products. Tea tree oil’s ability to combat acne and bacteria is surreal and provides a spa-like treatment to the beard.

So if you have acne beneath your beard it will prevent them all. Beard dandruff can give you trouble dealing with but not with tea tree oil as it aids beardruff (beard dandruff) amazingly.

8. Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oils have cleansing, purifying effects on the skin. You’ve used Eucalyptus oil or extract in other skincare products, well because of its outstanding properties. The oil is the best essential oil, it is great for cleansing due to its antibacterial properties.


Eucalyptus oil provides a clean and nice smell subduing unpleasant odours with every use. In addition to its excellence in dealing with skincare problems with its anti-ageing properties, it also introduces thickness and volume to the beard.

9. Peppermint oil

Owing to that it helps in blood circulation which allows nutrients to penetrate better and reach hair follicles efficiently to produce thicker, healthier and shinier hair growth. Peppermint oil is best-known for growth when it comes to beard. Additionally, it leaves your skin all cooled and soothed.

10. Sandalwood oil

Goodbyes to frizz, dandruff and everything in between with sandalwood oil. Sandalwood has been used in various skin care products and some of it we’ve used growing up. And in its oil from why not. You will love this one for its divinely woodsy smell that is irresistible and hard not to notice.

Adapt to its heavenly scent while promoting hair growth and get that fuller and voluminous salon-like look.

11. Cedarwood oil

Are you sick of a dull beard? Not anymore, add lustre to your beard which follows a woodsy or forest-like scent by introducing cedarwood oil. Aromatic yet practical as it contains antibacterial properties, repairs, and heals skin from within.

Useful in curing itchiness and moisturizer as well as purifying the skin, improving hair growth while looking your best.

12. Rosemary oil

Styling is made easy and convenient with rosemary oil. Research suggests that rosemary possesses the potential to give your beard a boost in growth. Hence, rosemary oil also has additional benefits as it hydrates the beard with the skin. By utilizing this oil your hair loss will automatically be treated.

How to know which essential oil goes best for you?

With the ocean full of essential oils or benefits it’s normal to get confused. What will go best for you? Will it suit me?

Then, dive into these 4 point checklist to reach the shore: 

Which oil suits you the best depends on your beard type, scent preferences, benefits and issues related to your beard.

  • Choose your favourite aroma among these best essential oils whether it woodsy (cedarwood), minty (peppermint oil) or fruity (sandalwood oil), select the oil that favours you the most 
  • You can always mix-match the scents and will leave you amazed and awe-struck with its abilities 
  • NOTE: essential oils are highly condensed, should be used only in diluted form and not raw
  • Benefits: if your skin is dry you can go for jojoba oil, if you have damaged beard hair feel 
  • Target the problem and use the essential oil accordingly 

Here's how to make your own:

Running out of products is universal! So is DIY show your crafty side and produces some magic for your beard to witness.

  • Use a sterilized or clean small bottle – spray or dropper bottle 
  • Combine essential oils with the carrier oil of your choice
  • Fill up the ¾ of the bottle with the carrier oil of your choice – use one of any carrier oil 
  • Shake up the bottle well – to ensure everything’s all mixed up 
  • Follow more guides

How to use it?

  •  Take 2-3 drops on your palm, you can use more depending on the requirement
  • Rub and apply on your beard while giving your beard a nice massage
  • Then, enjoy the shine and the compliments that follow

Taking care of the beard is more to it than meets the eye. Essential oils construct the beard your hands won’t stop touching. Smooth as silk, healthy as an apple and dense as a forest.

Getting ready for interviews won’t take hours now. Don’t back down from taming, styling or experimenting with your beard.

In a nutshell

You are just a blog away to gain the polished look everyone’s searching for. Just by adding it into your daily skincare routine, you’ll be able to develop your scent, personality, and an updated skincare routine.

The best essential oils take away all your beard worries and leave your skin in the best-refreshed state. Now that you are familiar with its benefits, uses, and impact it’s far easier for you to judge which one goes for you.

Additionally, you have learned how to make your beard oil using essential oils, you can keep a track of what ingredients you are finding astonishing while is. You Can always switch or introduce a  new fragrance…it’s totally up to you and your creativity.

For other fashion-related queries, we would love to give you insights.


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