Top 10 Best Keratin Shampoos: Reviews & Guide

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Keratin is a protein used in shampoos to protect hair from heat and pollution by binding to it like a barrier. Keratin shampoos or conditioners can be used to prolong the effects of keratin treatment. The best keratin shampoos and conditioners can make your hair feel silkier, more beautiful, and help you control frizz.

Keratin is already a major component of your hair follicles, therefore using keratin-based shampoos and conditioners can be very beneficial to improve your hair’s natural health. This article will help you choose the best keratin shampoo and get the benefit of keratin treatment for your hair.

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    The 10 Best Keratin Shampoos and Conditioners for All Hair Types

    Let’s have a look at the best keratin shampoo currently available in the market.

    1. TRESemme Keratin Smooth Treatment

    Our Pick

    Tresemme is one of the leading brands in keratin treatment products. This keratin-rich product is very popular for those suffering from frizzy hair. It is an excellent choice for people who need a quick fix for unruly hair.

    Although this is not a shampoo, it can reduce the frizz in your hair and protect it from damage.  This hair treatment will give you salon-smooth hair after each wash. This is sulfate-free shampoo meaning it is safe to use for sensitive scalps.

    2. It's a 10 Miracle Shampoo with Keratin

     With The Power of Moringa

    The Miracle Shampoo “It’s a 10”, comes in a 10-ounce container. The product contains noni fruits, moringa, acai fruits, and keratin, which can all be used to combat thinning hair. This product is sulfate, paraben, and sodium chloride-free making it safe to use on sensitive scalps. It also contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein that gives you healthy hair.

    This product has many benefits for its users. It helps maintain their hair’s color and makes it look smoother, softer, and vibrant as well as ensuring hair is more manageable. This product is also excellent for those who have had their hair damaged by hair treatments.

    3. Keratin Complex - Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

    Rebuilds Damaged Hair

    Color-treated hair can be a pain. It can get dry, damaged, and frizzy, which means it needs extra care to look its best. We get it, trying to find the right products for your color-treated hair can feel like an impossible task!

    There are so many different types of shampoos and conditioners out there that claim they treat color-treated hair but simply don’t deliver. It can be so hard to find a product that works for you the first time, and there’s nothing worse than wasting time and money on products that aren’t what you wanted!

    This keratin shampoo by Keratin Complex is a duo [shampoo and conditioner] specially formulated with protein technology so your artificially colored locks will not only look great but will also feel healthy and soft with every wash!

    This shampoo is sulfate-free and does not contain sodium chloride meaning it is safe to use for sensitive skin.

    4. Maple Holistics Silk 18 Hair Conditioner

    Sulfate-Free Formula & Contains Hydrating Oils

    We highly recommend Silk 18 Natural Conditioner for people who struggled with dry hair. Maple Holistics Silk 18 includes jojoba oil, amino acid, argan oil, natural vanilla, and botanical keratin. The only downfall of the product is that it comes in an 8-ounce container so you may need to buy more if you plan on using it for a prolonged period.

    This natural conditioner’s main benefit is that it doesn’t contain sulfates or artificial colors. The company also offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product. This conditioner is suitable for all hair types, even those with artificial coloring, and can be used by both men and women. 

    5. Nexxus Hair Keratin Shampoo

     Does Not Contain Silicone

    This excellent keratin-infused shampoo for damaged hair. Nexxus Keraphix shampoo combines keratin and black rice to build the ultimate formula to resurrect damaged hair.

    These ingredients contain glutamic acid, an amino acid found naturally in hair. Glutamic acid disappears as soon as your hair is damaged, causing it to become frail and natural. This shampoo’s effectiveness lies in the fact that it directly addresses the glutamic acid shortages to enhance the health and quality of your hair.

    This keratin-based shampoo is an awesome choice for you if you are looking for a product to effectively treat damaged hair. It increases scalp health. As a bonus, this product does not contain silicone, which can further contribute to hair damage.

    6. Garnier Fructis Shampoo

     Powered With Citrus Proteins

    Garnier is another well-known and trusted brand for hair care products and skin protection. This product is not purely made of keratin and may not fully nourish dry hair. It could, however, soften your hair and gradually restore its natural nourishment.

    The product is rich in citrus proteins to strengthen your hair, as well as plant oils and extracts to restore its natural softness and beauty. These are great ingredients for keeping your hair healthy and well-nourished. This product can protect your hair from chemical treatments, daily combing, repeated coloring, and heat styling/ hair straightening.

    7. OGX Anti-Breakage and Keratin Oil Shampoo

     Infused With Argan and Keratin oils

    Hair breakage, frizz, and other hair damage can be caused by dry strands. The OGX Keratin shampoo is the best choice if you want smoother, softer hair. This creamy shampoo contains argan oil and keratin protein to increase hair’s flexibility, making it stronger and healthier.

    Infused with argan and keratin oils, this product can protect your hair from damage caused by heat styling or brushing. It will also make your hair shiny, healthy, and smooth. This product will make your hair healthier and more beautiful by helping you grow and maintain longer stronger hair strands.

    8. LuxeOrganix Shampoo and Conditioner

    Cruelty-Free Product

    This shampoo is perfect for protecting recently dyed hair. It works by preserving and protecting your hair and protect it, rather than stripping it of important nutrients. This product does not contain any sodium chloride or sulfates, so you don’t have to be concerned about chemicals which is why professionals rave about this wonderful product.

    This keratin smooth shampoo is animal cruelty-free, making it perfect for those looking for a more environmentally conscious hair product. It is free from gluten, parabens, phthalates, salt, and drying alcohols making it safe to use even if you suffer from sensitive skin. LuxOrganix has a product that can solve any hair problem, no matter what kind of hair you have as it’s even suitable for frizzy, curly, and dry hair.

    9. BELLISSO Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    With the Power of Vitamin B5

    These products will provide you with everything you need in a keratin shampoo and conditioner. They will keep your hair healthy and vibrant. The best part is you get a 500 ml container of both shampoo and conditioner that will last you for months!

    BELLISSO Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle on hair. It protects, moisturizes, softens, and smooths color-treated hair while protecting it. These products are worth every penny if you want to make sure your hair looks its best. It is Paraben-free and sulfate-free enhanced with natural ingredients. It is cruelty free product.

    10. Hask Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Makes Hair Soft and Shiny

    The Hask keratin protein range can give damaged hair a miracle makeover. This keratin shampoo is made to revive and strengthen dry and damaged hair. This is a great product for repairing damaged locks that have been over-processed and are a must-have product if you are a professional hairdresser.

    This shampoo for damaged hair is infused with hydrolyzed Keratin which can reduce hair frizz and combat humidity. The shampoo will gently clean your hair and leave it soft and shiny. Keratin protects the shaft of your hair, reduces split ends, and improves hair manageability.

    Benefits of Using High-Quality Keratin Shampoos

    1. Keratin shampoo is a powerful hair treatment that helps to repair damaged hair

    Dry or damaged hair can be caused by excessive sun exposure or improper hair nutrition. Hair, like any other part of our body, needs proper nourishment so that it will be healthy enough to resist damage as a result of external forces.

    Keratin is one of the most important nutrients for hair due to its ability to prevent breakage and provide strength for your hair. Using keratin shampoo can help you can supply your hair with sufficient keratin that makes it stronger and healthier to prevent and counteract damage and dryness.

    2. The keratin in the shampoo strengthens your hair and makes it shinier

    Do you want smooth and shiny hair? Make sure to pick the right shampoo that will provide your hair with keratin. Keratin is a protein product that not only strengthens and protects your hair but also increases its natural brilliance and sheen.

    Excessive use of heat styling tools can damage your hair which can be counteracted by using keratin-rich products. Likewise, if you have been having problems with dry scalp, itchy or irritated skin, and dandruff, switching on keratin shampoos would do wonders on your hair as it will restore the natural balance of oil in your scalp as well as improving the even spread of moisture throughout the hair.

    If you have fine hair, you will find keratin shampoos are one of the best options for protecting and improving the health and vibrancy of your hair.

    3. This type of shampoo prevents breakage

    Keratin shampoo is invaluable when it comes to preventing hair breakage. If you are prone to spending long periods in the sun or use heat-based styling tools then keratin shampoos are an excellent option for maintaining your hair’s health and beauty.

    It’s important to treat damaged hair as soon as you notice the issue, or else the problem can snowball to the rest of your hair. Keratin shampoo can shield individual strands from getting damaged and prohibit hair strands from getting tangled with other strands while showering. This is an excellent strategy to prevent further breakage!

    4. Keratin Shampoo Eliminates Frizz and Leaves Hair Looking Smooth and Shiny

    Frizzy and dull hair can be a major inconvenience, especially if it’s a nightly problem. If you feel that your hair looks dry or frizzy after washing, picking the right keratin shampoo product can help you maintain healthier, shinier, and silky hair which you will love to flaunt. It also enhances fine hair.

    The keratin in these products will prevent split ends and pre-existing damage before it shows its effect on your overall appearance. This makes it easier for you to achieve smooth, manageable, vibrant hair that will leave others envious!

    5. Keratin Shampoo is Gentle on the Scalp, and Won't Lead to Dryness or Irritation

    One of the great things about using a keratin shampoo is that it’s gentle enough not to dry out your scalp and cause irritation. If you have been having problems due to itchiness or flaking skin, this is the perfect solution! With keratin products, the natural oils of your hair are replenished with each shower increasing your hair’s nourishment for a healthy scalp.

    Finding the right type of keratin shampoo may be tricky but once you try one, you’ll never go back.

    6. Keratin Shampoos are Not Harsh

    Keratin shampoo is not as harsh as your typical shampoo. It’s gentler and milder on the hair, making it perfect for someone who has a sensitive scalp. If you can’t use harsh products like sulfate-based ones because of your sensitive scalp, switching to a keratin-based product will be one great decision to increase your comfort and enhance your appearance!

    Although it is mild enough for most people, it still offers the same benefits normal shampoos have. The only difference is that keratin ingredients help in restoring moisture to dry frizzy or textured hair strands so they won’t get damaged easily by external forces.

    So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some keratin and reap the amazing benefits of this style of product!

    7. Keratin Shampoo is Good for Dyed Hair

    Keratin shampoos are an excellent choice for people that artificially color their hair. Keratin will help keep your locks vibrant and radiant and repair any damage created by the dyeing process.

    This is because keratin helps your hair stay strong and healthy, which prevents fading and keeps the color from washing out too soon. This increases your value for money and potentially limits the amount of time and money you invest in the hair salon. Keratin shampoo also helps maintain smoothness in strands without frizzing or drying them out.

    If you use this type of shampoos with conditioners, you’ll be able to keep your color in longer than ever before!


    I hope the above list of best keratin shampoo was helpful for you. While you don’t have to choose a keratin-infused product under most circumstances if you suffer from dryness or damaged and brittle hair we highly recommend giving keratin products a try. You will find those keratin products that will protect and strengthen your hair and help combat damage, frizz, and dryness.

    If you wish to maintain hair that has been freshly treated with keratin, you can easily source and use keratin shampoos or conditioners to promote strong, smooth, silky hair. We guarantee that you and your hair will thank us for this advice.

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