Top 15 Best Korean Toners for Sensitive Skin: Reviews & Guide 2021

Toners are often referred to by a freshener, clarifier or an astringent. Toners are the one thing you’ll regret skipping.

If you are from America, you probably grew up using toners. They were alcohol-based liquids that scrubbed dirt and gunk off your skin. They often left a stinging feeling on the skin, making you afraid to use it again.

However, in the world of Korean beauty toners it is nothing like that. It is completely changing the idea of what toner is.

Korea, thank you for creating a toner that soothes rather than agitates!

A Korean-made toner will not dry your skin and cause irritation or stinging sensations with every application. Instead, it will cleanse, moisturize, clarify and reset the pH balance of your skin.

Although most Korean toners are gentle on the skin already, there are some best Korean toners that are more sensitive to your skin. These toners will not cause irritations or reddening of the skin.

Our Top Picks for The Best Korean Toners For Sensitive Skins

#1. Etude House SoonJung pH 5.5 Relief Toner

A low-irritant, weakly acidic toner can help soothe dry skin.

SoonJung pH 5.5 Relief Toner contains Panthensoside (Panthenol, Madecassoside), which is a skin-calming agent that heals irritated or damaged skin. It is hypoallergenic-tested, and passed the patch test to determine if it causes skin irritation.

This toner is recommended for people with sensitive skin. It has a watery consistency and is easy to absorb into skin.

#2. MISSHA Time Revolution Clear Toner

Time Revolution Clear Toner by MISSHA is ideal for people who want their skin to be smooth, firm, and hydrated without any irritation or stinging sensation. The toner can also be used to repair wrinkles, balance sebum levels, and correct skin tone.

This mild toner is fragrance-free and removes dirt and impurities from your skin with your cleanser.

It also contains MISSHA’s famous fermented yeast extract, which helps promote cellular turnover and a bright, clear, and even skin tone. It is free of mineral oil, parabens, alcohol, silicone, and other harmful chemicals, so it’s suitable for combination, sensitive, oily, or dry skin types.

#3. COSRX Galactomyces Toner

COSRX is a combination of the words cosmetics (prescription) and RX(prescription). It was created with the aim to offer a personalized solution to your skin concerns. This toner by COSRX contains Galactomyces Filtrate, which is a fermented, filtered ingredient that has essential vitamins and minerals. It’s highly effective in making your skin glow, brightening it, and improving its elasticity. This toner is perfect for those with dull and uneven skin.

It also contains 82 per cent mineral water from Jeju Island, which helps nourish and hydrate the skin. This will give your skin a glowing complexion. Toner contains only a handful of ingredients to ensure that it is gentle on sensitive skin.

#4. Son & Park Beauty Water Toner

This water toner by Son & Park can be used as both a toner and a cleanser. It will soothe your skin and help slow down the aging process. It can be used to exfoliate your skin before you wake up, or to prepare your skin for makeup.

You can also use the product at night to cleanse your skin. It will remove dirt, oil, and makeup. To keep your skin hydrated, the toner contains all-natural ingredients like orange fruit extract, rosewater extract and lavender water. The papaya extract and willow bark help to remove dead skin cells.

This toner is watery in consistency and easily absorbs into skin. It also adds moisture. It is safe and free from parabens and artificial fragrances, so it’s suitable for combination, sensitive or dry skin types.

#5. BENTON Aloe BHA Skin Toner

Benton has a soothing toner for sensitive and acne-prone skin. This skin toner contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice. It deeply moisturizes and soothes the skin.

It also contains 0.5 percent BHA and Hyaluronic Acid, Snail Serum Filtrate, and Beta-Glucan. This helps to restore damaged skin and keep it stress-free and irritation-free.

It moisturizes and moisturizes your skin, as well as removing dead skin cells and blackheads. It can also control the texture and appearance of your skin, as well as improve your skin barrier. This toner has been approved by the OTC Drug for Anti-Acne Function. It is suitable for combination skin types, sensitive, oily and dry skin, and oily skins.

#6. DearKlairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

The DearKlairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner is recommended for people who need deep moisturization and hydration. It offers 20% more hydration than other Korean toners.

It has a lot of hydration, including Centella Asiatic Extract. Beta-glucan and Sodium Hyaluronate are some of the ingredients. They help retain moisture and calm irritation and redness.

This facial toner, despite its heavy emphasis on moisture, is suitable for people with sensitive skin due to the soothing plant extracts and other ingredients that have been combined for a non-irritating, calming formula. It is also free of alcohol, dyes, and artificial fragrances. It has a pleasant, herbal scent that deeply rejuvenates the skin.

#7. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

This Wonder Pore Freshner by Etude House is a great choice if you’re concerned about your pores. This 7-in-1 solution offers deep cleansing, pH 4.5 treatment, and sebum control. It moisturizes, provides elasticity, tightens your pores, and gives you clear skin.

This toner is best suited for combination or oily skin. It has been specially designed to tighten pores and keep skin firm and youthful-looking. The Wonder Pore Freshner is safe for both sensitive and dry skin types. It does not contain any harmful ingredients like silicone oil, animal ingredients or coloring.

It also contains a special ingredient, peppermint, which helps to effectively clean your pores. This will restore your skin’s pH balance, and repair any skin damage.

#8. MIZON AHA & BHA Daily Toner

MIZON’s daily toner is more than just an exfoliator. It also deeply moisturizes the skin thanks to its moisturizing ingredients, such as papaya enzymes and salicylic acid.

This daily toner is suitable for dry skin that requires moisturization. It’s mild formulation makes it ideal for sensitive skin. BHA and AHA combine to effectively remove dead skin cells while smoothening rough skin. This promotes skin renewal and maintains healthy skin conditions.

#9. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner

The Moistfull Collagen Facial Toner by Etude House is a Korean toner that not only moisturizes and hydrates your skin but also slows down aging. It will fight wrinkles and reduce the appearance of fine lines. You can also use it as a facial moisturizer to promote glowing, healthy skin.

This gentle, effective toner contains Etude House’s super-collagen and Baobab water to give you intense moisture and balance your pH. It has a gel-like texture that quickly absorbs into the skin. This toner is great for all skin types, including oily, dry, sensitive, and combination.

#10. Albireo Power Moisture Facial Toner

Albireo’s number one priority is to restore the beauty and shine of your skin like the stars in a clear night sky. This toner is deeply hydrating, effective, and suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

This facial toner is high in nutrients and low in irritation ingredients. It gives your skin the healthy glow it deserves, without causing any redness or irritation. This toner contains Chamomile extract which soothes and alleviates itching and irritation while increasing antioxidant activity.

It also contains Saccharide Isomerate, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Fermented extract that provides extreme moisture for your dry skin. The Gold Extract is also available. Astragalus membranaceous extract, vitamin C, and Mulberry Root Extract provide sufficient nutrition for your skin to stay healthy and glowing.

#11. MISSHA Near Skin Simple Mist Toner

Sometimes simplicity is the best. The Near Skin Simple Mist Toner by MISSHA has very few ingredients to provide the skin with the hydration and soothing it needs.

This mist toner contains dill extract, which effectively soothes sensitive skin. It can be used as a first step in your skincare regimen or carried with you everywhere you go to provide instant moisturization.

This toner is made with 9 ingredients and contains no artificial ingredients. It can be used to soothe sensitive or highly irritable skin.

#12. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin EX Toner

Innisfree’s balancing toner is made with organic and natural Jeju green tea extracts. This helps to maintain skin’s deep moisture and hydration.

It also contains betaine, a natural moisturizing agent that is derived from amino acid. This helps to provide intense moisture for combination and dry skin types. It also contains hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize, and Centella Asiatica Extracts to strengthen your skin’s barrier.

This toner is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains blueberry fruit extract to relieve skin stress and allantoin, which soothes and calms irritated skin. The toner does not contain any mineral oil, synthetic colorsants, parabens or animal-derived ingredients, and it also doesn’t have any imidazolidinylurea, which can cause skin irritation and burning sensations.

This toner has a water-like texture and can be applied easily without causing a greasy or sticky sensation.

#13. Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner

The Energy Boosting Toner is a hydrating and bouncy toner by Earth’s Recipe. It contains Tremella mushroom extract, which nourishes and balances the skin. It contains brightening White Jelly Natural Herbals as well as Tremella Fuciformis, which is high in collagen and is beloved by Korean celebrities for its ability to prevent skin contract.

This essence-like toner brightens dull skin by providing a refreshing boost of moisture and increasing skin’s ability absorb. The active ingredients in this toner can penetrate the skin’s deepest layers effectively and efficiently.

This toner is thick and clear, and helps to hydrate and nourish your skin. This toner is free of parabens and mineral oils, synthetic colors, and synthetic dyes. It’s also safe for sensitive skin.

#14. The Face Shop Rice and Ceramide Moisturizing Toner

This moisturizing toner by The Face Shop is a great starter set for your skincare regimen. It contains natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. This moisturizing toner contains Rice Bran Oil, Rice Extracts, and Ceramide. It has a rich texture that delivers intense hydration and moisture for your skin.

Rice ingredients have many benefits, including moisturizing your skin, exfoliating dead cells, and a whitening effect. Ceramide, a natural component in skin cells, helps to prevent moisture loss.

Nanotechnology allows Ceramide to be reduced to small particles, which makes it easier for your skin’s absorption of nutrients. The ceramide is also made from organically grown vegetables, which helps reduce skin irritations and protect your skin against foreign substances.

This toner is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive to normal. It does not contain any harsh chemicals such as mineral oil, talc or paraben, which can cause redness and irritation.

#15. COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner

COSRX has another great toner that is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. This Clarifying Toner includes 10 percent Willow Bark Water, which is a natural exfoliating agent that softens and smoothens the skin texture. It also contains 10 percent Apple Fruit Water, which is another natural exfoliating component that gives a more even skin tone.

It also contains 74.55% mineral water from Jeju Island, which is a better choice than purified water. This deep hydrates and nourishes the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.

BHA and AHA are also effective in exfoliating and cleaning dead skin cells. The toner also contains other important ingredients like allantoin, which helps nourish and soothe irritated skin. This toner has minimal ingredients and is gentle on sensitive or irritated skin.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right one for sensitive skin. How can you find the best Korean toner for sensitive skin?

Important Factors To Consider

Types of Facial Toner

There are three types of skin toners that you can choose from. These are:


These toners are most popular and contain alcohol as an ingredient. They are generally not the best option and gentlest for face toners, unless your skin is very oily.


They are certainly less harmful than the old type. They do contain fragrance extracts, which can cause minor irritations or skin sensitivities, especially if you have an allergy.


These toners are easy. This type of toner is gentlest and has no harmful ingredients. It is therefore the best for sensitive skin. It instead contains a useful substance that prepares your skin for makeup and boosts your daily skincare routine.


You must read the ingredients list when looking for the best Korean toner to soothe sensitive skin. You should look for the best toner for you skin type. Also, ensure the products are free of harmful ingredients that could further irritate your skin.

All-organic, natural ingredients are best as they are gentler and more efficient. Avoid astringents like alcohols, menthols, and witchhazel as they can cause skin irritations. These ingredients can strip the skin of its natural oils, causing extreme redness, irritation, or peeling.

You will need the following ingredients:


This oil-removing compound can create a tingling sensation in your skin. This acid is gentler than alcohol, and has great abilities to penetrate your pores and remove dirt and impurities.

salicylic Acid also has the added benefit of removing oils from other ingredients.


Glycolic acid is a chemical that’s very similar to salicylic acid. It helps remove dirt and debris from your pores. It is also gentler than alcohol and suitable for people with sensitive skin.


These compounds, like aloe vera and hyaluronic, help to retain moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated. This is especially helpful for people with sensitive or dry skin. It keeps the skin looking fresh and youthful.


Toners that contain antioxidants are great because they restore the health of your skin cells, as well as help to flush out and balance your skin’s tone.

They can also reduce the amount of free radicals in your cells that could damage them and slow down the aging process.


These compounds include organic ingredients such as chamomile. Soothers are used to soothe and calm your skin.

These ingredients are especially important for people with sensitive skin as they help to balance the harsh acidic properties.


This is an important consideration that most people overlook.

Toners come as many different types and colors. You may find a wide variety of tones, from the most heavy to the lightest. You can find them in lotions, creams or mists. When browsing, be aware of their various properties and how quickly they are absorbed into the skin.


Toners can be made more pleasant smelling by adding artificial fragrances. Synthetic fragrances can cause skin irritation and redness, especially if you are allergic or have sensitive skin.

Avoid artificial fragrances, and opt for natural scents from essential oils or other herbal ingredients.

A strong scent can also interfere with your preferred scent so make sure you choose a product without scent or that has a mild scent.


There are many ways to dispense Korean toner. You can find them in sprays, squeeze bottles, flip caps, twist-off caps, and other forms.


You should consider the size of your product, whether you’re looking to purchase an old favorite Korean toner or a new product.

The size of the item is generally the most important. If this is your third or fourth purchase, and you have found it to be very effective for your skin, it is a good idea to get the largest size you can afford.

If you are looking to test a product on sensitive skin and want to get on board quickly, you can always go for the smaller size.


You won’t know how effective the product is until you actually try it.

However, it is always a good idea to read about other people’s experiences before you try it. It is strongly recommended that you read through user reviews to find out if the toner really works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I properly use a toner?

First, wash your skin before using a toner. You don’t have to use a specific face wash product.

Warm water is best for washing your face. Then, use cold water to rinse your face and prepare it for the next stage.

Pat your face dry.

Next, you’ll use the toner with cotton pads or balls. While there is no difference between pads and balls, some people argue that cotton balls are better at conserving toner.

Apply the toner to a cotton ball or pad. Then, wipe the toner onto your neck and face. It should not touch your eyes or lips. Spread the toner slowly.

Give it time to absorb before moving on to the next step of your beauty routine.

Can I use a toner with other skincare products?

Yes! You can!

Never use a toner in conjunction with any other products. You should always finish a product before moving on to the next.

When should I use a toner?

It varies from one person to another. It is a good idea, however, to apply toner both in the morning as well as in the evening, before you go about your day.

This is because your skin will create oil during the day, which can cause an imbalanced pH level. Toner can be used before and after you expose your skin to the elements. This will help to maintain a balanced pH level for as long as possible while you’re asleep.

If you find that your skin becomes dry and itchy from using toner twice daily, you can only use it at night.


Koreans take their skincare seriously. You will see the results in their radiant, glowing skin.

They are passionate about innovation, know what they want and will pay a lot for it. Their toners, especially those mentioned above, can be used to scrub dirt and grit off sensitive skin. They also moisturize your skin in a gentler manner.

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