MISSHA Time Revolution Clear Toner Review

Are you toner obsessed?

Toner is a necessity for healthy and glowing skin. But a toner that removes the dead skin cells and hydrates your skin is a blessing.

Missha Time Revolution toner is one such toner that has received fabulous positive customer reviews. The main focus of this toner is to hydrate and prepare the skin for better absorption of other skincare products.

Missha Time revolution toner is a must-buy if you looking for a deeply hydrating toner. The best thing about this toner is that it’s a double cleanser. It will clear the skin of stubborn dirt that remains in the pores even after face wash.


Key Features of Missha Time Revolution Clear Toner

  • Deep hydrating toner
  • Removes old and dead skin cells
  • Acts as a double cleanser
  • Fermented Yeast extract for skin regeneration
  • Balances the pH of the skin


Missha Time Revolution Toner For Sensitive Skin


Missha Time Revolution toner has an amazing set of natural ingredients that helps in skin renewal and hydration. It contains fermented ingredients, citric acid, lactic acid, and fermented yeast, etc. All these ingredients benefit your skin in several ways.

The fermented ingredients are all naturally processed. These ingredients help in promoting soft and bright skin. The Missha toner gives your skin the advantage of Korean fermented techniques to improve your skin quality.

The fermented yeast extract is hard to find in any other toner. Missha incorporated fermented yeast in their toner to activate the natural 28 skin renewal process. Thus the regular application of the toner will give you fresh and new skin by removing the old dead skin cells.

Citric acid functions as a cleanser for your skin. It removes the upper layer of dirt and dead skin cells. It also helps to clear out the sebum in the deep pores. Due to the presence of citric acid in Missha Time Revolution Toner, it balances the pH of the skin. Your skin pH will return to its natural state.

The toner suits all skin types from dry to oily and sensitive skin. It has no artificial component or chemicals that will harm or irritate your skin.

Missha tone acts as a mini exfoliating session every time you apply it. You can apply it twice daily after face wash. This is a type of toner that you will need to apply through a cotton pad.

Take few drops of toner on a clean cotton pad and gently rub it all over your skin. Ou can apply 2 layers of toner if you feel the need. This is our second pick in Best Korean Toners for Sensitive Skin



  • Citric acid balances the pH level of the skin
  • Reactivates the 28 skin renewal process
  • Fermented ingredients give a clear skin
  • Promotes soft and glowing skin
  • No irritants or chemicals present
  • Feels refreshing on the skin


  • It may feel slightly sticky after application


Get even, clear, hydrated, and glowing skin with Missha Time Revolution Toner. Enjoy and feel the changes in your skin texture within few weeks.


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