SKINFOOD Peach Sake Facial Toner Review

Looking for a toner that suits your oily skin?

Look no further as we have brought to you the best facial toner for oily skin.

Everyone desires healthy and glowing skin. But it gets a little difficult when you have oily skin. People with oily skin, face several skin problems like acne, pimples, blackheads, and enlarge pores.

To fight all these problems as well as nourish your skin you need an all-rounder toner. Skinfood Peach sake facial toner is the solution to all your oily skin problems. This toner tightens the skin and adds glow. It closes open pores, moisturizes and hydrates the skin to its inner depth.


Key Features of Skinfood Peach Sake Toner

  • Made from traditional Japanese wine sake extract
  • Tightens deep pores
  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
  • The best remedy for large pores and oily skin
  • Helps in controlling the Sebum.
  • Rich in the peach extract to help nourish the skin


Best Facial Toner For Oily Skin With Sake and Peach Extract


Who wouldn’t love a clean, tight, and glowing face?

It really gets irritating to wipe your face every time just to wipe off the excess oil. Sometimes it feels embarrassing too. Excess accumulation of oil on the face is the sole reason for acne and pimples. To get rid of oily skin and balance the sebum excretion you need effective toner.

Skinfood Peach sake facial toner is one such toner that helps you get naturally beautiful and glowing skin. Its Traditional wine sake extract helps in tightening the pores. This ultimately limits the oil production and accumulation of the face.

The toner contains a natural peach extract that is rich in Vitamin A and C. Vitamin C is one of the vital components that helps to restore the glow on your face. The Korean toner is specially made to remove impurities to make the face soft and smooth.

Gentle facial massage with few drops of Skinfood toner after cleaning the face will give you significant results. You can observe the changes on your face with time.

The Korean-made toner is soft, gentle, and made from natural ingredients that have no side effects on your face.

The Skinfood Peach sake toner is very easy to use. Make sure you clean your face with face wash before applying the toner. You can take few drops of toner on a cotton pad. Then dap the cotton pad gently on your face.

Another way is to transfer the toner to a spray bottle and spray it all over your face and neck. Let the toner settle down and dry. Check out 10 Best Korean Toners for Oily Skin



  • Best-rated beauty Korean rand is known for its natural and healthy products.
  • Rich in Vitamin A and C that adds glow to your face.
  • Removes all the impurities and dirt from the skin/face.
  • Makes the face soft, smooth, and tight.
  • Controls excess oil production


  • It’s made for oily skin so may not go well for other skin types.


A glowing, clear, and beautiful face is no more an issue. Get solutions to all your oily skin issues with Skinfood Peach sake toner.

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