OGX Nourishing + Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo Review


The shampoo is an important product for your hair. It can help you keep your hair and scalp healthy and hygienic which will make you look beautiful at all times. For maximum effects, you will need to find the best quality product which will enhance your appearance, hygiene, and hair health.

This OGX Shampoo is perfect when it comes to maintaining your hygiene. Just a little amount of the product can make your hair entirely clean while also keeping it hydrated and luscious.

The product contains coconut oil which can help moisturize hair, prevent flaky skin and dandruff on the scalp, and protect the hair from natural and chemical damage. The product also contains egg white protein and coconut milk to enhance the quality of your hair after every wash.

The product is ideal for men, women, and even kids. Only babies should use appropriate shampoos related to their age. The product will also produce identical results for all types and lengths of hair

The standard bottle weighs 1.59 pounds, and it is not very big. However, it can last for quite a long time thanks to the strength of the product limiting the amount you need to use with each wash and the frequency of washing. Thus, the product is actually quite affordable and well worth the investment. You can check a detailed guide on 17 Best OGX Shampoos



The product is made from highly effective natural ingredients.

Free from potentially harmful chemicals like sulfate and parabens.

Hydrates and repairs dry and damaged hair.

Prevents future damage.




No harmful ingredients.

Softens and hydrates hairs.

Available in different sizes for different consumers.

Good for all hair types and styles.

Relatively affordable.



There is no quality conditioner of the same brand.



This shampoo offers amazing benefits to those with any hair type, length, or style. It is highly affordable and we know you will just love this amazing product.

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