The 12 Best Oil Cleansers for Dry Skin: Reviews & Guide 2021

Oil Cleansers are a fad in beauty and skincare. This is because of the double-cleansing process.

Many people now care more about moisturizing their face than they do with proper skincare. You can wash your face with soap and water, or use wet wipes to remove makeup.

These aren’t enough.

You can’t imagine not washing your face at night, and feeling all the dirt and grease you accumulated while out.

There are many options available in the beauty industry, including micellar waters and facial cleansers promising a clean, flawless complexion. Too many skincare products can make your skin look tight and dry.

What do you do then?

Try oil cleansers before you jump on the bandwagon

Top 12 Best Oil Cleanser For Dry Skin 2021

#1. Albireo Jojoba Deep Cleansing Oil

Albireo’s oil cleanser combines the power of nourishing essential oils with mild cleaning power. The main ingredient, Jojoba oil penetrates deeply into the skin and removes all impurities.

Coconut oil can be used to remove eyeliners and dark mascara. Olive oil, on the other hand, has a remarkable cleaning power with very low stimulation. This oil cleanser is suitable for dry skin. It deeply moisturizes the skin with low to moderate irritation.

#2. ROHTO Hadalabo Gokujon Oil Cleanser

This cleansing oil is made in Japan and contains jojoba oil, olive oil, and hyaluronic acids. It gently removes makeup and gives your skin a radiant glow. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient that helps to reduce the size of your skin.

This is a simple one-step procedure that you can apply directly to dry skin. After that, rub your skin with your lashes and wash off with lukewarm. It is extremely gentle and effective at removing all your makeup. This oil cleanse is also fragrance-free so it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin.

#3. Julep Bare Facing Hydrating Oil Cleanser

This oil cleanser is inspired by Korean beauty. It can remove all your makeup in a matter of seconds and leave your skin moisturized and nourished.

The Power Cell Complex is a unique blend of skin-boosting and ultra-hydrating ingredients that makes this nourishing cream stand out. Green coffee bean oil is also included in the product, which promotes cell renewal and revitalizes the skin. The Malvaceae Lipid Extract helps to improve skin barrier function, which allows your skin to retain more moisture and prevent dry skin.

Rosehip seed oil protects against environmental damage.

This product is also cruelty-free and contains no harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates.

#4. Simple Face Kind To Skin Oil Cleanser

This hydrating cleanser oil is a great choice for soft and clean skin. It is 100% pure grapeseed oil and effectively cleans pores deep.

It also contains vitamin E and A, which leave your skin feeling deeply cleansed, moisturized, and hydrated. The lightweight formula leaves no greasy residue and is gentle on the skin.

This oil cleanser does not contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, perfumes, or artificial colors that could cause skin irritation. It is dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. This oil cleanser is ideal for sensitive and dry skin types.

#5. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, a Japanese-made bestseller that dissolves all makeup without leaving behind any residues, is an olive oil-based face cleanser. It is rich in vitamins and has an incredibly nutritive formula to easily remove stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliners.

This cleansing oil is gentle enough to be used on all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin. It only contains 8 ingredients: olive oil, which moisturizes and fights free radical damage; rosemary leaf oil, which helps to soothe and tone the skin; and vitamin E, to prevent premature aging.

It is great for removing sunblock, excess oil, and other skin impurities. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it is an essential daily product that will leave your skin feeling balanced, moisturized, and refreshed. This product does not contain mineral oil, phthalates or colorants.

#6. Kopari Coconut Oil Cleanser

The lightweight formula of the Kopari Coconut Oil Cleanser leaves no greasy residue. This coconut oil-based, vegan cleansing cleanse removes all makeup and leaves your skin soft and moisturized without clogging pores.

Its natural scent will leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed. This 2-in-1 oil cleanser and makeup remover is proudly made in America. It is also free from phthalates, parabens and sulfates.

#7. Burt’s Bees Oil Cleanser

Burt’s Bees Facial oil Cleanser contains a unique combination of natural moisturizers, including coconut oil and argan oil. This makes it suitable for people with very dry skin.

This facial oil cleanser is rich in antioxidants and gently removes dirt and makeup without leaving behind an oily residue. Dermatologists have also tested it and clinically proven that it can soften and clean skin naturally. It is also 100 percent natural and free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, SLS, and phthalates. This makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

#8. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Facial Oil Cleanser

The Rice Water Bright Facial Oil Cleanser, a Korean product, is enriched in rice water. It is a milky-white liquid that is rich in vitamins E B, A, mineral sand ceamide. This is why it is one of the most popular traditional beauty treatments for the Joseon Dynasty’s royal ladies.

It also contains rice water and moringa oil, which purifies skin cells by removing make-up residues and impurities. Jojoba oil deeply hydrates skin, while soapwort acts as a gentle cleanser to sensitive and dry skin. Its natural ingredients work to remove impurities and leave your skin soft, smooth, and evenly toned.

#9. Dermalogica PreCleanse

Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil Cleanser dissolves makeup and other impurities to give you a clean, healthy skin. With its Apricot, Kukui, and other oils, it thoroughly cleans skin of all oily, waterproof, residue, and environmental pollutants.

To make it milky, you can add water to make it. This will allow the cleanser penetrate further to provide professional-quality cleaning results.

This cleanser contains vitamin E oil and conditioning Rice Bran, which provide deep cleansing for oily or dry skin types. It is free from artificial colors and fragrances.

#10. bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Total Oil Cleanser

Oil Obsessed Total Oil Cleanser moisturizes and softens dry skin to promote a healthier complexion. It is ultra-lightweight and leaves no greasy residue, while deep cleaning your skin and removing any impurities.

It dissolves dirt and makeup in seconds.

#11. Neutrogena Ultra-Light Facial Oil Cleanser

This oil cleanser removes all makeup including waterproof mascaras. It also eliminates impurities and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. The lightweight formula contains fine oils, which act as magnets to extract dirt and oils quickly and effectively for clearer skin.

Its non-comedogenic formulation ensures that it won’t clog pores or strip your skin. This makes it suitable for dry skin. Dermatologists have recommended this oil for sensitive skin.

#12. Josie Maran Argan Oil Cleanser

Josie Maran created the ultimate 3-in-1 oil cleanser, moisturizer and anti-aging treatment. This cleanser contains 100 percent pure argan oil cleanser, which is rich in skin-cleansing antioxidants and essential fat acids that soothe and moisturize your skin.

It also contains nutrient rich oils such as grapeseed oil. Safflower seed oil. Almond oil. The oil gently melts dirt and impurities without drying the skin.

This product is free from formaldehyde and mineral oil. It also contains no phthalate, sulfate or paraben.

What is a Facial Oil Cleanser?

The most common types of facial cleanser are gels and foam washes. Oil-based facial cleansers have been the latest craze.

This concept is also applicable to facial cleansing oils:

“Oil dissolves oil.”

The skin is able to produce oil naturally thanks to its natural lubricants. They can be used to clean the pores of the skin. Facial cleansing oils are simple because they contain good oils and help to push out the bad oils.

Facial cleansing oil is applied to the skin, where it attaches to the dirt. These oils won’t penetrate the skin, so there won’t be any clogging. All dirt and dust on your skin will be cleaned up and removed. Your skin’s natural pH balance is also preserved. This ensures that your natural oils don’t get stripped away, and your skin doesn’t dry out.

Is It Good For Dry Skin?

It is, of course!

Oil cleansers can be used on all skin types.

Oil cleansers are great for dry skin. Essential oils give your skin the hydration it needs without adding harmful chemicals or additives that could strip your skin. You can use any oil cleanser to treat dry skin, but the best products are those that contain shea oil and argan oil. These oils deeply moisturize and moisturize your skin while leaving you feeling nourished.

The Benefits of Facial Cleansing Oils

Gentle on the Skin

Essential oil is used in oil cleansers. They are the most gentle and safest forms of skincare. These oils do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients that could cause skin irritations. They also don’t alter your skin’s natural pH levels.

Remove Impurities and Deep Cleanse

The best oil cleanser can deep clean your skin and remove any dirt, impurities, bacteria and dead skin cells. To ensure that your skin is clean and free of residues, you don’t have to wash it twice. These oil cleanser can get rid of even the most stubborn dirt or impurities.

These cleaners won’t clog pores. Instead, they attach to dirt and clean the skin.

Suitable for Even The Most Sensitive Skin types

Oil cleansers contain safe ingredients such as essential oils like sunflower oils, olive oils, peppermint oils and tea tree oils. These oils are made from plant extracts, and are therefore guaranteed to not contain harmful chemicals or ingredients that could irritate already sensitive skin.

Makeup Removal

Oil cleansers that work well to dissolve makeup are the best. These oils melt makeup and don’t cause any skin irritations like itching or reddening. These oil cleansers can be used to remove even the most stubborn makeup. They also provide nourishment for your skin.

Ideal For All Skin Types

Oil cleansers can be used on all skin types, even oily. It is incorrect to believe that oil cleansers will only make oily skin more oily. Oil cleansers can dissolve oily residues on the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. This results in balanced oil production.

Oil cleansers also moisturize and hydrate your skin, which is a benefit over foam cleansers with harsh ingredients.

Smell Good

The best oil cleanser smells so much better than most. These cleansers have a soothing and uplifting scent thanks to the use of essential oils.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Oil Cleanser

Amount of Oil

Oil cleansers come in bottles that are listed in ounces. To calculate the cost of oil cleaners and compare prices, simply divide the price by how many ounces. This will give you the price per ounce, which allows you to decide which product is more valuable or more affordable.

Larger bottles tend to be sold for a lower price than smaller ones.


When purchasing any item, cost is always a consideration. You don’t have to be worried if you have a limited budget. Many oil cleaners are affordable and can be used on any budget. If money is not an issue you can also try premium oil cleaners with more benefits.


A synthetic fragrance can make an oil cleanser more pleasant to the nose. Fragrances can cause skin irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin. It is best to avoid synthetic fragrances, and instead settle for the natural scent of essential oils.


You won’t know the potential benefits of oil cleaners unless you actually try them. You can learn from the experiences of others. It is recommended to read reviews about oil cleansers in order determine if they work well for you.


Foam cleanser can be great for removing dirt and other impurities from the skin. They can dry out your skin and cause you to feel dry, dull, or irritated.

The best oil cleanser to dry skin will remove impurities and nourish your skin while moisturizing, hydrating, and nourishing it.

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