10 Best Pink Hair Dyes: Reviews

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I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked for hair dye recommendations. Pink is a favorite color of mine, but not everyone wants to be bold with their new hair color; some people would like something more subtle..

Pink hair dyes come in all kinds of shades. The pink color resembles cute, sweet, and girly. Pink semi-permanent hair dyes are perfect for girls who want to experiment with new colors without committing to a long-term change of their locks, or as an exciting splash of color in their style.

Pink is a popular hair color that you can choose from many different shades, such as deep pink and light pink. Pink may be a good choice if you like red but don’t want to go all the way with it, or if you’re looking for something more feminine and sweet.

This article will take a closer look at the 10 best pink hair dyes, and we hope this article will help you find your best pink hair dye!

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    10 Best Pink Hair Dye Products

    1. Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye, Hot Pink

    Our Pick

    You want to give your hair a vibrant and bold color, but you are not sure how to get that perfect shade. 

    Most of the time, people use harsh chemicals with their regular shampoo or conditioner, which can harm your hair. These chemicals can damage your hair in the long run. 

    Keracolor works on the concept of color while you cleanse this is why it is an ideal product for those who love coloring their hair at home without damaging it.

    This product has been used by thousands of women all over the world and they have loved its results every single time! It comes in several shades so you will surely find one that matches your taste perfectly!

    This vegan-friendly pink dye contains keratin which provides strength, shine, softness, nourishment, and conditioning power to damaged locks. It doesn’t contain any ammonia or peroxide. It also works perfectly on light blonde hair as well as dark hair. This is the best pink hair dye that deposits gorgeous pink color to give you fabulous hair.


    • Infuses color into your hair with every wash
    • Vegan-friendly formula 
    • Never tested on animals 
    • Keratin provides strength, shine, and softness to the hair
    • Ammonia free
    • Parabens free
    • With conditioners


    • Stains any surface it touches

    2. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye

    PETA Verified Vegan Product

    Dyeing your hair at home can be a little scary. 

    Most of us are afraid to mess up our hair and end up with an unsatisfactory result. Even if you do get the color right, you might not like how harsh the chemicals feel on your scalp or how dry it leaves your hair.

    Unicorn Hair dye is here to change everything! This semi-permanent dye delivers intense color without any damage to your hair.

    This pink hair dye conditions deeply and softens strands while depositing rich color and leaving behind a sweet scent that lasts longer.

    The Unicorn Hair Dye is a vegan cruelty-free product made with gentle ingredients that won’t cause any damage when used correctly. It’s also PETA verified as animal friendly!

    This pink shade is perfect if you’re looking for something fun and flirty without being too bright.


    • Safe to use at home
    • Doesn’t need chemicals or developer for a vibrant color
    • Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free
    • No need to bleach your strands
    • No peroxide
    • PETA verified vegan product


    • Not long-lasting

    3. Manic Panic Hot Pink Hair Dye

    Glows Under Black Lights

    It’s hard to find a good hair dye that doesn’t damage your hair. 

    We don’t want you to have damaged hair, but we do want you to be able to express yourself through colors and styles! So we choose this Manic Panic Hot Pink Hair Dye to be on this list of 10 best pink hair dyes.

    Manic Panic created this color that is ideal for color depositing on bleached as well as on light brown hair/black hair and it glows under black lights when applied on hair bleached to the lightest level 10 blonde hair. And even if you’re not looking for neon shades, this hot pink can also be mixed with other dyes like blue or purple and it will create new beautiful hues!

    This hair color from Manic Panic lasts up to 6 weeks and is made in the USA.

    This cruelty-free and vegan pink hair dye does not contain any Ammonia, PPD, Paraben, Gluten, Resorcinol, or Phthalate.


    • 49+ shades
    • Cruelty-Free And Vegan Formula
    • No Ammonia,
    • No PPD,
    • No Paraben,
    • No Gluten,
    • No Resorcinol
    • No Phthalate
    • PETA Certified


    • You may need 2 jars if you have long hair

    4. L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, Smokey Pink

    3x Highlights

    Dyeing your hair at home is hard. 

    First, you have to find a color that will work with your natural hair color and skin tone. Then you need to mix the dye in just the right ratio or risk having it turn out too dark or not showing up on all of your hair. And finally, applying the dye can be messy and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to cover gray hairs or going from dark to lighter shade. 

    L’Oreal Paris Feria multi-faceted shimmering permanent hair color is easy!

    This professional-quality pink hair dye is pre-mixed for an even application every time so there’s no guesswork when mixing at home – simply follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy a salon-style look without ever leaving your own bathroom!

    You don’t need pre-lightened hair as the dye colors dark hair just as well with ease.

    It is a kit that consists of color gel, developer crème, shimmer serum, extra pure dyes, shampoo, and a power shimmer conditioner.

    It comes with a powerful conditioner to moisturize your hair and boosts shine making your hair color last longer up to 8 weeks.


    • 50+ shades
    • Easy to use and apply at home
    • Provides rich colors for your desired look
    • 3x Highlights
    • Long-lasting color
    • Ammonia-free
    • No need to bleach your strands


    • Not suitable for gray coverage

    5. Punky Cotton Candy Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color

    Lasts Up To 35 Washes

    Hair color is expensive and can be harmful to your hair. 

    Punky Cotton Candy Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color was designed for women who want to have fun with their hair without damage.

    It will give you a trendy look that’s totally washable, with no peroxide added! They use natural ingredients so you’ll never have to worry about damaging your locks or scalp. Plus, it is free from cruelty!

    Punky Cotton Candy Hair Color gives you the perfect pastel pink shade that’s not too bright but still makes a statement.

    With the gentle color depositing formula, this semi-permanent conditioner won’t over-dry or damage your hair!

    Get salon-quality results at home in just 30 minutes with zero commitment.

    Its formula is PPD-free, ammonia-free, paraben-free. So, it is relatively safe for long-term usage.

    It lasts up to 35 washes.


    • Vegan ingredients
    • Easy to use
    • Cruelty-free
    • Transform hair to pastel pink
    • Condition your mane for a soft & silky feel
    • No peroxide, safe for all hair types
    • PPD-free, ammonia-free, and paraben-free
    • Lasts up to 35 shampoos


    • Smaller jar size
    • Stains any surface it touches

    6. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color, Neon Pink

    Easy To Use

    Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color comes in a variety of shades that are ideal for all skin tones.

    This product also saves time because there’s no need to go back to the salon every time you want a new shade – just mix two or more colors together and create your own color!

    If you are looking for an easy-to-use semi-permanent color that won’t harm your hair, then Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is definitely something worth checking out!

    This color in Neon Pink is a great solution for you if you like the fun look of pink in your hair! This product comes with a non-drip formula.

    It is very convenient for beginners as well as people who are used to coloring their own hair at home. It does not contain Alcohol, Peroxide, or Ammonia.


    • No Alcohol
    • No Peroxide
    • No Ammonia
    • Comes in various shades
    • With conditioners
    • Easy to use
    • Fades gradually
    • Affordably priced


    • Smaller bottle size

    7. Arctic Fox Vegan and Cruelty-Free Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

    No Harsh Chemicals

    Vegan hair dyes are hard to find, and the ones you do find often don’t work well.

    Arctic Fox is a vegan semi-permanent hair dye that works just as well as any other leading brands but without harsh chemicals or animal by-products. 

    Most of us want to be compassionate towards animals, but it’s not always easy to give up products that contain animal ingredients. That’s why Arctic Fox created this vegan hair dye with an all-natural formula.

    This product is perfect for those who love animals as Arctic Fox donates 15% of its profits from sales to various animal charities.

    This semi-permanent dye lasts up to 4-8 weeks on average. You can give your hair vibrant and beautiful pink shade with this color from Arctic Fox.

    Its deep conditioning and zero damage formula is free from ammonia, peroxide, and alcohol.


    • Vegan ingredients
    • Easy to use
    • Ammonia-free
    • Cruelty-free
    • Part of the profit goes to animal charities
    • No harsh chemicals
    • Extremely gentle on the hair, for frequent use
    • Restores vibrancy in damaged or color-treated hair
    • Long-lasting and beautiful color
    • Leaves no harmful residues behind


    • Needs pre-lightened hair for perfect results

    8. Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    Enriched With Keratin

    I love to experiment with my hair color, but dyeing hair at home can be a hassle. 

    We all know that coloring your hair is fun and exciting, but the process of getting it done in a salon or at home can be time-consuming and messy. The dyes are often harsh on your scalp, which can lead to breakage and excessive dryness. And then there’s the clean-up! 

    Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color is an amazing product that allows you to get bold with your hair without compromising your hair health or convenience.

    Using this hair dye will save you from any damage caused by chemicals while also saving money.

    With 48 mixable colors available for purchase, the possibilities are endless!

    This hair dye uses Aloe Vera Water as the first ingredient. Aloe vera water helps repair damaged cells and keep a balanced pH level.

    It also includes natural Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Keratin, and Collagen for healthy-looking locks.


    • Enriched with Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Keratin, and Collagen
    • 48 mixable colors
    • Keeps scalp healthy with natural ingredients 
    • No peroxide
    • Vibrant, fresh color that’s not damaging to your strands
    • No Sulfates
    • No Ammonia


    • Thick Consistency
    • Low Gray Coverage

    9. Got2b Creative Semi-Permanent Hair Color

    Complete Hair Color Kit

    Finding a color that is safe for your hair, easy to use, and gives you the results you want can be hard.

    We all know that coloring our hair at home is cheaper than going to the salon, but it’s not always easier. 

    Got2b has created a product line of semi-permanent hair colors designed with professional quality in mind so anyone can express themselves with vibrant color without damaging their strands.

    This product line includes everything needed for multi-application including color cream, conditioner, gloves, pastelizer, tray, brush, and instructions.

    Mixing cream with pastelizer creates a unique pastel shade perfect for those who like to play around with fashion trends while still maintaining healthy strands!

    This is a long-lasting product that will last for up to 15 washes.


    • Comes with a complete hair color kit
    • Last for up to 15 washes
    • You can create your own pastel shade
    • Affordable
    • With conditioners


    • Needs bleached hair

    10. Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color, FLAMBOYANT PINK

    No Ammonia

    You need a Semi-permanent hair color that doesn’t smell bad, dry out your strands or fade quickly. 

    Some semi-permanent dyes are made with harsh chemicals and leave your head smelling like a salon after you’ve spent an hour getting highlights. They also tend to make your scalp itch and burn while they’re sitting on there for thirty minutes to an hour! And then the color fades away in a week or so anyway. It’s no wonder why most people don’t want to dye their hair anymore – it’s just too much trouble!

    This temporary hair color from Color X-Change is different because it does not contain ammonia, PPD, peroxide, or paraben. This means this color will not damage, dry out, or irritate your scalp during application and won’t have any unpleasant chemical odors when you’re done either (no more stinky dyed heads!).

    This temporary hair color is vegan and cruelty-free plus it is Made in the USA.


    • Chemical-free
    • Vegan and Cruelty-free
    • Fragrance-free
    • No ammonia, peroxide, PPD, or paraben
    • Gluten-Free
    • Made in the USA
    • Gentle on strands and won’t cause breakage or damage
    • No mixing required


    • Consistency can be improved
    • Doesn’t last long


    We hope this article on the 10 best pink hair dyes will help you to pick your best pink hair dye!

    With different shades of pink on offer from light pink to darker pink, there’s something for everyone on this list of the 10 best pink hair dyes.

    Now its time to mention the top 3 colors from the list of the 10 best pink hair dyes,

    The First one is Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Color,

    The Second is Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color,

    The Third is Manic Panic Hair Color.

    If this is your first time experimenting with a new color or highlighting, we hope these suggestions will help you find what you’re looking for.

    Now it’s time for shopping! What do you think? Which one will be perfect for you or someone special? Let us know.

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