Top 12 Best Rolling Makeup Cases: Reviews & Guide

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Makeup Cases are great for storing makeup and other tools. We all have a lot of makeup products . It can be difficult to organize and store all of your makeup products in one location. 

The more you use it, the easier it is to transport. This is where the best roll-on makeup bag comes in handy.

Even though there are many options for makeup bags, it can be difficult to transport them all around. Would you believe that you could have your own rolling makeup case? You read it correctly! 

You can make your travels more comfortable by purchasing rolling makeup organizers with wheels.

Rolling Cases for Makeup come in many sizes and have different storage options. Rolling Cases for makeup can be used to store more than just makeup.

You can also keep your hairstyling products together with other products in one place.

These cases have many great features, including durability and functionality.

We’ve reviewed the top 12 rolling makeup cases to help you make your purchase easier. 

Any of these cases can be chosen to organize your makeup easily.

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    12 Best Rolling Makeup Cases

    1. Rolling Train Case With Drawers

    Our Pick

    This stylish and elegant striped makeup bag is the perfect way to travel in style. 

    This black makeup rolling case has a large compartment at the bottom with two sliding drawers.

    It also features a removable top case compartment.

    This case is lightweight and portable, so it can be taken anywhere.

    The case comes with two portable makeup cases and is highly functional. 

    Because the top section can be locked and detached, it can be used as a makeup bag. 

    You can easily pull out the drawers from the lower compartment using stops. These drawers can be used to store different makeup products.

    This durable trolley is made with high-quality aluminum frames, velvet lining and is extremely sturdy. 

    It is easy to transport anywhere thanks to its reinforced stainless steel corners and 360-degree rotating wheels.


    • 4-in-1 functionality
    • Highly portable
    • Storage space that can be adjusted
    • Durable and high quality makeup vanity for on-the-go
    • Store various items in the bottom compartment or top case with a lock to keep private
    • The rolling trolley has 4 wheels that can be easily maneuvered no matter the terrain
    • Comes with two keys in case one gets lost or misplaced


    • For tools storage, a lower compartment could be made bigger

    2. AW Black Rolling Case

    2 in 1 Makeup Cart

    AW Black is the ideal Rolling Makeup Case if you’re looking for the perfect makeup bag. 

    This classic black makeup bag is both suitable for professionals and beginners. 

    This 2 in 1 makeup cart is loaded with customizable features.

    The upper case includes extendable trays that can be removed to transport the items separately. 

    To maximize space, the lower hollow compartment has an organizer. You can also convert the lower compartment into a smaller rolling bag by adding a lid to the top.

    It can be easily carried around on its 360-degree swivel wheels. The ABS body and aluminum frame make it extremely durable. 

    Four lockable latches are included and four keys provide additional insurance. The highly protected case can be used for all cosmetic storage needs. 

    This AW makeup trolley will keep your cosmetics and makeup safe from pets and kids.


    • 2-in-1 functionality
    • Combination makeup free of charge
    • Carry a detachable sling
    • Separate mirror


    • Bulky

    3. Yaheetech 3 in 1 Aluminum Cosmetic Case

    Waterproof and Dustproof

    The Yaheetech 3 in 1 aluminum cosmetic case is an excellent and practical option in makeup trolleys. 

    This cosmetic case is a must-have item for all makeup artists, including hair stylists, beauticians and manicurists. 

    This cosmetic case is great for beginners or professionals.

    Multiple moving options are available for the makeup train. You can pull it or roll it over any surface with its four wheels. 

    The upper case can also be detached, so you can attach a strap and wear it on your shoulder.

    This is useful if you only need to transport a few items and not the whole trolley.

    You also get a great organizer with a retractable tray to organize your cosmetics more efficiently. 

    The lower compartment is not divided, making it ideal for the storage of various products and tools. 

    Hairdryers, hair straighteners, and sprays can all be kept in the lower section. 


    • 3-in-1 functionality
    • 5 beautiful colors
    • Carry it with a removable strap
    • It is cost-effective
    • Waterproof
    • Interiors that are dustproof


    • The quality of the wheels could have been improved

    4. Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminum Rolling Cosmetic Makeup

    High Storage Capacity

    Ollieroo is the best place to find a trolley bag with multiple layers.

    You can choose from four different combinations of the versatile trolley makeup bag. 

    All layers are removable. You can also disassemble each layer to make them individual pieces and store them in a smaller cosmetic bag or trolley.

    This cosmetic makeup trolley is extremely durable. It features a sturdy aluminum frame and a black ABS surface. The interior is lined with velvet. 

    To protect your makeup, each layer has its own lock and key. 

    The heat-resistant exterior allows you to store any makeup product, even those that are not included in cool storage instructions.

    This product is ideal for nail technicians, makeup artists, and hairstylists. 

    You can use it in beauty salons or beauty centers to store products. These are available in striking purple or black.


    • 4-in-1 functionality
    • Superior durability and versatility
    • Storage capacity is high
    • Resistance to heat
    • It is easy to pull and transport


    • Limited after-sales support

    5. Ver Beauty Professional Makeup Case

    High Quality And Spacious Interiors

    This Ver Beauty Professional Rolling Makeup Organizer combines class and comfort. 

    The case is made of high-quality aluminum and features top-grade construction.

    This case features a heavy-duty handle that provides a firm, yet comfortable grip and an open-top that makes it easy to access.

    Four extendable trays with spacious interiors and removable partitions are included. They can be used to store any size item.  

    You can also get trays and removable dividers for the lower compartment. 

    The top compartment can also be taken out and used as an additional makeup bag.

    It comes in seven elegant colors but champagne gold glitter is our favorite.

    For added protection, the corners of the travel makeup bag are reinforced with steel and there are 360-degree rolling wheels that make it easy to transport. 

    Your makeup tools and products will be safe thanks to the key locks and secured latches.


    • Seven beautiful colors
    • Construction of the highest quality
    • Design professionals
    • Ideal size for storage
    • High functionality


    • Limited after-sales support

    6. Rolling Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Makeup Travel Case

    Attractive Exterior

    You want to be bolder with your makeup bag than your handbag.

    You should upgrade your bag collection and add a makeup case to it.

    The Rolling Train Case 4-in-1 Portable Makeup Travel Case has everything you could ever want in a makeup bag.

    Although it is an integrated trolley it can be disassembled to make it more convenient for you. 

    There are four options to store your makeup tools and products.

    You can store all kinds of products in the different compartments.

    You will also love the trolley’s durability. The trolley is made with high-quality aluminum frames, an ABS surface and velvet lining.

    It can be easily carried around on its 360-degree rotating wheels. 

    It comes with two lock-and-key sets so you don’t have to worry about protecting your makeup products.


    • 4-in-1 functionality
    • Attractive exterior
    • Durable and functional
    • Product security


    • The quality of wheels could be improved

    7. AW Soft-Sided 1680D Rolling Makeup Case

    Durable and Lightweight

    Do you want a lightweight solution for all your makeup travel needs?

    Let’s talk about the AW Soft-Sided Rolling Case For Makeup. 

    Although it is lightweight, it is still durable. 

    It is made from 1680D nylon fabric, which provides wear, scratch, and tear resistance. You can easily clean it with a damp cloth.

    This case is smaller than other types, but still has enough room for product storage.

    The upper compartment can hold large items while the bottom has eight drawers and is ideal for smaller items.

    Four zipper side pockets are ideal for items that are frequently used, while the separate brush holder can be used.

    The 360-degree swivel wheels ensure smooth movement. 

    The handle design makes lifting easier. The rod is made of high-quality materials and provides stability for rolling. 

    You can also carry the bag on your shoulder using the strap.


    • Durable and lightweight
    • It is easy to clean
    • Multiple constructions
    • No worries


    • The organization of the compartments could have been improved

    8. SHANY REBEL Series – Pro Makeup Artists

    Durable and Versatile

    Do you want a complete makeup station that can be carried in a trolley case? 

    The SHANY REBEL Series- Pro Makeup Trolley Train Case will make your dreams come true. 

    This trolley case features lockable compartments that can easily be opened and transformed into a makeup station.

    This portable, free standing makeup station comes with a mirror, drawers, and tiered tray.

    Your makeup supplies can be organized in small or large compartments depending on your needs. 

    You can also place hair styling tools in the special compartments, regardless of whether they are a hairdryer, straightener, or other hair tools.

    This lightweight case is ideal for travel and comes in black or white.

    You don’t need to assemble the whole case. Simply push the drawers in as you pull them out. 

    We can’t forget the complementary set of mesh bags for cosmetic organization. Grab them before it’s too late!


    • Makeup station on wheels
    • Durable and versatile
    • Set of 2 organizing bags included for free


    • Quality can be improved

    9. Qivange Professional Nail Polish Organizer

     Maximum storage capacity

    Qivange Professional Nail Polish Organiser and Makeup Train Bag are designed to simplify your life.

    The 360-degree swivel wheels make it ideal for travel.

    The large cosmetic train case is spacious and has three layers. Each layer can be used to suit your nail and makeup needs.

    Let’s discuss these layers. This first one can hold 45 bottles of nail varnish without breaking or tangling together.

    Imagine how many products could be stored in one space. Two drawers with smooth runners are available for makeup and nail art.

    This premium beauty box features a PU leather exterior and a velvet interior.

    This case is extremely durable and can last years without any damage.

    To protect your makeup products, the keys and latches are included. These can also be used to store jewelry.


    • Maximum storage capacity
    • You can move it 360-degree
    • Construction with PU leather
    • Travel friendly


    • Handle does not have rubber grip

    10. AW Black Rolling Makeup Train Case

    Large Compartments

    The compact makeup case is more practical than the large ones.

    The AW Black Rolling Makeup Train Case makes it easy to have a portable makeup station.

    It is lighter than other trolleys and can be easily carried around.

    The case includes a bottom compartment as well as six retractable trays that can be used to organize your makeup and styling products.

    A mirror is located under the lid. It opens in the ideal position.

    The smaller retractable trays can be used for lipsticks and small accessories, the larger trays can be used to hold tools for hair styling.

    This is a perfect choice, whether you want the smooth movement of 360-degree swivel wheels or the close latches with keys.

    These wheels can be removed and replaced easily whenever necessary.

    A PVC exterior with reinforced corners and a rod of high-quality aids in stabilizing.


    • Compact size
    • Makeup station on wheels
    • Superior durability
    • Beautiful design
    • Large compartments
    • Smoother wheels


    • Material quality can be improved

    11. Jula Vance Large Makeup Case

    Stylish and Durable

    This makeup bag is ideal for professional and personal makeup artists. 

    This case has built-in speakers that allow you to easily connect your phone.

    It also includes a 3-code password lock that protects your expensive makeup.

    This makeup organizer has legs with a velvet drawstring pouch and a USB slot for charging your phone. 

    It also has 6 LED lights that shine through the mirror, which provides a brilliant reflection for makeup. The organizer and your makeup are safe from the heat of this light.

    You can store your makeup in four different places thanks to the four storage areas.

    Three compartments can hold all of your beauty products, such as a hair dryer and curlers. 

    This bag is ideal for anyone who travels with a lot of makeup.


    • Design that is stylish
    • Safe places to store makeup tools
    • There are many compartments
    • Materials that last
    • Handle and tray adjustable


    • It is possible wheels can become noisy with time

    12. SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup

    Beautiful Color, Design, and Space

    This rolling makeup organizer will fit your needs if you’re looking for a large makeup bag with lots of storage. 

    This organizer has large drawers and plenty of space for makeup items, such as hairdryers, rollers, or powders.

    This case is more appealing and beautiful because of its design and color. 

    It is also made from sturdy material which will last for a longer time. 

    The case has multi-layer storage and smooth wheel movement. It has four storage trays at the top.

    The tray can be removed and divided to store brushes, nail colors, and lip shades.

    It also has an adjustable handle that you can pull out when necessary.


    • It comes with metal locks
    • Interiors that resist dust
    • Includes a pull-out and rotating mirror
    • Parts that can be adjusted to fit your needs
    • Numerous compartments


    • It doesn’t include lighting

    Buying Guide – Best Rolling Makeup Case

    There are many things you need to think about when purchasing a makeup organizer.

    One often forgets the most important things, despite all the attention brands give. 

    Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a rolling organizer for makeup.

    Size and Storage Space

    Size and storage space are important when it comes to organizing makeup. Your makeup collection will be full, no matter if you’re a professional or just starting out. 

    Multi-purpose foundations, makeup brushes and lipsticks are all part of your makeup collection. 

    There should be enough space for everything. It is crucial to make sure that every product fits in the organizer.


    A makeup organizer trolley is something that you can use at home also. This trolley will be essential for carrying your makeup from work to weekends away as well. 

    You need to ensure that the trolley is portable. It should be portable and easy to transport, as well as should have high quality wheels.


    The material is another important aspect to consider. Because you will be using it often, it must be durable.

    Your makeup tools and products’ safety must be guaranteed by the inner lining.

    You can also look at heat resistance, as makeup products must be kept in cool environments.


    The budget is last but not least. Although most trolleys will serve your needs, it is important to consider your budget. You should keep in mind the most important features of the trolley, and choose the one that fits your budget best. 

    Instead of settling for an outer appearance, we recommend you choose something more durable and useful.

    You now have the information you need to buy the right case. Grab one before it goes out of stock!

    FAQs – Best Rolling Makeup Case

    What is the actual benefit of the best rolling makeup case?

    Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s daily life. It hides imperfections and gives a new glow to the skin. 

    A rolling makeup organizer can be very useful, whether you need to go to a party or travel with your makeup.

    The rolling bag makes it easy for makeup artists to carry all their essentials, including brushes.

    The makeup can be easily pulled on the wheels. The trolley case is more spacious than makeup kits and has more storage space.

    Is an on-wheel makeup case easy to carry?

    It is possible to transport makeup with wheels, as well as make it easier to move on the roads. This is because you can store everything in the rolling makeup organizer.  

    The wheels make it easy to move your makeup bag, regardless of how heavy it is. 

    The rolling case is also useful if you are a makeup artist who needs to travel often or attend courses frequently. It can be easily folded under your seat so you can take it with you in the car.


    A portable makeup organizer is more than a luxury. It makes it easy to organize everything and saves time searching for the right product. It is also very comfortable for both professionals and women. 

    With the help of this list, we hope you find the perfect rolling makeup case. Stop scrolling, grab your favorite roll-on makeup case now!

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