10 Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Hair: Reviews & Guide

Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Treated Hair

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Your hair deserves better shampoo and conditioner, regardless of whether you’re a mermaid or a platinum blonde. It’s not enough to get shampoo and conditioner at a low price, it needs to be the best shampoo and conditioner. We’re aware of the stress you face every day trying to find a great shampoo for colored hair. 

We have made a list of the 10 best shampoos and conditioners for colored hair, to help you find your perfect shampoo.

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    Top Shampoos for Color-Treated Hair

    Let’s see the list of shampoo and conditioners recommended by the professionals:

    1. WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Our Pick

    Do you want your locks to look great, but can’t stand people invading your personal space to smell them?

    Avocado and coconut oil make for a perfect shampoo combo for those looking to keep their hair smelling fresh but the scent is not particularly overpowering or noticeable from afar.  These healthy oils repair the damage done by intense coloring treatments or other chemical processes and protect it moving forward.

    This Shampoo and Conditioner does not contain silicone, paraben, sulfate, or gluten making it safe for sensitive skin as well. It is recommended by a master colorist.

    2. BIOLAGE Color Last Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

    UV Protectant Formula

    With this nourishing, low pH shampoo you can hydrate your hair and maintain depth, tone, and shine while preventing color fading for up to 9 weeks!

    The best part about this shampoo is that it’s also good for maintaining a healthy scalp environment ensuring your color-treated hair be as radiant as when you just left the salon after nine long weeks with no need for any additional treatments!

    This shampoo is designed to cleanse and protect your color-treated hair. The formula will not strip away the natural oils that are vital for maintaining healthy, shiny locks.

    This amazing product was created by a group of stylists who know firsthand how damaging it can be to have stripped or dull-looking strands after using harsh detergents every day. They delivered the perfect solution to all your fading problems!

    3. Natural Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

    With The Power of Argan Oil

    Looking for a shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling soft, moisturized, and shiny?

    This Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner set is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain healthy locks. It is sulfate-free so it won’t dry out your hair or scalp. The shampoo also has added vitamins to help nourish the follicles of your hair and the conditioner will hydrate your locks.

    It’s made with 100% natural organic oil from Morocco. Morrocan Argan Oil can revitalize skin, increasing elasticity in color-treated hair, restoring shine to dull lifeless hair. This powerful antioxidant UV Protection and FREE-Radical Neutralizer has been noted for its ability to promote the growth of healthy more full locks.

    This is the best shampoo and conditioner to use if you are looking to make your color-treated hair shiny and vibrant.

    4. Thermafuse Volume Shampoo

    No Sulfates 

    Fine hair can be painful to maintain, it’s hard to get volume, and it often looks limp and lifeless. Thermafuse Volume Shampoo is the perfect solution for fine hair! It will give your locks much-needed volume to accomplish any look or style you want.

    The protein-rich formula gives your hair thickness without weighing it down, so you’ll have fuller-looking locks in no time at all. Plus, every wash adds density to the shaft of your hair that makes thin strands appear fuller and fuller over time!

    Its sulfate-free lightweight formula will give you volume and maintain it throughout the day. The natural and vegan ingredients promote shine and smoothness to your locks while repairing any damage done by other shampoos.

    It also has a cool clean fragrance that smells like sea air with hints of juicy pineapple nectar, jasmine petals blooming, sweet carnations, sun-warmed driftwood, and balsamic notes. It is our favorite product scent-wise from the list.

    5. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo

    Recommended by Professional Colorist

    The Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo offers excellent protection and value for money.

    This daily color shampoo helps protect against sun damage and hair color fading, so you can keep the vibrant look of your favorite shade for longer. The gentle formula is safe for all hair types, even those that are chemically treated or damaged by heat styling tools.

    Plus, it is scented with sunflower oil meaning it has a light fresh scent to make every day feel like a spa day!

    6. Maple Holistics Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner Set

    Vegan Formula

    This is the perfect shampoo and conditioner for dry and damaged color-treated hair.

    This sulfate-free color shampoo and conditioner set is made with natural ingredients that will help you get the healthy, shiny locks you’ve always wanted. From scalp to tip, it is designed to restore your hair to its original state.

    It doesn’t stop there! It also has a tea tree oil scalp moisturizing formula that helps you wash away flakes from your hair for a healthy, itch-free scalp. The conditioner has the best conditioning agents in it.

    The shampoo and conditioner are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free as they don’t test on animals! The all-natural ingredients create real results we know you will love because you and your hair deserve the very best.

    7. Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense Color Care Shampoo

     Keeps Hair Vibrant and Healthy

    Pantene Expert Pro-V Intense Color Care Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for color-treated hair. It’s made with highly concentrated formulas to keep your hair vibrant and healthy and we know you will just love this shampoo.

    The ultra-moisturizing lather wraps each strand in care, keeping your color looking fresh and bright. This best shine-enhancing shampoo gently but deeply cleanses your hair enhancing its natural sheen and brilliance.

    Keep up with the latest trends in fashion without sacrificing quality or beauty by using this shampoo! Your strands will be healthier than ever before and it will leave your friends completely envious of your beautiful new look.

    8. Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo

     Best at Conditioning Hair

    Pureology Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo deeply hydrates normal or thick, dry hair without weighing it down. It’s perfect for color-treated hair because it doesn’t strip your color or leave your scalp feeling dry.

    You’ll have soft, shiny, healthy-looking strands in no time with this sulfate-free color shampoo! Your scalp will be happy too because it won’t feel stripped of its natural oils and nutrients. The best part about it is that it leaves no residue on your hands so there’s no extra work needed when washing up!

    It contains a thirst-quenching formula that provides moisture, touchable softness, and extraordinary color protection for dry hair. It’s the perfect shampoo to use when you want to give your locks some extra love.

    9. LATINOIL Chia Repair Shampoo

     With Rice Protein

    This sulfate-free shampoo, color-safe shampoo revitalizes hair that has been chemically straightened and damaged by excessive ironing. It’s also perfect for all hair types!

    It is made with the finest ingredients to provide you with the best experience possible. It uses chia seeds which are rich in Omega 3s, protein, and antioxidants to repair your hair from within.

    It will help restore your natural shine while maintaining your existing hair color or adding new life to dull and lifeless hair. We guarantee you’ll be left feeling refreshed and ready for anything!


    10. L'Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo

    With Antioxidants

    Color-treated hair is more delicate and needs to be treated with extra care. It can be hard to find a shampoo that both cleanses your hair and protects it from fading color, especially if you have a busy schedule and can’t invest much time into research and hair care routines. L’Oreal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo provides exactly what you need without any fuss or bothers and all for a very affordable price.

    The formula includes UV filters and antioxidants so that our hair stays healthy while the color stays vibrant for up to 60 days after just 4 washes per week! And that’s not even the best part! This product doesn’t leave behind any residue making blow-drying easier too!

    It is perfect for brunette hair and recommended by hairstylists who invest their faith in this well-tested and trusted brand.

    How to Choose the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Colored Treated Hair

    Coloring your hair gives you the power to express your individuality, and choose to look however you want whenever you want. It can help you achieve the perfect look for your style and be noticed in any crowd at any event. However, maintain that perfect shade can be arduous.

    Let’s look at four simple ways to choose hair products to help you get the most out of every round of dyeing your hair to make the most of your time and money. 

    Use Color Preserving Shampoos

    Color preserving shampoo is the first thing to look for as color-changing products can fade quickly. Your hair can look dramatically different within a week and in some circumstances, this is not something you want people to judge your hair’s appearance and healthiness by.

    Use Shampoos That Will Make the Color More Visible

    Products that smell good and prevent color-treated hair from falling out might be able to highlight your hair. While you sleep, your hair is working hard to restore its original color, you need to find products with chemicals that prevent the original hair color from returning. Check the product label to see if it contains ingredients that can make your hair color more visible.

    You will need to visit the salon less often if your artificial color is more visible. It is very expensive to go to the salon to have your hair done and this can save you loads of money in the long run. 

    Natural Ingredients

    Artificial ingredients do not inherently improve the quality of your color shade. In fact, according to scientists, they can cause a negative reaction in your body.

    Natural ingredient shampoos will make your hair healthier, smoother, and stronger. This can help to prevent future hair loss. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, and shea butter are often the best options to enhance the vibrance and longevity of your color.

    Use Shampoos with Oils

    Oils are a great way to protect your hair from the elements and can protect your color-treated hair from many outside threats including weather, insects, dirt, soapy water, bad soap, sweat, and any other external dangers which are all present with your typical day. 


    While it is amazing that you can express your weird, wacky, and individual personality through your color-treated hair, fading of color can often leave you disappointed and low on money. Enjoy the most out of your choice to stand out by ensuring you use a fantastic shampoo to go with a fantastic hairdo!

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