Top 10 Best Soaps for Tattoos: Reviews & Step-by-Step Guide

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Your body is your temple and a tattoo is an artistic work of art. You should be very careful with your ink, especially if it is brand new. It is still a fresh ink and is susceptible to infection. If you don’t take proper care of it, it can become an open wound. There are many things you can do to take care of your tattoo. But the most important thing while taking care of your tattoos is to use the best soap for tattoos.

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Soap for Tattoos

    Take a look at our recommendations below before you decide to buy soap for your tattoos.

    1. Provon Medicated Lotion Soap

    Our Pick

    This soap is intended for cleaning body piercings and to clean your tattoos. The main ingredient in this soap is chloroxylenol which is a disinfectant. It is concentrated and thick. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could cause a tingling sensation if it is used on an open wound.

    Because of its consistency, it is important to dilute the soap before applying it to the skin. This will speed up the healing process and minimize itching if used correctly.

    2. H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

    With Benefits Of Aloe Vera

    This antibacterial foam soap will accelerate the healing process of your new tattoos. It is painless and will not cause any discomfort. It reduces redness, inflammation, and other side effects associated with new tattoos. This soap is completely free from alcohol and fragrances.

    Aloe vera and other minerals are the main ingredients of this soap’s effectiveness. They do more than just disinfect the tattoo. They moisturize the skin and prevent any visible damage to the ink.

    3. Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Soap

    Hypoallergenic Formula

    If you’re looking for antibacterial soap that is safe for tattoos, this is one of the best choices. This soap has a hypoallergenic formulation, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions, even for those with sensitive skin.

    You can trust its effectiveness because it has been tested by dermatologists. Glycerin is used to attract moisture to the skin and act as a disinfectant.

    4. Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos and Piercings

    Formulated With PCMX-L For Deep Cleansing

    This product is equipped with a broad-spectrum, germicidal formulation. It can deep clean the skin while it heals from new tattoos.

    It uses PCMX-L which is a special cleansing agent that penetrates deep into the skin to prevent infection and bacterial growth. It can remove damaged skin cells as well as impurities which could cause severe skin damage. It exposes the healthy skin layer. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients that could cause dryness.

    5. Cosco Tincture Tattoo Green Soap

    With Pure Vegetable Oils

    This soap is a popular choice for tattoo artists. This soap can be used for more than just post-tattoo cleansing. It can also be used to prepare the skin for inking and clean tattoo equipment.

    This soap contains lavender, pure vegetable oils, glycerin, and other ingredients. This soap is also eco-friendly and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

    6. Dove Beauty Bar

    For Sensitive Skin

    We all know that having sensitive skin is no fun.

    Your skin can become itchy, dry, and irritated when you use ordinary bar soap. That’s because your sensitive skin needs gentle cleansers and moisturizers to stay healthy.

    Dove Beauty Bar with ¼ moisturizing cream gently cleanses for softer, smoother feeling skin than ordinary bar soap while helping maintain your natural moisture barrier and hydration.

    The Dove Beauty Bar is made for sensitive skin and gently cleanses away dirt and oil without drying out your skin like ordinary bar soap. Plus it’s hypoallergenic so it won’t cause any allergic reactions on your face or body! You’ll love how it makes you feel fresh after every use. It is also really beneficial for tattoos.

    7. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Liquid Soap

    Vegan Product

    The mild and woody scent is the trademark of this medicinal soap. Pure tea tree oil is what makes it possible to produce positive tattoo effects.

    It is all-natural and vegan. It also comes in a recycled package, making it eco-friendly.

    It will help prevent tattoo infection due to its antibacterial properties. It is important to test for allergic reactions before using products with tea tree oil.

    8. Neutrogena Transparent Soap Bar

    Made With Organic Ingredients

    This product is made by a well-respected brand known for its skincare products so you can rest assured that it will be a highly-rated choice. It is made from organic ingredients and has no fragrance, making it ideal for caring for tattoos.

    This antibacterial soap is safe even for people with sensitive skin. It is also designed not to clog pores. The soap does not contain any harsh chemicals that could cause tattoos to fade or discolor.

    9. Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial Soap

    Reduces Blemishes

    This soap is specifically formulated for skin with blemishes. This is a good option for after-tattoo care, given that it is antibacterial and contains gentle ingredients. It does not dry out the skin. It can also remove impurities from the skin that could lead to acne and blemishes.

    10. Vanicream Free and Clear Liquid Cleanser

    Recommended By Dermatologists

    This soap is a good choice if your tattoo needs to heal quickly and be free of infection. It’s safe for all skin types. Dermatologists recommend it. It is made with gentle ingredients and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals.

    It is soap-free as well as oil-free. It does not contain formaldehyde or lanolin or artificial fragrances. This soap will not cause any burning sensation even if it is used on a new tattoo.

    Importance of Cleaning your Tattoo

    We all are excited about our new tattoo after we leave the tattoo shop. This is the time when it is important to be responsible for our tattoo and skin.

    Your tattoo artist will often give you specific instructions about what to do and not to do. You will be given instructions on how to clean it with the right soap.

    Your new ink will be wrapped before you leave the tattoo shop. This protects your skin from bacteria and other harmful substances. After the wrap has been removed, the skin needs to be protected from external elements. This is why it is important to practice proper aftercare.

    To speed up healing, it is important to clean the tattoo. It may take several weeks for the tattoo to fully heal depending on its size. It is important to clean the skin with an antibacterial soap during the healing process.

    You run the risk of getting scabbing if you don’t properly clean your new tattoo. This will be very noticeable. Scabs are normal, but if it isn’t cleaned properly it can become excessive.

    Cleaning a New Tattoo Step-by-Step Guide

    Many people find cleaning tattoos difficult without the assistance of a professional. Some people are afraid to touch tattoos, fearing that they will become infected. If you know how to clean it, you don’t have to worry.

    Step 1: Start by washing your hands.

    This is an important step. Hands can carry bacteria which could lead to an infection. Use the antibacterial soap recommended for your skin, which includes the ones we have discussed in this article.

    Step 2: Wet the specific part of the skin where the tattoo is.

    Always use lukewarm water. Hot water can cause pores to open and may also cause pain. Don’t put the tattoo under running water. Instead, pour water slowly onto the tattoo.

    Step 3: Rub the water in a circular motion and add your choice of soap.

    Some soaps are concentrated so you will need to dilute them first. To scrub the tattoo, do not use soapy water on a wet towel or washcloth. To avoid damaging the tattoo, you should not use excessive pressure when applying soap to the skin.

    Step 4: Rinse your tattoo and allow it to dry.

    You should ensure that no soap traces are left on the surface. It’s normal for the ink to be washed off a bit. Use a gentle towel to pat dry the tattoo. Do not press too hard and don’t rub.

    Is Antibacterial Soap Good for Tattoos?

    Antibacterial soaps will speed up tattoo healing and protect against external elements. You should avoid soaps that contain harsh ingredients, as they can cause irritation.

    How to Choose the Best Tattoo Soap

    There are many options available to you, from which to choose the best soap. In order to make the right choice, all you need to do is consider this article. Here are some of the factors that can help you select a tattoo soap:

    Soap Performance and Quality

    You will want something that looks nice but does not break easily when you use it in water or get it wet. The best soaps can hold ink very well, and they should be convenient to use. The soaps must also have a high-quality ingredient list that makes them safe for tattooing purposes.

    Brand Recognition

    Many reputable brands are available for purchase online or in local shops. This means there will be some research involved before you settle on one particular brand. There is no reason you should ignore the popularity of certain brands, as this is a good indicator of quality.

    The Price

    Most people only look at the price tag when they first buy something. They think if the item costs less than others, it must not be all that great.

    You typically get what you pay for most of the time, but this is not always the case with some special items. For example, tattoo soap may costs more because these are made from a different formula that includes essential oils and organic ingredients.

    No matter how much you spend, it is important to make sure your tattoo soap does not contain harsh chemicals or additives that could cause skin damage or infections.


    It is important to know what ingredients go into tattoo soaps before you plan on using one on yourself. You want items with essential oils and natural extracts instead of additives such as chemicals and preservatives.

    Look at the label carefully to see what ingredients are included. Natural and organic ingredients are best. The soap may cause irritation if it contains harsh chemicals. This is especially true if the skin is sensitive. The tattoo soap must not contain alcohol as it can cause the skin to become dry and be too harsh on tattoos.

    Soap Scent

    This should be a major consideration, as you want something that smells good.

    It is a personal preference. However, most people would prefer a tattoo soap without fragrance. The use of fragrances in soaps can cause irritation to the skin, particularly if they contain chemical ingredients. The best soaps for tattoos have a fragrance that is organic.

    Allergic reaction prevention

    In order to keep yourself safe from allergic reactions, you may need to look at all of your options carefully. It is usually best to take advantage of tattoo soaps with hypoallergenic ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. Just remember not to use these products if you have a nut allergy since they often contain nuts.

    Skin sensitivity

    Those with sensitive skin will want to consider items that do not include perfumes or additives that could cause skin damage. The best soaps are made using only natural and essential oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. If the tattoo soap contains these things, it can be used safely.

    The Lather

    You may notice some better soaps produce more lather than others when you mix them in water or apply them to your skin. Natural essential oils are very good at producing a nice lather, and there will also be some soaps that do not produce much of a lather but work well for sensitive skin.

    Shape or design

    Not everyone will pay attention to the shape of their soap, but it is something you should consider. If you buy bar soap, then you will notice it is much easier to slip out of your hands and have less lubrication than other options like liquid soaps or gel soaps.

    Type of skin

    The soap you choose to use will depend on whether you have dry, normal, or sensitive skin. So, for example, a soap that is designed for dry skin will help prevent dryness. The soap suitable for sensitive skin should be able to prevent irritation and allergies.

    Antibacterial Soaps for Tattoos

    Antibacterial ingredients are another important aspect of tattoo soap. This will prevent infection from foreign elements. The ingredients that are included in the soap will depend on what you want. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to stay away from herbs and essential oils. Most doctors advise using antibacterial soaps immediately after getting a new tattoo.

    Effectiveness of Cleansing

    The tattoo soap that you choose should be effective at cleaning off the crusty debris around the area where your tattoo is located or anywhere else on your body. You will want a deep cleansing because as the wound heals, it can attract dirt and may cause bacteria to spread more easily which could cause infection. Infection control becomes vital during this period of time when there’s open flesh that may become infected more easily than usual.

    Water and Lubrication

    The soap that you choose should also be able to moisturize the skin while cleaning. As your body heals, it will often start getting drier. The best way to avoid this is by using a tattoo soap with natural moisturizing ingredients like shea butter or olive oil.


    Use the right soap to keep your tattoo looking the best. It is essential to use antibacterial soap, especially if you just inked your tattoo. This will speed up the healing process and prevent you from getting infected.


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