Top 10 Best Tattoo Chairs: Reviews & Guide

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Are you looking for an easy way to make tattooing easier? You need the best tattoo artist chair.

A good chair can make all the difference. The client will feel more at ease while inking. Artists can focus better.

Don’t be confused if you don’t know where to find the best chair for tattoo artists. We can help you make the right choice!

These are our Top 3 picks –

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Tattoo Chair

    Are you having trouble deciding what product to buy? These are the top products you should consider, along with the unique features that make them stand out.

    #1. InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Chair

    This product is a popular choice for the best tattoo chair. It has many innovative features.

    Its patented design is why it is loved by many. It was created to simplify the lives of tattoo artists and clients.

    You can also adjust the individual swing-out leg rests. This is especially useful if you’re tattooing the legs of your client.

    This chair is also notable for its Cobra-style backrest. It allows you to stand straighter and has a place to lean on, unlike traditional stools.

    This comfortable tattoo chair is also functional and can be used for back tattoos. The backrest can be removed.

    It has a hydraulic base. It is easy to adjust the chair’s height and rotate the chair 360°.

    The base of the item is made from welded steel. This material is known for its durability and stability.

    You can also purchase optional accessories separately. You can add an optional footrest or armrest to your chair. This is one of the best tattoo artist chairs available in the market.

    #2. Best Choice Products Tattoo Chair

    This product is not intended for tattooing, as are many of the other products in this buying guide. It can be used to do massages or haircuts thanks to its versatility.

    The three-section design of the main chair allows for many adjustments. This ensures the best comfort for its users.

    A removable head cushion is available as well as an armrest. The base is non-slip, making it more stable.

    Smooth-rolling wheels make it easy to move the stool around without having to stand up. The stool also has an adjustable height.

    This tattoo artist chair is cushioned with plush cushions to make them even more comfortable. It is finished with faux leather at the top.

    The steel frame that supports the chairs is welded. These chairs are ideal if you want to ensure durability.

    #3. Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Tattoo Chair

    This massage chair is practical and can also be used as a tattoo chair.

    This portable chair is ideal if you need a chair that can be taken with you to other locations. The chair folds flat and comes equipped with a storage bag.

    It is lightweight at only 20 pounds making it easy to transport. The maximum weight of the chair is 350 pounds.

    You can adjust the position of the chair to make it more comfortable for your client.

    An adjustable armrest is available, which can be useful when tattooing for a long time. You can also adjust the head support.

    The chair’s cover is made of polyurethane leather. It is water and oil-resistant. This material is known for its durability and easy cleaning.

    The chair’s base is made from powder-coated aluminum. It is lightweight and durable.

    #4. LCL Beauty Complete Tattoo Package

    Although the price is high, it should not discourage anyone. It is costly because it comes in a complete set. Therefore, it is well worth every penny.

    A 4-inch cushion is included with the tattoo chair, which ensures comfort for the user. The adjustable headrest can be extended up to 6 inches for clients who are taller.

    You can also add removable accessories to make the bed more versatile. You can convert it into a compact massage chair by removing the headrest and armrests.

    It comes with a tattoo chair and an accessory tray.

    You can easily move the stool around 360 degrees thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels. The stool also features a 3-inch thick cushion. It also has an air-lift mechanism that allows it to be adjusted from 17.5 to 23 inches in height.

    The tray’s accessory tray also features a 25-gauge stainless steel post. It is also caster-friendly and large enough to store your accessories.

    #5. Dir Electrical Adjustable Tattoo Chair

    Tattoo artists have to spend a lot of time hunched over their clients.

    This can cause back pain and even lead to long-term health problems like slipped discs and arthritis.

    This is why you need the Dir Electrical Adjustable Tattoo Chair.

    This chair features a multi-function headrest that allows you to raise or lower the chair’s head for more comfortable positioning while tattooing them.

    The headrest also has a built-in removable breathing hole and the third function of the headrest is flat-surfaced.

    The height adjustment makes it easy for you to keep yourself positioned properly during the tattoo process, ensuring both comfort and safety for both yourself and your client.

    It is made with a superior quality steel frame that can handle weights up to 400 lbs. You get two hand remotes and a foot remote.

    #6. InkBed Electric Black Tattoo Chair

    This model is the same manufacturer that we have on our list. This model is however electric. It is also more expensive than other models.

    The independent controller is one of the best features of this product. The independent controller gives the user complete control over all functions of the chair.

    You don’t need to adjust the chair manually. You can adjust the position of your chair to suit your preferences by using the controller.

    Its whisper-quiet movement is also a great feature. You can barely hear the noise when the parts are moving.

    The chair has high-density cushioning to make it more comfortable. The 4-inch foam ensures that the inked person is comfortable.

    You can also remove the pillows and armrests. A headrest that can be extended is also available, which is great for tall people.

    The manufacturer offers a standard 1-year warranty on this chair.

    #7. STRONGLITE Portable Tattoo Chair

    Tattoo artists are always looking for the best tattoo chair to make their clients feel comfortable.

    There are a lot of cheap knock-off tattoo chairs out there that don’t have the right features for a quality experience.

    STRONGLITE is one of the most adjustable, portable, and comfortable tattoo chairs on the market today.

    STRONGLITE has been designed by an experienced artist and it has been in business since 1986! 

    They’ve incorporated all of the industry knowledge into this product so that you can provide your client with a great experience every time they sit in your chair.

    It is made with a strong T6 aluminum alloy that can handle 600lbs weight. Its base is constructed to ensure that it is stable and long-lasting. 

    You can adjust seats from 4′ 6″ to 6′ 6″

    It Includes – attached wheels, a valuables pouch, and rugged ballistic nylon carry case with a heavy-duty zipper.

    This chair weighs 24lbs.

    It folds up well, which we also love. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a list of portable tattoo chairs.

    Every purchase comes with a bag as a bonus. It is easy to store the chair and take it along with you to work.

    The STRONGLITE Chair will help you build trust and loyalty from your customers because they’ll know they’re getting top-notch service when using it!

    #8. Nova Microdermabrasion Lightweight Tattoo Chair

    The original purpose of this versatile chair was to be used for massage. This versatile chair can also be used as a tattoo chair.

    This is an excellent option for tattoo artists who travel. This chair is great if you frequently travel to your clients. It folds up easily. This compact chair comes with a carry bag.

    It also features multi-layer cushioning, as with most products on this list. It is easy to see why it will make you feel comfortable, thanks to the thick padding.

    The chair’s frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and lasts for many years. The chair is lightweight despite its durability.

    #9. Coofel Tattoo Chair with Stool

    Tattooing is popular art, but it can be hard to find professional tattoo artists.

    Tattoos are an expression of your individuality and personality.

    It’s important that you find the right artist for you to ensure that your tattoo embodies everything about who you are!

    Coofel’s Tattoo Chair makes it easy for anyone to get a great tattoo by making everything more comfortable for both the artist and their client.

    The adjustable chair reclines into any position between upright sitting and laying flat so artists can work in any way they prefer, while still keeping their clients as comfortable as possible during the process.

    This chair also has extra thick padding on all surfaces, including the armrests, seat cushion, backrest support pillows, and head pillow so your clients will feel like they’re being pampered at a spa rather than getting ink done at your tattoo studio! 

    It even comes with its own stool so that the client can use it to sit comfortably. 

    Max weight capacity for the chair is 500lbs, and stool supports 250lbs. It is made with easy-to-clean soft leather that gives ultimate comfort to the client.

    #10. BarberPub Adjustable Multi-Purpose Tattoo Chair

    This chair is multifunctional, as are most of our top picks for best tattoo chairs. This chair can be used for tattooing, massage, and facials.

    It has three main sections that can be folded. Depending on your preference, you can either fold or unfold the three main sections. The chair is also space-efficient.

    High-density padding is also included with the chair. There is no doubt the comfort it provides with its thick cushioning. The chair also has an armrest, a backrest, and a headrest.

    It also comes with a manufacturer’s 90-day warranty.

    This completes our list of best tattoo artist chairs, now let’s see important factors you should consider before buying a tattoo chair.

    How to Choose the Best Tattoo Chair for a Tattoo Shop

    There are many options when it comes to choosing the right chair for your tattoo shop. 

    But this shouldn’t be a reason to rush. We have to take some time to consider different aspects that are crucial for the final decision.

    Here are some key points to keep in mind, when making a decision before buying tattoo artist chairs.


    Consider the chair’s durability, from the cushioning to its base. You can see the materials used to judge its overall quality.

    It is crucial to make sure that the chair will last for many years without any issues. The materials used must be durable and reliable.


    The design of this chair is also important. The best tattoo chairs should fit the style and theme of your studio.

    There are many designs out there; just make sure that you choose a stylish one!


    The tattoo chair should be adjustable in order to fit the artists or clients comfortably. 

    Make sure it has all the necessary adjustments so that it’s comfortable for everyone. Some users may need more adjustments than others, such as height or seat orientation. 

    Also, select a chair with an adjustable headrest because they prevent unwanted neck pain after several hours in a sitting position.

    A tattoo chair with adjustable height, armrest, and footrests is a good option. It should be adaptable to individual needs.

    Not all artists and clients have the same height, so the chair’s adjustment features should be comfortable for everyone.

    Quality of Work:

    Tattoo artists want a chair they can rely on when it comes to precision and quality of work. 

    So, the tattoo chair should provide a stable and reliable surface with no wobble or shake while at work.


    Some chairs can offer an easy transport option, which makes them suitable for mobile artists who like to travel across different places for their appointments. 

    This is one of the reasons why some models use wheels as optional pieces in some designs rather than permanently attached parts in others.

    Comfort for Tattoo Artists as well as for clients:

    A comfortable chair is a top priority for tattoo artists. The best models come with cushions that are soft and offer proper back support.

    It is also important to consider the padding as it will provide additional comfort while working in a sitting position for long hours at a time. 

    Artists usually need special tattoos chairs that allow them to place their tools within reach in order to work quickly and effectively; this means that these seats must be properly equipped with storage space, such as pockets or drawers, where they can safely store their supplies.

    It doesn’t matter if the chair is intended for an artist or client; it should be as comfortable and supportive as possible. 

    The chair should be comfortable and large enough to fit the user. It is also a good idea to include a reclining function.


    Stability is important for tattooing. A well-balanced chair is essential.

    The best models have a wide base, which is essential for stability and allows the artists to be more comfortable in their seats.


    Another crucial aspect that needs to be evaluated carefully before making a decision is price.

    Choose a tattoo chair according to your budget; however, do not compromise quality for affordability as it will affect the way you work in the long term.


    Reviews are very important when it comes to the selection of the best tattoo chair for your studio.

    Take some time to read different reviews about various models out there and then compare them with each other.


    Cleaning is vital as well because these chairs are used on a regular basis, so they probably need more frequent cleaning sessions than most furniture in your house or office. 

    There are many affordable cleaning supplies out there, so keep them handy in order to maintain the overall appearance.


    Have questions about tattoo chairs? We’ll answer your questions about tattoo chairs.

    What is the Difference Between Tattoo Chairs vs Tattoo Stools?

    A stool is usually smaller than a chair and does not often include a backrest. The tattoo artist uses the stool for tattoos. 

    The tattoo chair is typically larger. The tattoo chair is usually where the person who is being tattooed lies comfortably.

    What is the Difference Between Tattoo Chairs vs Tattoo Tables?

    There are two main differences between tattoo chairs and tables: their design and how they are used. 

    A chair can be repositioned and can be used as a seat.

    The tattoo bed is where the client can lie flat while they are inked.

    What is a Tattoo Chair Made Of?

    Depending on the manufacturer, tattoo chairs can be made from a variety of materials. 

    The cushion is usually covered in leather. The base is usually made from aluminum or sturdy metal.


    The best tattoo artist chair is essential for tattoo artists!

    Consider the client’s skin as the canvas. The tattoo chair is an easel.

    You can’t go wrong with the products listed above! These chairs will provide the most comfort and make it easier for artists to present their work.

    Do you have any other tattoo chairs you’d like to add? Don’t hesitate to contact us!



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