The Top 10 Best Tattoo Power Supplies: Reviews & Guide 2021

A tattoo artist’s most essential equipment is the best tattoo power supply.

The needle and the machine for tattooing are equally important, but they won’t work without power.

You can have greater precision when working with a reliable power supply. It ensures that your equipment runs at its best by providing the right amount of current.

What is the best tattoo power supply? Which are the best options available? Keep reading if you need any help. Take advantage of the insight we will share.

Our Top Picks for the Best Tattoo Power Supply 

Are you unsure what product to purchase? These are the top products you should consider. We will also examine their most noteworthy features.

#1. Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Power Supply

This product shows that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best tattoo power supply.

It is very affordable and has many amazing features that tattoo artists will love.

This switch is versatile as it can be used to connect your shader and liner. It has a strategically placed switch. Flip it to switch between the shader and liner.

Basic but useful, the indigo LCD screen is It displays accurate voltage so that you can ink more precisely.

It comes with all the accessories that you need to make it a great value. There are already two clip cords on the device and a foot pedal.

The package includes a foot pedal made from stainless steel. It is a more compact design than most of its counterparts.

It should also be mentioned that the unit has a digitally controlled current output. This ensures that the unit delivers reliable performance. The voltage ranges from 1.5 to 18v.

We love the ease of use. It requires very little effort to set the voltage and maintain it.

#2. Dragonhawk LCD Dual Tattoo Machine Gun Power Supply

Two tattoo guns can be connected to one power supply. It cannot power both guns at once. To turn the switch, you must choose which gun to power.

You can use it with either a coil or rotary tattoo machine.

Another impressive feature is the automatic heat regulation. This is a great feature for long tattoo sessions. This prevents overheating.

Do you need quick and accurate power readings This tattoo power supply is sure to please. The convenient display is bright and lasts for many years.

The unit’s back has a voltage conversion switch. Another thing that makes the unit versatile is its voltage conversion switch. You can switch between 120 and 220 volts, depending on what power you need.

It is easy to see the solid construction from first glance. This product is durable and can withstand years of use.

There are however some issues with its size. Its small size is something that some people dislike. It can also reduce the power it gives to a tattoo machine.

#3. TMXX 4th Generation P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply

This product’s design is different from most. It is a tablet that can be used standing up.

This product is already in its fourth iteration. This is due to improvements that were made to address customer complaints in the earlier models.

This, like many of the other recommendations in this guide offers flexibility to its users. This can power up to two tattoo machines.

It also comes with six memory presets. The unit can store up to six configurations.

It has overload protection to ensure that the unit can withstand years of continuous use. It is also made from high-quality materials so that you can feel confident in its durability.

You can also switch between the foot mode. The momentary mode can be used for most tasks. There is also an option to use the maintained mode.

Some people have noted that it might not be easy to set up. It takes patience to make a difference.

#4. One Tattoo World OTW-P008-3R Dual Digital LCD Tattoo Machine Power Supply

This tattoo power supply’s best asset is its durable construction. Its solid body will ensure that it remains functional for many years.

It powers two devices at once, just like other options for best tattoo power supplies. The switch can be flipped to either power the shader or the liner.

The screen is extremely bright. It makes it easy for you to monitor its performance. It is easy to read the readout.

You will also find a handy switch at the back, as you would expect from most of its rivals. It makes it simple to convert between 120 and 220 volts, or vice versa.

The kit includes a flat foot pedal when purchased. It is made from stainless steel which is indicative of its strength.

Several people have complained about the foot-pedal in the reviews. Over time, the contact may become less effective.

#5. One Tattoo World OTW-P034-3 Professional Tattoo Mini Power Supply

It is the same manufacturer that the product above. It is much smaller than the product mentioned above. It is portable, which makes it more attractive.

It is small but powerful despite its size. The voltage input ranges from 90 to 265 Volts. The voltage output, on the other hand is between 3 and 18 volts.

This is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable option for the best tattoo power supply. This product is the most affordable of all the ones in this buying guide.

It may not perform as well as higher-end options. Some people use it as an extra power source, while others prefer to have it as their main power source.

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Although it may seem small, it can be very powerful.

#6. Yuelong Tattoo Power Supply

This product is probably not from a well-known brand. Many people are skeptical about the product’s quality and performance.

Buyers are also hesitant because of the high price of this tattoo power supply.

You won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.

It also comes with a digital microprocessor control. This makes it smart. It is also user-friendly.

Two main modes of operation are available to provide versatility. There are two main modes of operation: a maintained or momentary foot switch mode. To switch between modes, you can use the button toggle.

It also has a non-volatile storage. It will remember the settings you have previously set even if the power is turned off.

The main material used in its construction is a plastic shell. It might be questioned by some people.

It is a top-rated choice for tattoo power supplies and has a digital LCD.

The output voltage ranges from 3 to 18 V according to its technical specifications. The output power ranges from.3 to 45 W.

#7. Biomaser Hurricane HP-2 Dual Intelligent Digital LCD Power Supply Kit

This power supply is fully-featured and includes everything you need to run your tattoo machine.

It’s lightweight and portable. It can be easily carried with you wherever you want to do the tattoo work.

Six settings are available to deliver smart functionality. You can save your favourite configurations. It is as easy as plugging it in and choosing the function you want.

There are large buttons that have up and down arrows. To change the voltage, you can press this button.

It is also very durable. The housing is CNC-anodized aluminum. Silicone grips are used on the surface.

It is also very efficient in heat dissipation. This prevents the temperature from rising. This protects the unit from overheating.

The manufacturer offers a 18-month warranty for your security.

Are you unhappy with your purchase? Within the first 90 days after the purchase, get in touch with the manufacturer. They will issue a full refund.

#8. DGT New Aurora Tattoo Power Supply

This is another reason to consider this the best tattoo power supply for coil and rotary.

The control push knob is included. It makes it simple to turn the unit on and off. You can also easily adjust the voltage.

The biggest difference between this product and the others is the absence of a digital display. The screen cannot be used to monitor the voltage of your power supply.

It also features a CNC-machined, anodized aluminum housing for its main material. If you want durability, this makes it difficult to match.

It will remain in place regardless of where it is placed. The magnet and silicone grips that are built into the unit make this possible.

You can choose between momentary or maintained power for the foot pedals. You don’t need a foot pedal. This is what you will notice when you use a rotary tattoo machine.

#9. Bronc Professional Tattoo Power Supply

This is a great product if you are willing to spend a little more on the best tattoo power supply. It will be well worth the money.

The touchscreen display is what makes this model stand out from the rest.

For easy monitoring, the unit includes a bright blue LCD screen.

You can also integrate it with many memory modes. You can save your preferred lining or shading settings.

You also have the option of either traditional or maintained foot switch modes. No matter what type of work you do, there will be a setting that suits your needs.

It is very portable. This is an excellent investment for tattoo artists who are constantly on the move. It’s lightweight and sleek, so it can be carried anywhere.

According to the technical specifications, the output voltage ranges between 3 and 18 volts.

It has overload protection to regulate the incoming power. It also has overload protection, which makes it durable.

It can be used indoors and outdoors regardless of temperature. The 41-113-degree temperature range is why this is possible.

#10. TEK-POWER HY-1502 DC Power Supply

A small digital display shows numbers in red. This allows you monitor voltage according to the job.

The switch can be used to turn the unit on and off. It also has a red light, which acts as an indicator that it is powered.

This power supply has a fixed output of 2 amps. You can also adjust the voltage between 1.5 and 15 volts. You can adjust the voltage with ease using the dial knob.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for your security. The standard warranty is one year.

Types of Tattoo Power Supply

Let’s take a look at two types of tattoo power supplies before we get to the recommendations.

  • Digital Tattoo Power SupplyThis is the modern alternative. This comes with a digital display. Although it is easy to use, it can be costly for many people.
  • Analog Tattoo Power SupplyThis is the best option if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative.

You can choose a product by its voltage.

  • Regulated Tattoo Power Supply; It is costly, but it has a high level of reliability. Even if the machine is not running, it provides constant voltage.
  • Unregulated Tattoo Power Supply: This option is the cheapest. It is not reliable, and most pros don’t like it.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Power Supply

Are you looking for a tattoo power supply? Below are some factors that will help you narrow down your options:


Most products have between 3 and 15 volts. It should be matched with the power requirements for the tattoo machine you use. The unit will deliver more power if the voltage is higher.


This is the maximum number of machines you can connect to the power supply. You can fit more than one machine on some models. To switch between machines, you just need to flip a switch.


Do you use a rotary or coil tattoo machine? It is important to ensure that the machine you purchase has the right compatibility with your tattoo power supply.


The digital display is available on advanced models. This makes it easy to monitor the power output.


Tattooing’s power requirements can change at any time. The pressure on the skin will determine the power requirements. Look for a machine that is able to compensate for fluctuations.


Powerful can be small. This is dependent on the technical specifications of the power supply. To find the perfect size, consider the space available at the tattoo shop.


Have questions about tattoo power supplies Before we close this buying guide, we’ll answer some questions.

What is a Tattoo Power Supply?

This small box supplies the power required by the tattoo machine. Two outlets are standard on most models. One connects to the machine, the other to the foot pedal.

What Should the Tattoo Power Supply be Set at?

It will depend on what machine you use and how you work. The voltage ranges from 7.5 to 8.5. For shading, the voltage can range from 8 to 10 volts.

How Do You Use a Tattoo Power Supply?

The power supply can be plugged into the foot pedal or the machine. The unit should be turned on. After the unit is turned on, adjust the voltage settings according to your needs.


It can be overwhelming to choose the right tattoo power supply. This is something you shouldn’t do in haste.

Consider a range of factors, from technical specifications to ease-of-use to narrow down your options.

Be aware of your preferences and needs. The budget is another important factor.

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