Top 10 Best Tattoo Workstations: Reviews & Guide

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An efficient and sturdy tattoo workstation can be a huge help to tattoo artists. The best tattoo workstation makes it easy to access all the supplies and is extremely helpful.

A tattoo workstation should have a large, non-porous, and clean surface. Your workstation must be easy to disinfect. Vinyl, glass, metal, and plastic are all good options for a tattoo workstations.

These are our top 3 picks –

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    List of 10 Best Tattoo Workstations

    #1. SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 Piece Comet Craft Table

    The SD studio design center has a 3-piece workstation that allows for easy access to all your tattoo tools. You can store and organize your tattoo supplies easily and comfortably.

    The table can be adjusted up to 40 degrees.This tilting tip is large at 36 inches wide. It is more spacious than similar tops for tattoo workstations.

    You will find a 24-inch pencil-ledge on the workstation that can slide up and lock into place when needed. The pencil-ledge can be placed to prevent markers or pencils from falling off.

    The side table is included with the workstation to keep your supplies close at hand. The top can be tilted for tattoo drawing.

    Three fabric drawers offer ample space measuring 12.75″ x 12.75″, which makes it easy to organize craft supplies.

    The workstation stool is durable, powder-coated metal frame will last for many years. The stool’s height is 20.5 inches. It is extremely comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. You can store larger crafting supplies on the additional shelf below.

    The workstation comes in five colors to appeal to young artists. You will receive a stool, a drawing table, and storage space.

    #2. Saloniture Premium Locking Rolling Trolley

    The Saloniture locking rolling trolley is the ideal solution for tattoo shops looking for storage options for equipment, tools, and other supplies.

    The spacious trolley has four drawers that slide out. Each drawer is 12-3/4 inches deep, 2-3/4 inches high, and 9-3/4 inches wide. This provides ample storage space.

    Integrated stops also prevent drawers from accidentally sliding out during the trolley movement. Each drawer can be easily removed and transferred to one of the six tracks on the trolley. You can also customize the storage layout of your trolley.

    Side pockets are available for extra storage. The side pockets have three metal inserts, each measuring four inches in depth. One side pocket also has a slot to hold foil rolls. This pocket measures 12-1/4 inches in length and has a serrated edge that allows for easy foil tearing.

    Saloniture’s premium locking rolling trolley comes with chrome-plated metal-wire holders underneath the side pockets. These holders are ideal for bottles and tall accessories storage. Four smooth-rolling, swivel wheels allow for enough mobility in your workspace.

    To prevent spillage, the top surface of the trolley is recessed.

    You can extend your work surface by using two grooves that can hold or receive the drawers.

    #3. Yaheetech Beauty Rolling Trolley Cart

    Do you want the best tattoo station?

    The Yaheetech beauty cart is one of the best choices. You can order it online. It is a sturdy, durable and reliable tattoo station. This equipment’s tray is made of premium quality aluminum and iron. This tattoo station’s sturdy structure with high-quality material provides long-lasting service.

    It is a mobile trolley tray that can be moved around to suit the needs of tattoo studios. The pedestal has a tension knob that allows you to adjust its height as per your preference. This trolley tray from Yaheetech can be adjusted in height from 27.2″ to 43.3″.

    This tattoo workstation/movable tray has a smooth-rolling design, making it easy to move around. This tray on wheels is much easier to move than other forms due to its large base plate. The rotating caster rotates 360 degrees, making this tattoo equipment more versatile.

    It is both easy to clean and store. Two attached holders allow you to place the colors and machines needed for creating beautiful tattoos. All of the items, from the tray to the holders and stand, are made from high-quality material.

    #4. K-Salon Premium Aluminum Tattoo Rolling Tray Station

    The k-salon tray is one of our favorite tattoo workstations. The size of the tattoo workstation is important. This k-salon countertop can easily hold all your essential items. The salon tray is moderately large and can be used to organize ink bottles as well as other items for tattooing.

    This tattoo equipment is heat resistant, so you can use hot appliances without worrying. The tray’s base has tension knobs that allow you to adjust its height. You can use the sturdy, welded steel tray in any way you like.

    It also comes with a removable holder for your tattoo machine. The silver tray can be easily removed, which makes it easy to clean. The tray rolls smoothly on the floor thanks to the high-quality wheels. It is easy to assemble as well.

    This tattoo product is made in the USA. This tattoo product is universally compatible with all types of tattoo shops, clinics, and beauty salons. This is am ideal tattoo station.

    #5. Topeakmart Professional Aluminum Rolling Salon Tray

    This 5-star wheelbase rolling salon tray can be adjusted in height and is very easy to move around. It is made of premium aluminum, which is durable and long-lasting.

    This rolling tray is ideal for commercial use due to its versatile design. This workstation is 43.3 inches high. The tension knob can be used to adjust the height. The thick base is another great feature of this workstation.

    The top tray is made of durable material and has a very large surface. It can be used to organize inks and needles as well as drafts and other tools. This tray can be easily removed, making it easy to clean and reuse.

    There are also two holders that can be used to store ink bottles or other tools. This tattoo station is durable and made of high-quality materials. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of the company.

    This workstation is made from high-quality iron and aluminum and can be used conveniently in tattoo studios.

    #6. Framar Premium Salon Folding Trolley

    Do you want a foldable workstation for tattoos?

    Farmar folding tray might be the right choice for you. This tray is ideal for use in a tattoo salon or studio as a tattoo workstation. This 35-inch tall folding tray makes it easy to reach your tools and make tattoos on customers’ bodies.

    This tray has integrated locking fixtures that make it easy for you to store it in the corner. It is also very durable due to its entire structure. This tray has a large, broad top that allows you to place inks and colors for tattoo creation.

    A tattoo tray and room must be sterilized. Therefore, it is important to choose a tray that is easy to clean. This tray not only makes tattooing easier but also provides a clean surface. It is affordable and can be ordered online.

    This tattoo station is lightweight so you can move it easily from one place to another and can position it wherever you like. This multi-functional tray can be used effectively by tattoo artists in their tattoo studios.

    #7. Salon Senor Premium Aluminum Instrument Salon Tray

    The best tattoo stations are made of high-quality aluminum material. It’s lightweight and easy to transport around the tattoo salon. Aluminum alloy is stronger than other materials and can withstand a lot of abuse.

    This high-quality workstation is made with Aluminum alloy and will last for many years. It makes it easy to create tattoos.

    This cart also comes with a knob that allows you to adjust the height of the cart according to your needs. It is very easy to use and doesn’t require too much force. The height can be adjusted from 30 to 44 inches.

    The tattoo station also includes a small cabinet that can be used to store ink or other tools. The five-star design makes this cart more stable and practical for tattoo artists.

    The wheels, which are made of a specially designed material, are very durable. They are also very flexible, making it easy to roll across the floor.

    #8. TAT TECH Portable Colapsable Workstation

     A good tattoo station should be spacious, clean, and well-designed. The TAT TECH portable tattoo workstation is the right choice for you if you’re looking for these specifications. It has a great design that will make your tattoo designing arrangement neat and easy to access.

    The adjustable height stand can be adjusted with the help of a knob. You can adjust the height to suit your needs for tattoo creation. You can also use the back tray to organize your stuff.

    A container is included to store a power supply for your tattoo machine. This product is of high quality and is made of premium materials such as aluminum and iron. This product is an excellent addition to any tattoo salon.

    It is functional in design and can be used to hold many tattoo supplies. It is the perfect size for tattoo artists due to its compact design. You can also attach an ink pen holder to the case, so it is always handy. You can adjust the height from 24 inches to 42 inches. If you need to transport it, just fold it down.

    #9. Norwood Adjustable-Height Workstation

    This is the ideal tattoo station for those who want more power plugs and slabs. The adjustable height cart is made of high-quality PVC material, which is also easy to clean. It is resistant to stains, scratches, and dents. It can be used at your tattoo shop for organizing tattoo supplies.

    This tattoo station has three adjustable shelves that can be moved around to store and transport all your equipment. It also comes with a 3-outlet power strip and a long cord that you can use to plug into your tattoo machine.

    This cart can be used in your tattoo studio. This workstation is easy to move around on the ground thanks to its sturdy wheels.

    No matter if you have been tattooing for years or are just starting out in the industry, you need the best tattoo station. This one is a strong contender.

    #10. Rockpoint HX NSF Stainless Steel

    This one is another top-rated tattoo workstation you should consider buying for your tattoo salon.

    The steel tabletop is large enough to hold all your tattoo supplies. It is easy to clean with any disinfectant or sanitizer. It is made of high-quality metal and is very easy to clean.

    For a variety of reasons, metal is superior to other materials when it comes to tattoo workstations. Because it is non-absorbent, this cart is extremely easy to clean inks. This table is also resistant to spillage, so the ink won’t seep under the surface. It can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

    This workstation has two sections that can be used to place all the necessary tattooing items. You will also find that the legs can be adjusted, which makes it even more convenient for you as a tattoo artist.

    This cart is simple in design and made of high-quality material. The cart’s round edges protect you from any injury during work.

    How To Use The Best Tattoo Workstation?

    It can be difficult to determine what tools you need at your tattoo station. You will eventually learn what your favorite tools are and what to have at your workstation when you’re tattooing.

    Your main focus at your workstation should be to ensure that your tattoo supplies are clean and well-organized. A messy tattooing area can cause disorganization and contamination to craft supplies. This can lead to waste and unneeded clean-up after each session.

    You should not use your tattooing station for more than one purpose. To avoid cross-contamination, and to keep any bacteria and dirt from the outside world at bay, you should only use it for tattooing.

    Your most frequently used and smallest supplies should be kept at the workstation. Overstuffed supplies can create problems during tattooing sessions. Keep the area clean and sterile by using it only for essential items.

    To avoid getting in contact with the sanitized areas, it is advisable to keep the medical gloves and the waste disposal unit readily accessible. This will prevent contamination in other areas. You should also ensure that you clean all areas around your workstation including tables, chairs, and storage containers. It is advised to regularly clean your unit with medical-grade cleaning products.

    How To Choose The Best Tattoo Workstations?

    When you are looking to purchase a tattoo station, there are many things you need to consider. The following are some of the most important considerations:

    Adjustable Height

    There are adjustable and fixed height options available. You should choose one with adjustable heights. This is because tattooing sessions may require you to adjust the height for convenience.

    You might want to get up and stretch your legs if you’ve been sitting too long. Adjustable height levels allow you to adjust the workstation to your personal comfort level.

    Durable Construction

    A sturdy metal frame is a must for a strong workstation. Because of its strength, steel is the most common metal used for workstations. It can withstand extreme temperatures as well.

    Versatile Design

    There are many different designs available for tattoo workstations. While some look more like a tray with legs, others are more elegant. You don’t have to stick with simple designs. Instead, you should choose a workstation that has more shelves and drawers so you can quickly access all your crafting supplies. You can choose which tattoo station works best for your needs.


    There are many tattoo stations on the market. There are many options available, some with more features than others and some that last long. You should make sure you have the best tattoo station for your tattoo shop. It will highly impact your customers’ satisfaction.

    FAQs – Best Tattoo Workstations

    Which material is best for the tattoo workstation?

    Your tattoo shop will be more successful if the tattoo workstation is simple to clean and convenient to move around.

    Choose a material that is strong and durable. You can purchase PVC, aluminum alloy, and steel tattoo stations for your studio.

    Metal tattoo stations can be more useful than those made of plastic.

    What is the optimal height for the tattoo workstation?

    To be able to pick up any supplies during tattoo creation, you will need a workstation that is tall enough to reach your chest. You should also look for a tattoo station with adjustable height and rolling wheels. Any of the items on this list can be purchased.

    Is a tattoo workstation with removable plates best or not?

    A tattoo station with a removable plate works best because it makes it easy to clean. Hygiene is an important aspect of a tattoo shop. You should always purchase a tattoo workstation that you can easily clean.


    This is the complete list of top-rated tattoo workstations.

    Every tattoo shop must practice hygiene. Therefore, you need to ensure that your workstation is clean. This will help reduce contamination and other health problems. Also, clutter should be removed from the workstation. Keep only the necessary tattoo supplies at your workstation.

    You must ensure the safety of your customers by purchasing the best tattoo station from the list above.



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