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Although sunless tanning products have been available for a long time and are still in use, more people are becoming aware of the benefits of self-tanners as their awareness of the sun’s harmful effects increases.

In the words of SkinCancer.org, “A new study has revealed an alarming increase in melanoma cases among those aged 18-39: in the last 40 years, the incidence of this potentially fatal skin cancer increased by 800 percent in young women, and by 400 percent among young males.” These are some scary statistics. 


Increasing popularities of sunless tanning

A growing number of people are opting for Sunless Tanning. As we are being more cognizant of how risky it is to spend time out and enjoy the sun for long periods at a stretch and more people are trying to shield their skin from harm by becoming more mindful of applying sunscreen and staying clear of tanning beds, which can be more hazardous than spending time in the sunlight.

However, the desire of people to look healthy and looking tan has not diminished over the last several years and has likely increased, leading to the need for safer options.

As a business spray tanning and self-tanning have seen rapid growth in value of hundreds of millions of dollars. Sunless tanning isn’t new The first products were launched during the 60s. What is it that makes Sunless tanning to be so popular suddenly?


Rapid Industrial Growth

The analysis of the industry conducted by Ibis World explains, “The Self-Tanning Product Manufacturing industry has seen explosive expansion since the turn of the millennium. It is expected to continue on this trajectory of growth in the coming years as well. Because the industry’s products improve and become more popular with consumers, thus growing revenues.”

The business of sunless tanning has grown to more than $800 million and the industry has an expected annual growth rate of 15 percent! Due to this increase in demand and attention the sunless tanning business was named one of the “Top Ten fastest-growing industries in America in Time Magazine.

The increase in demand and the competition between retail stores and brands has led to a need for the highest-quality tan available in a bottle, which has led to the development of newer, more efficient tanning products for sunless tanning.


Many Choices

For instance, you will find numerous products in the shops that can accommodate all kinds of requirements. Currently, there’s something for everyone and every skin type. The variety of shades and formulas has decreased the risk of typical mistakes in tanning.

Are you just starting with self-tanning and are scared of making mistakes? The gradual tanners allow for even the latest self-tanning enthusiasts to achieve a little color on their skin without having to worry about appearing too dark or the dreadful orange hue that’s often seen with self-tanners.

Do you want to get a quick tan before going out to a nightclub? Sunless tanning spray and instant bronzers give you a golden glow without having to wait for hours for it to get a good tan.

Are you looking for a deep, dark tan? Spray tans or strong self-tanners can help you. There are a variety of options currently available for glow-seekers. They range from wash-off bronzers, to light tanning products to deep dark bronzes with a range of formulas that can be used for nearly every skin type.


Enhanced Formulas

In the past couple of decades, manufacturers and chemists have made significant advancements with sunless tanning products. While some products can give an unsettling orange hue. However, the majority of popular and premium self-tanners have been capable of producing very convincing tanning results.

We are aware that pH levels, as well as a myriad of other variables, affect the way self-tanning products work, and this has allowed manufacturers to keep developing new and more effective products.


Restrictions on Tanning Beds

Another reason that more people are opting for self-tanners, particularly in the last 15 years is the increased control of the tanning bed business. While research in the field continues to reveal the potential dangers of UV tanning beds have, especially for children. Hence, states have put in place limitations on the ages at which one can use them. 

Some people avoid tanning beds due to the desire to prevent wrinkles, burns, or carcinogenic potential. States comprising California, Illinois, Nevada, Texas, and five others have bans that are completely against those under 18 years, using tanning beds and in all, 41 states have laws governing the use of tanning beds by minors in some way and often require parental approval.

Some other countries have gone to a higher level – Brazil, as well as Australia, have been able to ban tanning beds completely to prevent cancer!


Comfort and Year-Round Usability

Another strong reason for people to use products for sunless tanning is the fact that they can be used anywhere, at any time, and in any season. This is why they are very popular with those who want to maintain a year-round bronze look.

There’s no need to wait out for a long time or spend time baking at a tanning salon because self-tanners can be applied in only a few minutes at home. Although the color develops faster, the downside is sun tans last longer than sunless tanning.


Sunless tanning is a safer tanning option

The most important reason why the sunless tanning trend continues to win over women and men across all age groups is that tanning using DHA and cosmetic bronzers is more secure than UV radiation.

How do you attain a beautiful tan without spending long hours in the sun, risking sunburn? This is right, you’re not lying in the sun soaking in UVA and UVB radiation. Based on an Emory University study published in the Archives of Dermatology, women who opt for sunless tanning products to get an even tan, take a shorter time on the traditional route, or in tanning beds.

In the study, Time Magazine explains, “The more a woman has used sunless tanning products, the less time she needs to spend on a beach or in a tanning bed. Utilizing a sunless product cut down on the amount of sunbathing that was required by 37%, and tanning bed usage time by 38%.

Some people may not choose to apply a tan from bottles every time, and certain people find the process to be a little difficult, compared to applying an indoor tanning lotion and lying out in the sun. But, this study suggests that if people opt for a self-tanner rather than taking a walk in the sun can be beneficial.

It could also be said that as more individuals apply sunless tanners, the more adept they become to sunless tanning products. Thus, reducing the overall time required to achieve the perfect tan.

While there are some reservations regarding DHA being employed in mists and sprays. However, the self-tanning agent has been FDA-approved and has been extensively researched by the EU too.


The Future is Bright for Sunless Tanning

Self-tanning and spray tanning is becoming a more convenient, safe, and reliable option to get a glowing tan and providing a general boost to the industry. Sales are predicted to increase every year at an accelerated rate as more people realize the benefits of self-tanning, as well as the harms of UV tanning.#

From all over the world, many top models and famous people alike are turning to sunless tanning sessions. This makes it more and more common for us to consider an effective sunless tanning product instead of risking the early appearance of sunspots, wrinkles, or even more dangerously, skin cancer.

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