How To Apply Lotion On A Tattoo

Applying lotion to a tattoo is an easy way to protect your beautiful design.

There are many ways you can help care for your new tattoo, but applying lotion every day is one of the best! This will ensure that your skin stays healthy and moist. It’s important not to use anything too greasy or oily that could clog pores and cause infection. Before applying you need lotion specially made for the tattoos, you can check out our article – 8 Best Lotions for Tattoos

Steps in applying lotion on a tattoo


1. Clean the area of the tattoo with soap and water

Cleaning will help you avoid any infections and will help your tattoo heal faster.

It is important to clean the skin surrounding the tattoo as well.

Cleaning will remove any dead cells that could potentially block pores and cause an infection. The tattoo will also last longer if you keep the skin surrounding it clean.


2. Gently pat dry with a towel

It’s important to pat dry the skin with a towel. Patting will avoid any water droplets from settling on the tattoo and causing stains.

The lotion will be applied after you have cleaned and dried the tattoo.


3. Apply lotion to your hands before touching the tattoo

It is important to apply lotion on your hand first because the skin on your hands is dryer than the fresh tattoo. You don’t want to irritate a new tattoo with dry, cracked hands.

You can use any lotion to protect and moisturize the skin surrounding your tattoo, but it is recommended that you use unscented lotions that will not irritate the area.

Apply the lotion to your hands and rub it into your skin.


4. Apply a thin layer of lotion to the tattoo

Make sure you don’t overapply. If there is too much lotion on the surface, it could drip onto the sides of the tattoo which can stain the design.

Be careful not to apply too much, but also make sure the area is well covered.

You may want to use a cotton swab or your fingertips to put lotion around the tattoo design’s edges. Make sure not to touch the actual surface of the tattoo with your fingers though because this can spread germs and bacteria.

How often to apply lotion on a new tattoo

We recommend you use lotion 3 times on a fresh tattoo.

The skin will be slightly moist which is what you want to keep the tattoo looking vibrant and colorful.

Tattoos look best when they are not irritated or damaged by dryness, cracks, or infections.

You can also use coconut oil for a more natural oil.

Coconut oil has many benefits for the skin and is a great way to keep your tattoo healthy.

Make sure you use lotion or coconut oil on the area surrounding the tattoo as well.

It’s important to give your new tattoo some love so that it looks its best.

If you keep moisturizing for three weeks, your tattoos will stay colorful and vibrant.



Tattoos are beautiful and we all want them to last as long as possible. One way you can help your tattoo be more vibrant over time is by applying lotion or coconut oil to the skin surrounding the design. Apply the lotion pads every day for at least three weeks so that your tattoo will be at its best! Cleaning, patting dry with a towel, using unscented lotions to prevent irritation on the area around it, and applying a thin layer of lotion immediately following this care regimen should protect and moisturize your new tattoos in order to keep them looking their best for many years to come.

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