How To Apply Numbing Cream For Tattoo

Numbing cream is a common part of the tattoo process for most people. It can be applied to reduce pain during the tattooing process, but it also reduces bleeding and swelling after your tattoo has been completed.

It is extremely important to have numbing cream used before you get a tattoo because most people feel uncomfortable when the area of their skin is being pierced.

Using numbing cream for tattoos can also protect you if you’re getting a particularly sensitive region tattooed (such as around your genitals). If you are nervous about the pain level that you will be experiencing, numbing cream can help to reduce the amount of pain you feel during your tattoo.

When numbing cream is applied, it numbs the surface area of the skin where the numbing cream was spread. It does not make you lose sensation all over your body-it just numbs that one specific area as much as possible.

How to apply numbing cream for tattoo

Wash the area


It is essential to wash the area before numbing cream is applied. The numbing cream won’t work if your skin has oils, bacteria, or other substances on it. Washing removes all of these things and numbs the area so that your tattoo artist can work with no pain to you.


Put on a pair of gloves

It’s important to wear gloves that are either latex or vinyl. This is because numbing cream will dry your skin and will also irritate it by numbing it for a long period of time. Without the gloves, numbing cream can easily get on your hands and then not be able to wash off of them. The numbing cream will then come into contact with other parts of your body which could also lead to irritation.


Apply numbing cream

The numbing cream should be applied thin. It is applied in an area where it has been outlined that it will go so there is no chance of the numbing cream getting into places where it shouldn’t be. You can apply numbing cream over an already existing tattoo. The numbing cream will cover the tattoo and won’t allow it to be felt by you.


Cover the area

You’re numbing the area so that your tattoo artist can perform their work without you feeling any pain. It’s important to cover the numbed area with some sort of plastic wrap to keep the numbing cream on at all times. This is so that you have no chance of feeling any pain for a long time and the numbing cream is still in contact with your skin. If you don’t have a bandage, make sure you put on some type of clothing over it to do the same thing.


Remove the wrap

Once the numbing cream is dry and has numbed the tattoo area, you can remove the plastic wrap. You can then show your tattoo artist what to do. If you’re numbing for a long period of time, it is important that you keep the numbing cream on at all times for the whole duration.



Numbing cream numbs the area and makes it easier for a tattoo artist to work without any pain. Follow the above method about applying numbing cream and you will not feel any pain during tattoo work. Also, check out

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