How To Choose Hair Color

Choosing a hair color can be hard, especially if you’re looking for something that’s different from your natural color.

It’s not always easy to know which new shade will look best on you, but it is possible to find one! There are so many things that go into choosing the right hair color and we want to help you make the correct decision.

We’ve put together this guide full of tips and tricks for how to choose hair color that will be just perfect based on your skin tone, eye color, and your style. Read through these helpful hints.

Some Tips –

1. Consider your skin tone

Hair color is a very important component of beauty. The right hair can make you look stunning and enhance your personality, but if you choose the wrong one it could ruin everything. For choosing the best hair color for yourself, consider if your skin tone is fair, medium-toned, or dark.

The right hair color for you depends on your skin tone and will enhance it. If you have an olive complexion with brown eyes then a redhead is perfect; if you are pale but still want to be the center of attention go for bold blonde highlights! For someone who has a porcelain complexion that doesn’t tan often, copper would work well to add some warmth while maintaining their natural beauty.

People with darker complexions should choose richer colors including deep burgundy, light browns as well as black hues like raven shades. Keep away from bright pastels because they won’t show up as well and will just look faded.

2. Find a color that compliments your eye color

It’s no secret that your hair color can affect the way you look. But did you know it could also make your eyes pop?

It’s easy for people to assume their natural colors work well together and they don’t need any help from outside sources but what if I told you there was a way to tie all these elements in together with just one simple change—hair color? That doesn’t sound like too much effort right now does it?

For Green Eyes

You can choose Black, Chocolate, or Auburn Red Hair Color.

For Blue Eyes

You can choose Espresso or Burgundy hair Color.

For Brown Eyes

You can choose Mahogany, Golden Brown, or Ash Blonde hair color.

For Hazel Eyes

Go for Hazelnut or Chesnut hair color. You can also try copper color as well.

3. Decide what you want to achieve with the new hair color – are you going for a dramatic change or just wanting something more subtle

The biggest problem with hair color is the big decision of what to choose.

Choosing a hair color can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start or how to make it happen. It’s not uncommon for people to have one idea in mind and then realize that they’ve made a huge mistake.

Before you decide to go for new hair color, it’s important to decide what the goal is? It is important to decide first what you want the hair color to achieve. Do you need something more dramatic like changing your style from brunette to blonde? or Do you want a change because you are bored with your current look and just wanting something more subtle?

The options for hair color are limitless with the range of colors from natural to vibrant.

If you want something more dramatic then we would recommend consulting with your stylist beforehand so that you are both on the same page about what exactly is going into the process of coloring your hair!

4. Research how long it will take to get the results desired, as well as any potential side effects like dryness, breakage, or irritation

You should know this – How long does it usually take for the results to show up?

Side effects and other influencing factors are also important to consider. For example, if you have a lot of breakages or dry hair already then your scalp may not be able to handle any more stressors like harsh chemical hair coloring treatments that could cause further damage. If this is an issue then it is recommended to fix the root problem first before going for hair color.

A common misconception about chemically-treated hair is that after one use all problems will suddenly disappear; however, research tells us otherwise. You’ll need to continue using a good conditioner and lukewarm water to increase your chances of getting positive results.

5. Ask for feedback from friends who have had similar experiences with changing their hair color before making a decision on which one to choose

You might want to get some feedback from friends who have had similar experiences with changing their hair color. That way you can find out the best option for your specific needs before making a decision on which one is right for you!

It’s important that when deciding what color of the dye will look good, it helps if someone has been in your shoes and gone through this process themselves, as they know first-hand what to expect with the transition. You will get a lot of insights from them and be able to make a much more informed decision.

6. Buy high-quality hair color that can last longer and provide better protection against damage

Choosing a hair color is a personal and important decision. Most people spend time deciding on the perfect shade, but it’s often overlooked that you need to choose your hair dye based on what kind of damage they can do, so, we recommend choosing a hair dye that contains no harmful chemicals.

A lot of store-bought dyes contain chemicals like ammonia and peroxide which are not only bad for the environment but also very damaging to your hair. In fact, some studies have found that these ingredients cause cancer in animals! So, we recommend of using the Best Ammonia Free Hair Dyes

7. Consult with a professional stylist

For those who have a hard time deciding what colors work for them, consulting with an expert can help. A professional stylist will be able to find out which colors would look best on you and your unique style so that you don’t end up looking washed-out or garish in the long run!

For people who struggle to pick their own color palette without any input from other sources, consulting with someone else may simplify things immensely.

Stylists are trained professionals when it comes to these matters; they know how different tones of makeup compliment skin types and eye shapes as well as hair & clothes styles based on research into fashion history.

Finding this one person whose opinion is respected by many could lead not only towards choosing flattering shades but also to a better understanding of how colors are interpreted differently by different cultures.

8. Read reviews about different products online

When it comes to selecting the best hair color for your needs, you’ll want to check reviews online before making any hasty decisions.

When deciding on a new hairstyle or coloring technique, many people rely solely upon their own personal experience and intuition – but that can be extremely dangerous!

That’s why experts recommend first doing some research by reading product reviews from popular websites like Amazon, so you know exactly what is in each dye brand as well as how long they will last between applications.

Reading reviews will help you get a feel for how satisfied people are with the product, but also to a better understanding of how colors are interpreted differently. You will also know the good and the bad of that particular product.

Doing a little research before deciding on new hair color is crucial for finding a product that does what it promises and lasts as long as possible.

9. Take care of your dyed locks by using conditioner regularly and avoiding heat styling tools like blow-dryers, flat irons, curling wands, etc.

If you dye your hair, it’s important to take care of your locks.

Some hair dyes can cause dryness and breakage if not properly cared for. You should never neglect your locks, especially after coloring. It is necessary to condition them regularly and avoid using heat-styling tools like blow-dryers or curling wands if you want the best possible results!

Conditioning will help keep your hair healthy while also maintaining the color that you’ve worked so hard on achieving! Use conditioner regularly so that your hair will stay soft and shiny after dyeing. Some conditioners also protect from UV rays which will fade out the color of your dye job faster than normal if exposed unprotected.

10. Avoid colors that don’t suit your personality

We all know that coloring your hair can be a unique experience, but you don’t want to color it something that doesn’t suit your personality.

You might not realize this, but the colors you choose for your hair have an impact on how others see you and perceive your personality. So when choosing a new color, make sure to pick one that really suits who you are as a person!

Don’t go for a hair color that you don’t like! Trust your gut feeling and choose the one that suits your personality best. There is no shame in changing colors at any point if it just isn’t for you – what matters most is being happy with how you look, not what other people think of it.


Hair color can be a tough decision. We all want to look great, but we are afraid of making the wrong choice.

To make things easier for you, we have laid 10 tips answering your question about how to choose a hair color. These tips will help you find the perfect shade that suits your personality and looks good on you!

Now you just need to pick your favorite and go for it. I would recommend going with the one that suits your personality best. If you are not sure, make a list of the colors that seem best for you and then narrow it down from there.

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