How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

How To Choose The Best Nail Polish Color For Your Nail

A dash of color on your nails can do so much to improve your look. It can even make you feel better about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you will be more positive about the things that happen around you and yourself throughout the day. Choosing the right color for your nail can sometimes be daunting, however. As there are thousands of shades to choose from, it will take you hours to do just that. That is especially true if you have not done your nails before or for a while.

How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

Fortunately for you, there is an easy way to find the right shade that will look good on your nails. Any color will suit you as long as you find the right hue. Once you have found the right color for your nails, you will find other choices and the process of choosing the right shade will a lot easier the next time.

In general, each color scheme creates a different benefit for your nails. For instance, light colors can hide the tiny imperfections on your nails. Bright colors make your tan more visible. Dark colors, on the other hand, will make it easier to emphasize the shape of your nails. This is best for those who have perfect-looking nails. Transparent nail polish makes your nails looking elegant.

How do you choose the color of your nail polish?

Complement your skin tone

The best thing to do that is to consider the tone of your skin. It does not matter if you would want a nude color or dark shade on your nails. Just make sure it will blend well with your skin tone. For instance, if you have a yellow undertone, beigy nudes, orange-based brights, and dark shades will suit you. Those with blue undertones have to go with pinkish nudes, as well as blue-tone brights and darks such as deep violet.

Find a shade fit for the occasion

It is not enough that you find one a great-looking nail polish color. You also need to consider the occasion or the event where you may be headed when looking for the right shade for your nails. You would not want to go bright when you are headed for a business meeting, would you?

Check your accessories

Blending your nail polish color with your pieces of jewelry is the way to go. If you are fond of silver accessories, opt for shades that will complement them (frosted shades will be perfect for that).


Match your outfit

What kind of clothes do you wear? Does bright-colored attires suit you well? Perhaps you prefer neutral colored outfits. Whichever looks best on you should also have matching shades of nail polish in your nail kit. Bright colored dresses will look best

Go with what works best for the season

Consider what’s the trend in the season. Lighter shades will blend well with the warm months. Springtime, on the other hand, calls for pastel colors. Further into the season will call for darker shades of polish. Those with richer and deeper shades will look best during the fall season. Deep reds, grays, and oranges are usually trending during these months. For the winter season, a touch of glitters and shimmers will make you sparkle like how everything around you looks!

Whatever the shade of nail polish that you choose one that will match your personality. As mentioned earlier every nail polish color has every shade that will fit your needs. Think about the guidelines mentioned above and decide which shade will work best for you. You don’t need an expert nail technician to do your nails, you can DIY even in the comfort of your own home.

With the right nail polish to give you glamorous looking nails, you will feel more confident about yourself and will be more contented to see that you have done it yourself. There is a wide variety of nail polish that you can choose from. If you are to buy a few bottles to add to your kit, make sure to look for shades that will last longer than regular nail polish. Gel types and dipping colors work well with any nail shape and type. They will also last longer and will not chip like regular nail colors. You will enjoy weeks of wear with your nails not getting chipped or breaking.

Try one of your chosen colors and share with us how they look. It will be a fun and exciting discovery.

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