How To Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

How To Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

Some days you don’t want to do anything with your hair. You think that you just love the way it looks. There are times, however, that you would like to have a different shade on your tresses. You have been to the salon for a hair dye several times already and you are wondering if it is possible to do it wherever and whenever you want it. Well, with the help of an expert guide you can. This post will show you just how you can rock your new lock whether it be with a new full color or with just streaks of a different shade or a blend of shades.

Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

However you would like the new shade of your hair to be, there is always one thing that will make or break how your DIY hair dying will turn out. If you follow the instructions to a T as indicated on the label of the product that you used, we are pretty sure that you can dye your hair like a pro. You can also go through our tips, and you will be looking like you have just stepped out of the salon with your DIY colored hair every time.

Always have the end in mind

Before you go to the hair dye section of the supermarket or store where you would like to buy the dye, make sure you know your commitment level. How strong would you like the formula to be on your hair? Do you want a single hair color or would like to have a complicated ombre look on your mane? Will you rather have a permanent or a semi-permanent shade? Semi-permanent shades stays for about 10 washes. For a more serious change of shade, look for permanent hair dye formulas.

Find the right shade

To achieve a more natural look, find a hue that is just about three shades lighter. If you are in doubt, always opt for the lighter shade. You should also consider your hair tone. Like your skin, your hair may also have one of these tones: warm, cool, and neutral. Hair color is a complicated blend of depth and temperature. For colors that have ash or platinum words in them, those are cool-toned colors. Colors that have the words golden or mahogany in them are warm-toned colors.

Always buy in two

Having more than enough of the color that you need to color your hair is better than run out of color when you are still halfway or almost done coloring your hair.

Give your tresses a dose of intense hydration

Damaged hair will not allow pigments to take a good hold on them. Make sure that you let your hair be pampered with a deep-conditioning treatment at least a week before you color it. Doing so will also lessen the possibility of any harsh chemicals damaging your strands. You can also let your hair rest from having washed with shampoo for a day or two before you have it dyed.

Do a strand test

Apply color to a small section of your hair to see how your hair will look with the new color. It will also help determine if there are no harsh ingredients in the bottle.

Color your hair, not your scalp

Color your hair, not your scalp

Applying a lip balm along your hairline may prevent you from actually covering portions of your hair that are not supposed to be covered with color.

Section your hair in quadrants

Then, apply the color to each of the sections at a time starting at the front sections.

Color like a pro and use a mixing bowl

This will allow you to see if you have blended the colors well and will save you more time as well.

Be unconventional with highlights

You can use a mascara wand o toothbrush to apply highlights to portions of your hair.

Let the color sit for about 20 to 30 minutes

To make sure you won’t go beyond the required time, check how the color looks after ever 5 minutes.

Wash your lock properly

Wash your hair with water only at first. Then use conditioner to remove any residue of the color in the hair and scalp that may cause irritation.

Hold off shampooing for at least three days

Some hair experts would suggest to holding it off for even about to seven days. This gives the hair cuticles to close and seal the color molecules. This will make the color to cling better to your strands.

Once you are familiar with everything in the process, you can ditch the salon and just DIY.

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