How To Dye Your Hair Like A Pro

You may not want to do much with your hair on certain days. It may seem that you love how your hair looks. Sometimes, you may wish to change the shade of your hair. You’ve been to the salon several times for hair dye and now you are curious if you can do it anywhere and anytime you wish. With the help of an expert guide, you can. This article will demonstrate how to rock your new hairstyle, whether you are using a full new color or just streaks of a different hue or a combination of both.

No matter what shade you want your hair to turn, there are some things that can make or break your DIY hair dyeing experience. We are confident that you will be able to dye your hair as professionally as a professional if you follow all the directions on the product label. Our tips can be used to help you look like you just walked out of a salon with your DIY colored hair.

Always have the end in mind

Know your commitment level before you head to the store or supermarket where you want to purchase hair dye. What strength would you prefer the dye to be applied to your hair? Are you looking for a simple ombre or a single color? Do you prefer a semi-permanent or permanent shade? Semi-permanent colors last for around 10 washes. Permanent hair dyes are recommended for a more drastic change in shade.

Find the right shade

A hue that is three to four shades lighter than the rest will give you a natural appearance. Always choose the lighter shade if you’re unsure. Your hair color is also important. Your hair can have any of the following tones, just like your skin: neutral, warm, or cool. Hair color can be a complex mixture of temperature and depth. Colors with ash or platinum words are considered cool-toned. Warm-toned colors are those that contain the words mahogany or golden.

Always buy in two

It is better to have more color than you need than you do when you are halfway done or nearly done with your hair.

Give your tresses a dose of intense hydration

Hair that is damaged will prevent pigments from being able to hold onto it. Before you color your hair, make sure you give it a deep conditioning treatment. This will reduce the chance of your hair being damaged by harsh chemicals. It is possible to let your hair dry after washing it with shampoo.

Do a strand test

To test the color on a portion of your hair, apply it to your scalp. This will help you determine if the product contains any harsh chemicals.

Color your hair, not your scalp

You should not apply a lip balm to your hairline. This could prevent you from covering areas of your hair that aren’t supposed to be colored.

Section your hair in quadrants

Next, apply the color one at a time to each section starting with the front.

Color like a pro and use a mixing bowl

This will let you see how well you have mixed the colors and save you time.

Be unconventional with highlights

To highlight certain areas of your hair, you can use a brush or a mascara wand.

Let the color sit for about 20 to 30 minutes

You can check the color after every 5 minutes to make sure that you don’t exceed the time limit.

Wash your locks properly

Only wash your hair with water at first. Use conditioner to remove any color residue from the hair or scalp that could cause irritation.

Hold off shampooing for at least three days

Experts recommend waiting up to seven days. This allows the hair cuticles time to seal and close the color molecules. This will allow the color to stick better to your hair.

Once you have mastered the process, you can skip the salon and go DIY.


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