Top 8 Best Lotions for Tattoos Reviews & Guide 2021

It is essential to take care of your tattoos so that it lasts for many years. Tattoo aftercare is more than just maintaining the ink quality. It’s also important to prevent skin infection.

The best lotion for tattoos is one of the most important products. We’ll help guide you through the process if you are unsure of which one to purchase.

Our Top Picks for the Best Lotion for Tattoos

This section will provide a quick overview of some of the most important products you should be aware.

#1. After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion

This lotion will work no matter if you are just getting inked or have been tattooing for a while. Even if your tattoo has been around for a while, it provides the necessary moisture to keep it looking great. Grape seed oil is one of the main ingredients. This natural ingredient can moisturize the skin effectively without causing any harsh side effects. It does not contain any fragrances, parabens or gluten. This lotion is safe for sensitive skin.

#2. Tattoo Goo Original Aftercare Lotion Tube

This is a quick and easy way to maintain your tattoos in top condition. This will accelerate the healing process and prevent side effects. It is dermatologist-approved which will increase your confidence that the lotion works. It contains vitamin panathenol, and olive oil. It does not contain lanolin and petroleum, which could cause skin irritations or damage.

#3. Ink by Ed Hardy Tattoo and Color Fade Moisturizer

This tattoo lotion is undoubtedly one of the most popular on the market. Just look at its ingredients. Shea butter is one of the secrets to this product’s success. It can soften the skin with every application without making it feel greasy or sticky. Your skin will also benefit from the antioxidants in lotus extract to slow down the process of skin aging. Vitamins C, E and E are also included to improve the skin’s appearance. It contains honey and Bourbon for its scent. It contains a special formula to protect and prevent tattoo colors from fading.

#4. Ink Fixx All-Natural Tattoo Lotion

This water-based lotion can speed up healing and prevent tattoos from peeling or fading. Oatmeal extract is one of the main ingredients. This can soothe and prevent skin from becoming red. It can also be combined with sunflower seed oil to soothe and nourish the skin. Aloe vera, a natural moisturizer known for its anti-inflammatory properties, is also available. These ingredients will ensure that the tattoo can be revitalized and renewed.

#5. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

This lotion and the others mentioned below have not been designed for tattoos. We have included them because of their effectiveness and ingredients. The lotion is quick to absorb and provides moisturizing benefits. It also contains Vitamin B5, an ingredient that speeds up the healing process of skin after it has been inked. It also moisturizes skin for up 24 hours, keeping it looking fresh throughout the day.

#6. Aveeno Daily Moisturizer Lotion

This lotion is a great all-around product that also works well for tattoo aftercare. This lotion contains colloidal oatmeal which improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It will not dry out your skin, which is crucial to maintain a tattoo’s best appearance. The lotion can be used to protect the skin from any elements that could cause problems. The lotion is also non-greasy which makes it ideal for comfort during hot days.

#7. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion

The tattoo may become infected especially during the healing process. This lotion can prevent infection from ever happening. This lotion speeds up the healing process of many skin conditions, so it works even after being inked. It also contains Vitamins C, E, and A, which work together to moisturize your skin. The tattoo will look more vibrant if it is well hydrated. Aloe vera gel can be used to cool the skin.

#8. Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion

This lotion is best for people with dry, flaky skin. This lotion moisturizes, exfoliates and conditions the skin. It will ensure that your tattoo heals faster and make the skin look its best. You don’t have to be concerned about the effectiveness of the lotion, as it has passed clinical testing. It does not contain fragrance, making it ideal for people with sensitive noses. It does contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Benefits of Using a Lotion for your Tattoo

It is not a waste of money to purchase a lotion for tattoos. Here are some benefits to using it:

  • It speeds up the healing process: The lotion you choose may contain ingredients that speed up the healing process.
  • Protects against Infection: The lotion can speed up healing and also serve as a barrier to protect from future problems. It prevents the formation of scabs.
  • Prevents inflammation: Inflamed skin after a tattoo is one of the most common problems. It can be prevented by using a lotion that contains grape seed oil or other inflammatory ingredients.
  • It will improve the appearance of your tattoo. It preserves the original colors of your tattoo, making them look fresh even after years. It stops ink from drying out.
  • It will nourish the skin: The tattoo lotion can also help to moisturize the skin. The tattoo will stand out if the skin is healthy and beautiful. The tattoo will look dull if it is damaged or too dry.

Types of Lotions for Tattoos

Although there will be many options on the market, that does not mean all lotions will offer the same level or effectiveness. Take into consideration the various types of lotions available when choosing.

  • Specialized Tattoo LotionsThis group includes the first four products listed in this guide. These products are specifically designed for tattoos. They must be directly applied to the inked skin.
  • Moisturizing lotionThe majority of lotions are designed to moisturize the skin. They can be used in tattoos to help preserve the color and make them look great over time.
  • The Healing LotionIt can also be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including dryness and itching. Many ingredients are non-irritating and will suit people with sensitive skin.

Choosing the Best Lotion for Tattoos

What lotion is best for tattoos? This question is not easy to answer. These are the most important factors to consider to help you make the right choice.


You want to use the tattoo lotion with natural and organic ingredients that deliver the expected benefits without side effects. It should contain vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and protect the tattoo. You should be aware of ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, and aloe. Avoid lotions containing alcohol or fragrance as they can cause irritation. It should only be scented with natural fragrances.

Skin Type

Your skin type is also important. This is especially important if your skin is sensitive. It is important to choose a lotion that does not contain ingredients that could cause irritation to the skin. You can also find lotions that are specifically formulated for dry skin.


You should also ensure that the lotion does not clog your pores. This could cause a delay in the healing process. Avoid products containing petroleum or lanolin, as these can clog pores. Too thick lotions can cause clogging.


Do you remember feeling sticky and gross after applying lotions on hot days? To ensure your comfort, choose a lotion that is not greasy or sticky.

Sun Protection

A tattoo lotion that has at least 50 SPF is a good choice, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors or if your tattoo is subject to direct sunlight. This will protect your tattoo from fading and cracking.

Difference Between Tattoo Ointments and Lotions

Two products are recommended for aftercare: lotion and ointment.

The tattoo ointment is only meant to be used for a short time. It comes in a small tube. Concentrated dosages of vitamins and other ingredients are common. It is important to only use a small amount. They can also be thick.

However, lotions can be used frequently even after years of protecting tattoos. It’s used to protect and nourish the skin. It is a more long-lasting solution than ointments.

Which one should you choose? This question is not easy to answer. You can ask your tattoo artist for suggestions. It is a good idea to apply an ointment for the first few days. For long-term care, apply a lotion once the tattoo has healed.

Other Ways to Prevent Tattoo Damage

Although the use of the correct lotion can be very helpful, there are other ways to avoid the most common tattoo-related injuries.

  • Get plenty of water. It is vital to hydrate your skin to maintain the appearance of your tattoo.
  • You should not pick at or peel the tattoo. There will be some scabbing. Allow the scabs on the skin to remain. The tattoo will become distorted if it is not.
  • Protect your tattoo from the sunlight. Avoid being exposed to the heat. Keep the tattoo covered as much as you can. Always use sunblock.
  • Make sure you use the correct skincare products, particularly soaps. Avoid harsh ingredients that can cause tattoos to peel off or fade.
  • For the first two weeks following inking, do not immerse yourself in the water. Waterborne microorganisms or contaminants can cause serious damage.
  • Follow the instructions of the artist. When it comes to keeping your tattoo looking its best, you should always listen to the advice of experts.


The best lotion for tattoos should be included in every aftercare kit. It will protect the ink and speed up the healing process. However, not all lotions are the same. To make an informed decision that you will not regret, keep an eye out for the products listed above.

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