15 Best Hair Gels for Men: Reviews & Guide

Best Hair Gels for Men

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Nothing looks sexier than a good hairdo. The right hair styling product will have you looking sleek and stylish in no time at all. If you don’t use hair gels then there’s no better time to start!

Gels are great for maintaining your preferred hairstyle. However, not all products can offer the same benefits. We have some suggestions for you if you are looking for the best hair gels for men.

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    Our Top Picks for the Best Hair Gel for Men

    Below are some of the leading hair gels on the market, each with amazing and unique benefits

    #1. American Crew Classic Firm Hold Styling Gel

    Our Pick

    American Crew’s gel will give you an excellent, long-lasting hold for your hair. It contains vitamin B5 and natural extracts to give your hair a thicker and shinier texture. It does not contain alcohol and has a low pH which prevents the scalp from drying out or becoming irritated. 

    Another outstanding feature of this product is the Dual Polymer Complex. This is what gives the gel a stronger, longer hold than most other products on the market. The gel also contains a carbomer which ensures even distribution when you apply the product.


    • Makes hair look thicker.
    • Stronghold.
    • No flaking or drying scalp.
    • Adds shines without heavy build-up.
    • Provides all-day control and detangles hair.
    • Contains vitamin B5.
    • Alcohol-free.

    #2. Sexy Hair Style Hard Up Hard Holding Gel

    Holds For Up To 48 Hours

    No matter what hair type you have, the gel will hold its shape well and minimize flaking. It is blue to help it reflect in the light making your hair look sexy and luxurious at all times.

    The gel contains titanium dioxide and mica to give your hair a more radiant shine. These shine agents are great for hair and give it a unique look no matter how you style it.  It is water-soluble so is easy to rinse out at the end of the day.


    • Texturizes hair.
    • The non-flaking formula for a humidity-resistant hold for up to 48 hours.
    • Flexible, pliable allowing for easy brushing and styling.
    • Contains mica and titanium dioxide for excellent shine.
    • Great for all hair types.

    #3. L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Extreme Style Gel

    Ideal For All Hair Types

    This L’Oreal Paris gel has a 24-hour gravity-defying hold that allows you to maintain your hair’s style with maximum shine.  It does not stick to the hair and leaves no residue.

    It is easy to wash out and most people will only need a dime-sized amount of gel for the same great results. It has a refreshing scent that is not too overpowering, and we know you will love it.


    • No sticky residue.
    • 24-hour hold.
    • Durable hair gel for any hair type/length.
    • Provides definition, structure, and control.

    #4. L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Mega Hair Gel

    For A Clean And Classic Look

    This L’Oréal product uses clean-holding technology to ensure that hair looks great and without unpleasant buildup. It is easy to rinse the gel from your hair after you have finished showering and leaves no residue after application. 

    It feels light but will still hold your hair in place even during hot days and sweaty conditions.  Users have reported that the L’Oreal hair gel does not cause dandruff which is a great benefit for those who are experiencing this issue with other products.


    • Provides strong, flexible, firm hold all day long.
    • Keeps your locks looking polished and natural for a clean, classic look.
    • Allows you to style your hair however you like.
    • Works on long and short hairs.

    #5. Dove Men+Care Control Gel

    Alcohol-Free Product

    You can’t go wrong with this excellent Dove hair gel. It promises to keep your hair healthy and nourished throughout the day. It will leave your hair feeling firm with no greasy or oily residue.

    Its secret ingredient is caffeine, which is designed to give your hair strength, thickness, and a stronghold. It is safe to use every day and will not cause dry and itchy hair. For best results, only one or two drops. 


    • Create sleek styles without the messy effects.
    • Holds hair in place while ensuring it looks healthy and full.
    • Doesn’t cause build-ups or appear greasy.
    • Safe for all hair types.
    • Alcohol-free product.

    #6. Axe Messy Look Hair Gel

    Unique Matte Finish

    This gel from Axe is the best for you if your hair wants to look as smooth as it did in the 80s. Many gels on the market today are shiny but this product gives you a matte finish that will make it impossible for anyone to even tell you to have hair gel in it. If you are trying to look effortlessly stylish and naturally sexy this is the perfect product for you.

    This gel holds your hair in place so it doesn’t lose its shine.  It improves hair texture, particularly for those who want a messy style. It is best to use it in conjunction with other Axe products (e.g., shampoo and conditioner) to get the best hair care results.


    • Holds your hair in place without losing the shine.
    • Artfully tames frizz and flyaway.
    • Easy to use.
    • Unique matte finish.

    #7. AMERICAN CREW Firm Hold Styling Gel

    Enriched With Vitamin B5

    This hair gel is unique because it contains natural extracts like vitamin B to provide a firm hold for styling. It is also free from stickiness, which is common in other gels. 

    It does not contain harsh chemicals or alcohol that could cause irritation and damage to your hair and scalp.  This is great for styling and preventing frizz.


    • Prevents frizz.
    • Alcohol-free.
    • Last hold locks in styling.
    • Great for all hair types, including curly and straight.
    • Keeps your scalp healthy with low pH formula.
    • Maintains a high level of shine throughout the day.
    • Contains vitamin B5.

    #8. Gentlemen Republic Refined Molding Hair Gel

    Professional-Grade Formula

    This gel can give you a 24-hour shine and hold. This gel has a strong hold and great shine for a fresh from-the-salon look. It is unique in its texture, viscosity, and smell that is not overpowering, but will make you feel like a gentleman. 

    The unique molding action makes it easy to style your hair, It is also free from alcohol and you don’t have to worry about it causing flakes.


    • Keeps your hair looking great wherever you go.
    • Makes it easy to achieve any hairstyle all day long.
    • Never flakes.
    • 24-hour shine and hold.
    • Humidity resistant.
    • Professional-grade formula.

    #9. Garnier Pure Clean Styling Gel

    98% Naturally Derived Ingredients

    This product uses 98% natural ingredients. It does not contain any toxic chemicals, dyes, parabens, or silicones that could irritate your scalp or cause hair damage.

    It contains acacia gum which is well-known for its ability to give great, natural hold. The gel gives hair strength throughout the day without leaving behind any residue or flakes. This best hair gel will work on any type of hair.


    • Perfect for any hair type.
    • Clean hold with no residue.
    • 24-hour styling power.
    • Doesn’t flake.
    • Provides strong hold.
    • 98% naturally derived ingredients.
    • Paraben-free formula.
    • Contains active fruit protein.
    • Powered with vitamins B3 and B6.

    #10. Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel

    Suitable For Dry Hair

    Johnny B is your go-to for a gel that lasts throughout the day. This hair styling gel has a medium hold so it is best for those who prefer a gel with more flexibility than stiffness. It will also be easy to remove because of its lighter hold in comparison to the other products so far on this list.

    This gel has no alcohol to avoid any adverse effects on hair or scalp. It is also effective at preserving hair’s moisture, which will combat dry and lifeless hair. The gel is also very viscous, making it easy to style thick hair and works great on wet or dry hair.


    • Gives your hair a natural look.
    • Easier to maintain your preferred hairstyle for longer periods.
    • Maximize the texture and volume of your hairstyle without making it greasy or looking wet.
    • Deep conditioning ingredients help to protect against heat damage from styling tools.
    • No Alcohol.
    • Provides excellent shine.
    • Medium hold.
    • Suitable for Dry Hair.

    #11. JOHNNY B. Fuddy Matte Styling Gel

     Ideal For Thin Hair

    This product is similar to the one mentioned above. The main difference is that this product has a much stronger hold for those looking for a heavy-duty product. This extreme hold gel is ideal for people who want their hair to remain in one place all day. 

    This gel has a special formula that works best for those with thin hair. This adds volume, making your hair appear thicker and fuller with no additional products. This gel is hydrating and prevents flaking and you can use it on damp or dry hair.


    • Provides strong hold and excellent shine.
    • Half-gel, half-pomade.
    • Dries quickly for a nearly instant perfect style.
    • Gives a matte finish, which is perfect for the modern man.
    • Creates full hold with a unique texture.
    • Effective on any hair type.
    • A great option to improve thin hair.

    #12. Aussie Headstrong Volume Hair Gel

    Infused With Australian Kakadu Plum

    This great hair gel is hard to match because of the excellent ingredients it contains. It contains Australian Kakadu plum and bamboo extract. These ingredients provide immediate hydration and hold the hair for up to 20 hours after application. 

    This gel can increase the volume of your hair making it an excellent choice for those with thin hair. Although most of the users are women, it will work equally well for men’s hairstyling.


    • Helps add bounce, volume, texture, and hold of fine hair
    • Infused with bamboo & Australian Kakadu plum.
    • Citrus and floral scent.
    • Give your hair texture and flexibility.
    • Protects and detangles coarse and thick hair.
    • Gives you an all-day hold without stiffness or crunch.

    #13. Goldwell Style Sign Ultra Volume Lagoom Jam

    Color Safe Formula

    This styling gel, like many others on the list, is also alcohol-free. It’s gentle on hair and scalp and you will begin to see results within minutes of application. It increases the volume of your hair which is a great option for those with thin hair. 

    This product is also infused with strengthening ingredients and a UV filter for men with darker hair. This protects the hair from damage from the sun. To achieve the best results, you can blow-dry your damp hair or use a heated iron.

    Use dry hair for best results. It is one of the best gels for thinning hair.


    • Color Safe.
    • Heat Protection up to 392°F.
    • FlexPROtec complex technology protects hair from UV light.
    • Holds style for hours.
    • Gives you volume and texture.
    • Great for thin hair.

    #14. Old Spice Hair Styling Swagger Gel for Men

    Manly Scent

    This gel is a great product to easily style and tame your hair. The gel can be used to create more intense spiked or sharp hair. The gel has a supreme hold that will ensure your hair stays in its original style. I

    t has moderate shine and a great hold. This product is ideal if you want your hair to shine like a rock star and it even has a masculine fragrance to keep you fresh throughout the day. It works wonders for straight hair and can be used on most hair types.


    • You’ll never have to worry about frizz again.
    • Makes hair much more manageable.
    • Gives great hold to tame unruly hair.
    • Manly scent.
    • Easy to create tough, spiked styles.

    #15. Suave Men Styling Gel, Firm Control

    Great For Curly Hair

    This Suave hair gel is perfect if you are looking for a medium shine and strong hold. It is strong but doesn’t look stiff and is also non-greasy so it’s easy to use and wash off. It has been tested in salons so you can feel confident it will work for your hair. 

    The formula is completely free from alcohol and has natural vitamins to nourish hair without causing it to flake. It has a pleasant scent that is masculine and not overwhelming. The scent lasts for a long time and can mask your sweat on hot days.


    • Great all-day hold.
    • Gives a natural finished look.
    • Medium shine and weight.
    • Alcohol-free.
    • The vitamin-enriched formula for maximum shine.
    • Great for curly hair.

    This completes our list of best hair gels for men, now let’s see our buyer’s guide to help you make a perfect choice.

    How to Choose Hair Gel for Men

    These are the top factors to look at when looking for a hair styling gel:


    Hair gels containing toxic ingredients should be avoided as they cause hair and scalp damage. Look for hair gels that are made from natural ingredients, rather than harsh chemicals.


    It will all depend on your personal preference and how shiny you like your hair after applying hair gel. If you are looking for a more discrete, natural look aim for a product that claims to have a matte finish.


    This is how well the hair gel holds the hair in place. It will be easier to style it if the hold is less strong. A stronger hold will generally last for longer and is better if you want your hair to stay perfect for 24+hours.

    FAQs - Best Hair Gels for Men

    Still unsure of what product to buy? We’ll help answer some of the most common questions you guys might be having.

    Is Hair Gel Bad for Your Hair?

    Most quality products do not contain harsh chemicals that cause hair damage. Some contain mildly toxic ingredients which can cause harm to the hair when they are absorbed into the skin over longer periods. You need to be aware of what your gel contains to ensure that your hair is healthy.

    If you are worried about damaging your hair, try to find products with mostly natural ingredients.

    What are the Side Effects of Hair Gel?

    Some hair gels can cause hair loss, discoloration, and damage. This will depend on what ingredients are in the hair gel. If you choose quality products like those on this list there shouldn’t be an issue.

    Should I Wash My Hair Every day if I Use Hair Gel?

    Hair gel should be washed out daily. If it is not washed daily, it can lead to build-up which can leave your hair feeling crusty and awkward.

    Hair gel should not be left on your hair for longer than 48 hours. Wash it every day to keep your hair safe, clean, and healthy.


    Use the right gel to avoid bad hair days and ensure you always look your best. Quality products like those in this article will make it easy to manage and style your hair all day, every day. Gels are great for men that don’t have the time to waste touching up their hair throughout the day.


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