The 15 Best Night Creams for Men: Reviews & Guide 2021

You’re probably guilty of not taking care of your skin! Sometimes a quick wash is enough. Many men neglect to use sunblock and moisturizer. Night cream is another important skin care item that is often overlooked.

It is essential to find the best night cream for men that will improve the skin’s ability to heal itself while you sleep. This is a proactive routine that can help reduce the signs of aging as well as skin damage.

Are you unsure what to do? Continue reading to learn how we can help you make a decision!

Our Top Picks for the Best Night Cream for Men

Stop looking for other products. We have compiled a list of the best options on the market to make your life easier. You don’t have to be confused if they aren’t labeled as night creams. They work in the same way and offer the same skincare benefits.

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Night

You will find a reason to add this product to your shopping list just by the brand name. Even though it’s not made specifically for men, the formula is strong enough to penetrate thick and tough skin without causing irritation. It is not prone to acne breakouts and other skin problems. The main ingredients of the formula are Vitamin A and Retinol, which have a great reputation for fighting wrinkles. It is oil-free and lightweight so it can be absorbed easily by the skin while you sleep.

2. Brickell Men’s Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream

This is the skin care product you need to include in your daily routine if you want tighter, smoother skin. Although it is marketed as an anti-aging product, this cream can also be used as a night cream. This cream is great for people with dry or sensitive skin . It can provide hydration without causing irritation. Its gentle formula uses hyaluronic, green tea and aloe among other natural ingredients. It is claimed to be 100% natural and 81% organic by the manufacturer.

3. CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream

Even if the label doesn’t specify whether it is for men, there is no reason to be concerned. It is likely to be effective because it has been made by a trusted brand. The MVE delivery technology allows for controlled release of hydration, lasting up to 24 hours. It also has biomimetic and peptides that help reduce skin tiredness. It locks in moisture to your skin with hyaluronic acids.

4. Cetaphil Rich Hydrating Night Cream

Cetaphil is a great brand for skin care. This is why I recommend this night cream to men. The best thing about Cetaphil’s night cream is its hyaluronic-based formula. This will help to hydrate and replenish the skin’s moisture. It is also combined with olive extracts, which make it even more potent. It is also free of fragrance and won’t clog pores.

5. Burt’s Bees Night Cream Intense Hydration

Are you suffering from dry, dull skin? This night cream may be the right solution. This night cream is recommended for sensitive skin because it has a natural formula of 98.9%. It does not contain phthalates, parabens or petrolatum. These ingredients can cause skin irritations. Clear sage is one of the main ingredients. It is well-known for its moisturizing properties.

6. Eucerin Redness Relief Night Cream

This unisex nightcream can be a good option for men suffering from skin redness. This night cream has a hydrating formula which can target redness and actively moisturize your skin while you sleep. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up the next morning. It’s made by a trusted brand, which dermatologists recommend. This should be enough to make you want to consider it over other brands. The unique gel-cream formulation will provide a cooling effect to the skin after application.

7. Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Night Cream

Although it’s marketed as a night cream for men, many people have praised its effectiveness on their skin. It is manufactured by a skincare company that most of you will recognize. It will nourish the skin at night, and support the growth of new skin cells. You can expect tighter skin and fewer fine lines, which will make you appear younger.

8. Pure Biology Enhanced Night Cream

Another product that’s formulated for both men and women is this one. It can be used for both men and women, despite the differences in skin types. Castor oil, argan oil and hyaluronic acids are just a few of the ingredients used. Clinically, they have all been shown to be effective in reducing wrinkles and making skin appear younger. Ceramides are also found in this product, which reduce eye puffiness and tighten the skin.

9. Honeydew Facial Moisturizer for Men

Another product is called a moisturizer. However, many users have noticed how great it is when used as night cream. This product is a great option for people who want to fight skin aging. It features an innovative anti-wrinkle formulation. It contains botanicals that can nourish and moisturize the skin. It is safe to use around the eyes as it doesn’t contain any potential irritants.

10. Eve Hansen Vitamin C Night Cream

This product is great for those who are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines. Even though men have thicker skin it can still show signs of age. This night cream is a good option. This cream uses Vitamin C to repair skin damage caused by heat. It can also address blotchiness, uneven or dark skin tone, and other common issues.

11. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Cream

This is the second Neutrogena product we have included in our post. It proves that the brand is a hard-to-match name. This formula is clinically proven to work for both men and women. Retinol is a key ingredient in this cream’s effectiveness. It can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It has been proven to work in women but it is safe enough for men.

12. L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Night Cream

L’Oreal does have a brand specifically for men’s skin care, but they don’t have a night-cream that’s made for gentlemen. This product will still be sufficient. This product will improve your skin’s strength and repair any visible damage. It will also make you look younger over time. It is non-greasy so it won’t make you feel uncomfortable while you sleep. It contains tiger grass as one of its main ingredients. This is a powerful Chinese herb that is known for its ability moisturize the skin. The company claims that results can be seen within four weeks.

13. Clinique for Men Maximum Hydrator

This luxurious night cream is the ideal solution for dry or damaged skin. Although it is more expensive than many of the other products mentioned, its results are worth the extra cost. This product will brighten dark spots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making it an excellent addition to your anti-aging skincare routine. You can also use it as a daily moisturizer.

14. Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Night

This product, as the name suggests, promises to erase wrinkles due to its long-term usage. The product contains anti-aging proteins that can make this possible. You will also find other ingredients in the cream, such as aloe vera and retinol. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and glycolic acid. This cream will make your skin feel smoother and more supple, which will help you feel years younger.

15. Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream

This is another great night cream if you are willing to spend a lot on the finest skin care products. Even though it’s not designed for men, you can still expect it to work for them. This night cream is rejuvenating and will reduce or prevent fine lines. Its effectiveness can be attributed to the organic California poppy oil, which leaves your skin feeling hydrated and toned by the time you get up in the morning. The Anti-Pollution Complex is a unique formula created by the company to combat the effects of pollution on skin.

How to Choose a Night Cream

Here are the top things you should be aware of:

Skin Type:

The night cream that suits your skin best will depend on whether you have normal, oily, sensitive, dry or combination skin types.


Take a look at the label to find out the ingredients. Look for products made from natural ingredients and not toxic chemicals. Some of the most effective products include green tea extracts and retinol.


There are many types of night creams: creams, creams, gels, lotions and serums. There are many types of night creams, even if they are called “night creams”. Make sure it is lightweight and non-greasy. It should not clog pores and be easy to absorb.

Night Cream for Men FAQs

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What Can a Night Cream Do?

It can improve the overall appearance of your skin over time. Night creams for men are beneficial in terms that they soothe the skin and prevent visible signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines, and moisturize the skin.

How Do You Use a Night Cream Properly?

Proper use of a night cream is essential for its effectiveness. To make sure your skin is clean, wash it. Apply a dime-sized amount of cream to your face. Use your fingertips to gently spread the cream in an upward and circular motion. Avoid the eyelids, as some ingredients can cause irritation.

What Makes Night Cream for Men Different?

Men’s skin is 20-30% thicker than that of women. Therefore, it is important to use a night cream with deep penetration. The skin is also oilier because men have larger pores and more glands. It is important to find a product that can address these issues.

As we’ve seen, even non-men-specific night creams can deliver high levels of effectiveness, as shown by the products listed above.


The best night cream for men should be a part of your grooming routine. It will allow your skin to heal and recover itself during sleep. These products are great for anti-aging and keeping your skin glowing and radiant.

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