Pirate Face Tattoo Dual Digital Power Supply Review

Planning to buy an efficient Face tattoo power supply?

Pirate face tattoo dual digital power supply comes with a stainless-steel flat foot pedal and is fully computerized. It has an AC input of 60v-250v/50Hz-60Hz and a DC output of 1.5-18v.

You can digitally manage this output, which is meant to fuel any tattoo machine out there strongly but evenly. Furthermore, its 110-220v voltage provides the exact power requirement for all types of tattoo machines.

It is very convenient to use with foot pedal support and 2 clip cords.

Key features of Pirate face tattoo dual digital power supply

  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a foot pedal and 2 clip cords
  • Provides even power supply
  • Supports all types of tattoo machines



Tattooing is a very precise art form. As a result, having a dependable, professional tattoo power supply is critical. Sorting power supplies by the amount of voltage they produce makes it easier to choose the proper one.

Always choose one that has enough power for your tattoo iron.

If you’re familiar with tattoo power supplies, you’ve probably heard of the Tattoo Star brand. They are the creators of this model.

Although the seller is based in the United States, they provide power cords that will fit any country’s electrical outlet. Because the power supply operates on a global voltage, this is the case.

It allows you to link two tattoo machines, such as a liner and a shader. You can alternate between them with the help of the switch.

This will save you time because both machines will be powered up and ready to go while you work on your tattoo. You can choose the best voltage because it’s a digital option. Check out the list of 10 Best Tattoo Power Supplies

You can choose between 1.5 and 18 V using the dials and digital display. With such a wide range of output, it can work with almost any tattoo machine on the market. You can choose any level between the ranges using the digital display and dials. The current state is stable and reliable.

It also includes a stainless steel foot pedal and a 6-foot clip cable. The foot pedal was upgraded by Pirate Face by using stainless steel.

Unfortunately, some customers have had bad experiences with this model. Some buyers complained that the output was irregular, but that it slowed down and then abruptly jolted, making it dangerous to use on customers’ skin.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Works anywhere in the voltage range of 110v to 20v.
  • Tattoo power supply in budget
  • Comes with a digital display
  • 6-foot long foot clip cable included


  • Some customers complain about erratic power supply which makes it risky to use.


Another digital system to support your tattoo machines is Pirate Face’s power supply. Even though the company is based in the United States, it provides power cords that fit any country’s electrical outlet. Tattoo artists all over the world recommend this product because of its amazing features at such a price.

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