Protect Your Content
With Blockchain Technology

Combining Blockchain and Advance Algorithms – Proof One protects your Content.

What is Proof One

Proof One is a Blockchain Copyright Platform. 

The old copyright system is time-consuming and expensive.

But with Proof One you don’t need to worry about that. Now you can get your copyright proof with a quick and hassle-free process.

How it Works

1. Fill a simple form – Name, Any Comment, and Upload a File.

2. Our Algorithm transforms the content of the uploaded File along with the data that you provided into unique encryption.

3. This encrypted data along with the Date and Time is added to the Blockchain and stays there forever. No one can change it or remove it.

4. Download a Blockchain certificate indicating that you are the owner of the content of the file.

Use Cases

Ideal for Digital Art Creators

Digital artworks can be copied, modified, and used without the creator’s permission. Artists are struggling to protect their works.

Proof One has built a system for artists to protect their work.
Proof One protects digital artwork by storing it on the blockchain.

This way, there is no possible way to copy or steal the digital art, making it impossible to profit from theft.

Digital Art Creators

Protect your precious digital art!


Protect your masterpieces!

Suitable for Writers

When you are preparing to publish your book, short stories, or poems you spend a lot of time, energy, and money to make it a success. You want people to find it, read it, and love it.

But what if someone else copies your hard work and publishes it as their own? You could apply for copyright but it takes time and you have to wait for a long time before you get your copyright certificate. Plus, it costs a lot of money.

We provide a cheaper and easier solution for you. Proof One is a technology-powered solution that will protect your original work. Just upload it and let the software do the rest.

Ideal for Web Content Creators

Web Content Creators lose their work all the time, it’s almost impossible to protect their work.

Not anymore, Proof One has created advanced algorithms to protect their work using the latest blockchain technology.

web, macbook, air-1738168.jpg
Web Content Creators

Protect your original web content!

Musicians and Songwriters

Protect your songs!

Suitable for Musicians and Songwriters

Today it is very hard to protect your Music from plagiarism. And when some of your hard work has been stolen, you lose something that is precious to you. And the solution to prove what is rightfully yours is costly.

Till now there were no fully effective solutions for the protection of the rights of the artists.

Proof One is a unique and revolutionary system that allows you to protect your music.

Proof One helps you by protecting your music with advanced blockchain technology.

Ideal for Architects

There are many architects around the world who create architectural masterpieces. They come up with unique ideas and designs for homes, buildings, office buildings, and other structures.

But many times their design gets copied. A design that took hundreds of hours to create may be copied time and time again by others.

Proof One offers an advanced solution to protect your designs, by giving you proof that you are the rightful owner of the designs.

architect, people, plan-3979490.jpg

Protect your Architectural Works!


Protect your precious photos!

screenplay writer
Screenplay Writers

Protect your screenplay!

Suitable for Screenplay Writers

Screenplay writers are worried about their work being plagiarized, stolen, or not credited.

Using advanced algorithms and blockchain technology we solve this problem.

Screenplay writing is a lucrative industry with no boundaries in place to stop hackers and script thieves.
Use our one and only DAPP that makes it very easy for you to prove your ownership of your work.

Ideal for Photographers

You are a photographer. You have put a lot of effort into creating your masterpiece photography. All those photos make up a large part of your business and you want to protect them.

Copyright violation is one of the biggest problems that photographers face. It is just too easy for someone to copy a photo and claim it as their own.

We are giving photographers an easy way to protect their work, without any hassle. Proof One is the new blockchain copyright platform. Just fill a simple form with your name, comment and upload your photo. And its done!


Protect your findings!

Suitable for Scientists

Most people don’t understand how much effort it takes for a Scientist to create a new formula, make a finding or write a research paper.

It’s so hard to make a breakthrough. Many new scientific discoveries get stolen. Scientists are often worried about their discoveries being stolen. They spend hours thinking if they should File a Patent or not. Do I have time to apply for the patent? Will anybody use my invention and steal my work? or will my research be stolen before it is published?

Proof One offers a high-tech solution to this age-old problem in a low cost and quicker way.

Ideal for Students

Students need to show their Research papers to Professors, Colleges, and Universities. But sometimes, the Research papers get stolen by their peers.

Students need a way to save their Research papers on the internet with proof of their ownership. So that it’s available for them to show to their Professors and Colleges.

Proof One solves this problem for all the students around the world.


Protect your original work!


Protect your designs!

Suitable for Designers

Proof of intellectual property is a big problem for designers. You spend a lot of time and money producing designs and drawings.

If someone copies their designs, designers often have no way to prove their ownership of their work.

Proof One allows you to register your work on the blockchain. This ensures that, if anyone uses your work, you can prove that you are the rightful owner. and make them pay for their theft.

Ideal for Programmers

Source code is the foundation of software products. Developers treat their source code like gold and often go to great lengths to protect it.

Hackers, IP thieves, and competitors would love to get their hands on your source code. This can be used either for innocent development or for more malicious purposes. We all are aware of big scandals involving the theft of software ideas or source codes in the past.

With the help of blockchain technology, in addition to other advanced encryption methods. You can prove you are the creator of a particular software or piece of code.


Protect your original code!


Protect your intellectual properties!

Suitable for Corporations

Every year billions of dollars of lawsuits are filed to protect corporate intellectual properties. However, we all know that it takes time to get these intellectual properties copyrighted and you have to spend tons for that.

Not any more. Now with Proof One, you can get proof of the ownership of your intellectual properties within seconds at a very affordable price.

Ideal for Employees

You have an idea, or you have a work to protect, but the question is, how can you protect against the theft of your idea by your colleagues or someone else?

You certainly don’t want your colleagues to take credit for your hard work.

Proof One it to your rescue. It is easy to protect your original ideas with just a few clicks.


Protect your hard work!

many more

Protect your intellectual properties!

And Suitable for Many More

If you think you have some asset in digital form that needs protection for plagiarism. And if it can be uploaded as a file.

Then Proof One is the solution that you had been searching for.

Proof One uses advanced encryption coupled with the latest blockchain technology to generate proof of ownership for you within seconds.



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