8 Best Supplements & Vitamins for Beard Growth: Reviews & Guide 2021

Do you want a thicker and longer beard? Although there are no miracle cures, you can take beard supplements to help your beard grow longer and thicker. These supplements are full of essential vitamins that will make your beard stronger, healthier, and more lustrous.

Keep reading to find out our top recommendations for best supplements for beard growth. These will encourage your facial hair growth!

Our Top Picks for the Best Supplement for Beard Growth

Don’t wait for your beard magically to grow. Below are some products worth considering if you are having trouble growing your beard.

1. Delta Generics Beard Grow XL

This beard supplement is vegan- and vegetarian-friendly. It uses only the finest ingredients to promote the growth of your beard. It’s fast-acting, all natural, and nonhormonal. This ensures its highest effectiveness. The 90-caps package contains three capsules per day. This will provide you with a supply of 30 days.

2. Prime Beard Natural Beard Growth Formula

This supplement is suitable for all hair types and ethnicities. It contains more than 20 vitamins, including biotin and collagen. With continued use, they will all work together to promote a fuller and more healthy beard. This product helps to correct an internal nutrient shortage that can often cause a shortening of your beard’s length and thickness. It is possible to return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it.

3. Lumberman Premier Hair and Beard Growth Formula

This dietary supplement will make your beard fuller and more manly. It contains two times as many ingredients than most of its rivals, which makes it more efficient. It contains 21 essential components, including vitamins & minerals, that will enable it to produce results that are unattainable with beard oils.

4. Zhou Nutrition Iron Beard Growth Supplement

This powerful beard supplement contains collagen, B vitamins, herbal blend, and makes it easy to stimulate the growth of your hair. Among other powerful ingredients, the product includes 18 amino acids, biotin and hydrolyzed collapsin. The product also has nutrients that provide the skin with the necessary hydration, which makes the beard look even better.

5. Virilitas Beard Hair Growth Support

Ingredients are what make this beard supplement so effective. Beta carotene is one of the most important ingredients. It controls sebum and promotes beard growth. It also contains biotin and Vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc. All of these will help your beard grow thicker and more healthy.

6. Better Beard Club Beard Boost

This dietary supplement will help you increase the volume of your beard and eliminate unsightly patches. This vitamin is dual-purpose and can improve the appearance of your hair. It is rich in Vitamin A which can effectively reduce oil production. Vitamin E is also present to nourish your facial hair.

7. Reborn Labs Beard Growth Supplement

This product is effective because it contains more than 25 powerful ingredients, which can stimulate the growth of your hair. This will prevent bald patches and patchy skin. The manufacturer will give you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the results.

8. VitaBeard Facial Hair Support Formula

They claim to be the first ever beard growth supplement, and have been copied by many other companies. You can trust that it works because it has been tested by third parties. It not only encourages the growth of facial hair but also contains a special formula to help prevent beard itching.

Why Your Beard Isn’t Growing

Before we get to the best-rated products, let’s first look at the most common reasons your facial hair doesn’t grow at an accelerated rate or does not show up.


It could be your genes that you are unable to grow a thick and full beard. This is something that could be inherited.


Although testosterone is produced by all men, it is higher in certain individuals than in others. This is especially true for those with baby faces or no facial hair.


You may also have poor food habits that can lead to a lack of a healthy beard. Make sure you eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals to encourage facial hair growth.

Health Conditions:

Some health conditions can also limit the growth and appearance of beards like hypothyroidism or alopecia.

Ingredients to Look for in Beard Growth Supplements & Vitamin

Below are some ingredients to help you find the best product on the market.

Vitamin A:

The hair follicles will be damaged if there is a deficiency in this vitamin. It is also very effective in increasing the production of sebum, which prevents dryness.

Vitamin E:

It improves blood circulation which is crucial for stimulating hair follicles.


Vitamin B7 is also known as Vitamin B7. This vitamin is essential for beard growth. Vitamin B7 is essential for the production of keratin, as well as the improvement of skin health. Hair loss can occur if you are low in this vitamin.


This ingredient can speed up your facial hair growth and help you have healthier skin.


Healthy hair follicles are vital to a fuller, longer beard.


There is no magical formula that will make your beard grow overnight. It is possible to stimulate the growth of facial hair with the help these supplements.

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