TMXX 4th Generation P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply Review



Are you shopping for tattoo studio equipment and want to become a well-known tattoo artist?

One of the most important pieces of equipment is your tattoo machine which won’t work without a power supply machine.

So how do we choose the best tattoo power supply machine?

The voltage range of a tattoo power supply machine is quite significant when buying one. The voltage controls the amount of power you will receive.

It’s critical to maintain good safety standards by using moderately powerful equipment that is regulated throughout the procedure.

If you need a dependable dual power source for your tattoo studio, this powerful machine from TMXX is a good option. Users praise the user-friendly UI and its amazing features.

Key Features of TMXX 4th generation p028-ii dual tattoo power supply

  • Comes with a smart blue display
  • Has overload protection
  • Includes 2 footswitch modes
  • Has a non-volatile memory

WHY BUY TMXX 4th generation p028-ii dual tattoo power supply?


We only think about inks and tattoo machines when we talk about the art of tattooing. However, another crucial aspect of tattooing is having a power source to back up your tattoo machine. Your needle will not deposit ink at a reasonable depth or speed unless there is a steady and appropriate flow of energy.

A tattoo artist may injure a client as a result of a defective power supply. That is why you need the Best Tattoo Power Supply for a flawless tattooing experience.

TMXX is a relatively new brand that has established itself by releasing high-quality tattoo-making materials. New 4th Generation P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply is one of their most recent offerings.

The power machine has a dual connector which enables it to support both rotary and coil machines.

Many tattoo artists have trouble finding power supplies that are compatible with classic coil-based tattooing instruments. This gadget is among one of the best coil tattoo machine power supplies available.

It ensures a constant supply of electricity to all sorts of equipment.

The machine is slim and light, making it easy for a tattoo artist to carry the power supply machine about with them. The TMXX power supplier provides the added benefit of portability.

You can even carry it in your purse because it is so compact. You can check out the 10 Best Tattoo Power Supplies

The touch screen is rapid and precise in its responses. An overload protector is included in the smart processor to avoid any overloads or short circuits.


  • Has a 1 to 18-volt output voltage range.
  • Comes with suction cups, magnets, a foot pedal, and a clip wire
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Has a blue LCD on this device.
  • Supports both rotary and coil-based products


  • Clip cord is not of high quality


The TMXX 4th Generation P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply has amassed a large following due to its consistent performance throughout time.

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