Where Can I Buy Numbing Cream For Tattoos?

Numbing cream is a product that numbs the skin after someone has gotten a tattoo, which reduces pain and discomfort for the person getting it done. It can also be used before any other procedure to numb the area of treatment, such as laser hair removal. The topical gel contains lidocaine and prilocaine, two anesthetics that work by blocking nerve signals from reaching your brain. This means you won’t feel anything when you’re using it on sensitive areas like your face or genitalia.


Where to buy numbing cream?



You can buy numbing cream from stores such as pharmacies and drugstores, Beauty supply stores, or tattoo shops. You may need a prescription from your doctor if you want to buy it in a pharmacy or over the counter, but this isn’t usually required for drugstores and beauty stores. The numbing gels can be found near where tattoos are displayed or where skincare products are sold. Other places that sell numbing cream include tanning salons.



Numbing cream can be bought online from various websites including Amazon, eBay, www.walgreens.com. It is usually cheaper to buy online compared to buying it in-store or getting a prescription from your doctor for the product. The price of numbing cream ranges depending on the website from around $5 to over $30 for a small bottle. Most websites only ship products within the U.S. You can check out our detailed guide on Best Numbing Creams for Tattoos 


Homemade numbing cream

A way to make your own numbing cream is to mix lidocaine and prilocaine with cocoa butter, petroleum jelly, or olive oil. You can use this same mixture for recipes that call for beeswax as well. This homemade version of the product will work to numb the skin but doesn’t have a long-lasting effect, so you may need it applied multiple times throughout the day. Not all ingredients in homemade remedies are safe, always research before trying anything new like this on yourself because other ingredients may not be suitable for use on some parts of your body such as your face. Ingredients that should not be used when making numbing cream at home include benzocaine or any numbing products that are not FDA approved for use on the skin.

Numbing cream should only be used as directed by a medical professional, and it is not recommended that you try to make your own at home unless you are experienced in making these types of products. It’s best to stick with the store-bought version instead.



Numbing creams are topical gels that numb the skin and reduce pain or discomfort. It is best to consult a doctor before using any numbing cream because of the risks that come with using this product. The tattoo artist also needs to be consulted about what kind of numbing cream is appropriate for the tattoo process. Some tattoos might require stronger or special types of numbing creams.

The best place to find the necessary types of numbing creams would be at a store that exclusively deals with tattooing and its aftercare procedures. These stores should also have an in-house doctor who can recommend the proper type of cream to use, based on what type and color of the tattoo are being applied. If there is no such store nearby, look online for a reputable source that can deliver the product within two days or less so as not to delay getting the tattoo done by too much time. Most likely, it will be possible to make this purchase online as well; just ensure that the online store has a good reputation and can be trusted.


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